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Where can I find the hottest celebrity gossip and breakup news?

Well, you have absolutely come to the right place. Get ready to dish. There are so many entertainment news sites out there that focus on the plights of our favorite celebrities. In fact, there may be too many entertainment news sites that keep us in the loop with the hottest celebrity gossip. To the point where it can be downright overwhelming to figure out which of these sites is going to have the inside scoop on your favorite celebrities as soon as it is available and which ones won’t.

Plus, where does one even begin when it comes time to find a solid entertainment and pop culture news site? They are all over the internet, sure, but so many of them are straight-up trash. Simply typing “celebrity gossip” into Google, for instance, is not likely to yield the best results. Why is that, you ask? Because the floodgates of clickbait have been opened wide! Of all the celebrity news sites out there, only a fraction of them offers quality content.

And what does quality entertainment news look like? Well, first of all, it has to be true. In other words, even if it is just gossip, at the end of the day, the best celebrity news sites use credible sources, fact check, and, well, offer actual content. That is the problem with sites that rely too heavily on clickbait. Their articles have a shiny, eye-catching headline that lures you in with a click, but the articles themselves often just say the headline over and over again in reworded phrases. That’s not news, it’s filler!

When it comes to finding celebrity gossip and breakup news, though, real gossip and real news, there are a few sites that come to mind. TMZ is the first site that I think of for this particular brand of celebrity journalism. Chances are you have heard of TMZ before. And that is a testament to the fact that they are always on top of every celebrity story as it happens. It is not at all uncommon to see TMZ breaking stories, especially when it comes to celebrity gossip. They have been around for a long time now, so, their gossip game is on point.

But there are plenty of other sources to turn to when you want to learn about what’s going on with the Kardashians or who John Mayer is dating these days that have built up an equally sound reputation. Sites like E! News, Hollywood Life, and People all have been offering breaking celebrity news for years (and more).

Instead of googling your favorite celebrity + “news” every time that you are looking to see what they have been up to, try visiting instead. My list of the best entertainment news sites on the web, each with an in-depth review, will provide the perfect arsenal for keeping your ear to the ground of celebrity gossip. If you are ever at a loss, just come check out my list to find the right site for whatever kind of entertainment news it is that you are looking for in a given moment.

What other kinds of news can I find on these sorts of sites?

These sites, though, are not all celebrity rumors, breakups, makeups, and makeup choices. Many of the sites that I have included in my entertainment news list offer breaking stories on slightly more urgent or serious matters as well (no offense). Contrary to the stereotype that has been built around them, entertainment news sites, the good ones at least, still do have some journalistic integrity left as well. They can be sources, in other words, of thoughtful film and TV series reviews, cultural criticisms, political op-eds, and industry insider information.

The key is to figure out how to most effectively use my list of entertainment news sites. Once you start to become familiar with what kinds of content each news site tends to provide, what kinds of stories each site tends to break or focus on, then you can start to customize the list to fit your needs. By reading through my reviews, you will learn how to make this list of entertainment news sites work for you, not the other way around.

If you are looking for one of the most credible (and, in my humble opinion, incredible) sources when it comes to film reviews, for example, you may want to head over to Roger Ebert’s namesake, If you want something with more of music bent to it – to keep track of your favorite artists, album release dates, tours, singles, etc. – you might be best off heading over to Rolling Stone, VH1, MTV, or BET. And for those of you who love staying abreast with the inner workings of Hollywood, the historical Hollywood Reporter, Coming Soon, or Indie Wire.

My point is, if it happens in the worlds of entertainment, film, TV, music, or pop culture, there is a site that specializes in reporting on it. Each site may be skewed slightly in a different direction or medium, and each has its own unique aesthetic and way of reporting. All you have to do is browse around and figure out which entertainment news sites speak the most directly to you and your tastes!

Are celebrity and entertainment news sites seriously free? … Seriously??

Seriously, they are. Believe it or not. The world of entertainment news isn’t quite like that of hardline journalism, political, or world news. Sites like The New York Times or Washington Post, for instance, rely on the use of paywalls to monetize their content. In other words, a lot of these other news sites will allow you a certain number of articles for free each month before blocking you out completely. Then, in order to continue reading, they will make you subscribe.

Most entertainment news sites, on the other hand, do not use paywalls. Instead, they rely on advertisements to make money. Some will offer premium versions of their sites where paid members can access unlimited content free of ads, or access exclusive members’ only articles or perks, sure, but for the most part, yes, entertainment sites are 100% free to use to your hearts’ content.

As long as you only wish to read the articles that they publish online. A lot of these entertainment news sites started, let’s not forget, as hard copy periodicals. And many of them still print physical copies (and offer electronic copies) of their latest issues. For this special, exclusive content (often the best of the best), you will have to subscribe to the magazine, sure, but as for the online content made available to the general content, short of having to put up with a few annoying ads here and there, you are free to read as you please.

I want to see inside celebrity’s homes … Can you help me?

You know that I can! This has been a longstanding fascination with many. For as long as the phenomenon of celebrity culture has risen to prominence in society, people have been endlessly curious to get a glimpse into the private lives of their favorite celebrities. Heck, there was a whole show on MTV for many years dedicated solely to showing us how the other half lived called MTV Cribs. Of course, one way (and arguably the most entertaining way) to see into celebrity’s homes would be to subscribe to MTV and watch archived episodes of Cribs, but it is definitely not the only option.

If you are interested in checking out the chic and lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous, there are plenty of sites that will help you do so. Sites like TMZ, Pop Sugar, and E! News will all provide the occasional look into celebrity home life. But if you want my opinion, when it comes to celebrity profiles, which often do contain quick glimpses into private life, People Magazine offers a great blend of celebrity voyeurism and solid profile writing for a comprehensive view of your favorite actors, actresses, socialites, fashion moguls, and musicians.

How fast will I be updated when something happens to my favorite celebrity?

This, of course, will depend largely on what entertainment news site you choose to follow most closely. As is the case with any news site, some outlets tend to break stories faster than others. But with how interconnected everything is these days, thanks to the internet, information is pretty much available across every news site as soon as it happens. In other words, the moment that one site breaks a story, literally every other site will be right behind it. Within a minute or two of something newsworthy, someone will break the story. You will have no trouble staying in the loop no matter what entertainment news site you choose – so long as you pick a good one; and I have no shortage of the best entertainment news sites on my list right here – enjoy!


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