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What the heck even is a Reddit, and why should I be using it?

Well, first of all, we don’t call it “a Reddit.” It’s just Reddit. And it is truly a one-of-a-kind site that everybody should rely on every once in a while. You know what, I don’t even want to say that it is just a site that people ‘can rely on.” It is much more than that. For every post that is endlessly useful, resourceful, and informative, there is a post that is funny, entertaining, fascinating, and stupid. Reddit is not really just one thing. It is a combination of many things. It is internet incarnate. It is … okay, let me stop speaking in vague generalities and metaphors and actually tell you what it is.

Reddit is referred to as “the front page of the internet” because its users post things that they find interesting, poignant, awesome, or necessary for people to see, read, watch, or hear about. It is set up like a very complex matrix of message boards, really, although the actual interface is nowhere near as complicated to navigate as that description makes it sound Reddit is composed of hundreds of thousands of subreddits.

A subreddit is basically a specialized online community on which people post content related to a given topic. Subreddits can be extremely general (like r/movies) or super specialized and esoteric (like r/luciddreaming or r/barkour [and yes, that is precisely what it sounds like … a whole online community dedicated to dogs that do parkour … what a glorious time it is to be alive]).

A new Reddit user will go forth and find the subreddits that interest him or her and join them. Eventually, once you have joined a few communities, this will create your customized feed – you will automatically see posts from these subreddits when you log into the home page of the site. However, you can also choose to view less personalized feeds, such as politics, news, and general. You can also choose how Reddit organizes the posts that it shows you on your feed … by popular, trending, most upvotes, etc. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: each post can be either upvoted or downvoted, making Reddit a self-contained, democratic mega community of sorts.

Furthermore, within each subreddit, people leave comments. This is often where the gold is hidden. I do not even want to begin trying to estimate just how many hours I have spent (wasted?) reading through the often hilarious (and sometimes very useful) comments sections of a given post. Each comment, too, as you may have surmised, is given an upvote or a downvote. Quality posts and comments are further incentivized by the relatively recent advent of Redditors being able to give users digital gold, silver, bronze, and other awards for great posts and/or comments.

If you are worried at all about whether a particular interest of yours will not have a subreddit dedicated entirely to it, fear not. I don’t think that I have ever typed something into the Reddit search bar that didn’t turn up a community, no matter how small or large. In other words, if there are at least 2 people in the world that are interested in a particular topic, chances are there is a subreddit for it (in some cases, multiple), assuming that you are not some sort of deviant psychopath.

Reddit, much like the internet itself, can be whatever you want it to be. Your experience on Reddit depends entirely on your own interests, your engagement with it, and what you hope to get out of it. And since Reddit contains just about everything that is on the internet, its system of upvotes and downvotes dictate what posts make it to the top of the feed, thus, “the front page of the internet.”

What kind of subreddits can I expect to find on this list?

My list of subreddits is going to be focused solely on communities dedicated to discussing streaming services. For a few reasons. One: well, you are on a site called, after all. Two: It would be virtually impossible to try and review every single subreddit in existence (especially when you take into account the fact that new ones are being created all the time). And three: subreddits related to streaming sites tend to be very helpful. These communities can do a great deal in helping you navigate the frequently all too complicated world of streaming sites.

The best streaming sites subreddits are well-populated online communities of likeminded individuals who share an interest in a particular streaming service. They allow users to post news related to a given streaming site, track lineup changes (when announcements of a certain show or movie being taken off or added to a streamlining service, that platform’s specific subreddit will let you know first), technical issues, and the features that a site or app has to offer.

Take r/Hulu, for example. This is one of the most robust streaming service subreddit communities that the site has to offer. When a show gets added to Hulu’s vast roster of content, this subreddit will be the first to post about it. When a show is scheduled to be taken off, the same is true. Is Hulu planning the rollout of a new feature or a change in its interface? Head on over to r/Hulu and, no doubt, you will be able to find out.

Which streaming site subreddit is the most popular?

Well, it should probably come as no surprise, but – of all of the streaming related subreddits that I have featured in my list – the most popular, far and away, has to be r/movies. I say that this is to be expected because, well, just take a look at how general the topic is. How many film fans do you think there are in the world? Billions? Easily. R/movies have 22 million members, and it is growing all the time. And a popular subreddit is, more often than not, a good subreddit. With more users, you have more posts, more discussion, more content to peruse.

What is r/Movies all about, you ask? Would it suffice to say that it is about movies? More specifically, though, it is a space where people can post trailers, discuss new and upcoming films, link to reviews, post appreciation about underrated films from within the last 50 years, and discuss filmmaking writ large. This is one of my personal favorite subreddits, and I am never out of the cinematic loop thanks to it.

However, when it comes to subreddits that are specifically related to streaming services, which one do you think is the most popular? If you guessed r/Netflix, you’d be correct! It seems to make sense that the most popular streaming service in the world would also have the most popular subreddit dedicated to it. The Netflix subreddit, to give you a sense of perspective, has 458,000 subscribers.

I am not made of money … how much does it cost to use Reddit?

One of the best parts about Reddit is probably the fact that it is 100% free to use. There are no limitations, no paywalls, no bull. Simply create an account and begin reading, commenting, voting, posting, and creating your own subreddits today! If you are wondering how they pull this off, you’d be right in assuming that there are ads. But, honestly, compared to the advertising structure (and frequency) of other ‘freemium’ sites, Reddit’s is not half bad. Each ad, for instance, simply appears as a Reddit post of its own, which can also be upvoted, downvoted, and commented on.

If you absolutely can’t stand ads, however, there is a premium version of Reddit that they offer which gets rid of them. Reddit Pro is reasonably priced, too, at only $5.99 a month. With a Reddit pro membership, the ads magically disappear, and you are allotted a certain amount of gold, silver, bronze, and other awards each month to gift to other Reddit users as you see fit. If you have the extra money, I highly recommend going for the full Reddit experience.

Is it 100% safe to browse Reddit freely?

Reddit is just as safe as any other credible site on the internet. Which is to say, safe to an extent. No matter what you are doing online, though, without the proper protective software, you are never 100% safe. Whether you are using Reddit, Instagram, Netflix, or Google, I advise everyone to get a good VPN to mask their IP address (and allow for anonymous, safe web browsing), as well as solid antivirus software (and an ad blocker never hurt either).

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