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I’m sure you might have heard about the name Betfair if you follow soccer or rugby closely. It is one of the top betting sites in the UK. Having established itself as an exchange platform giant, Betfair entered the world of online sportsbooks in the year 2011. However, that’s not when it actually established itself. Betfair has been active since 2000 and in two decades, the company has become a household name in Britain. With over 1 million active users and weekly revenue generation of above £50 million, there’s something that Betfair is doing right.

What is Betfair?

Betfair is an online gambling company that offers fixed odds betting, an online casino, online bingo, and poker. It is unique because even though it is quite young in the world of online sportsbooks, it has quickly risen to prominence. The introduction of in-play system has revolutionized the betting industry. Betfair’s in-play system has been an integral part of its success story which highlights that the brand has been built with an emphasis on the players.

Live coverage of varied sporting events

Owing to its Betfair TV service, the brand is able to offer great live-streaming capabilities to its players. As of now, the network hosts over 3,500 sporting events a year which covers a wide range of sports from across the globe. Thus, unlike Bovada, you can actually stream the sports content live. All the live content on Betfair can be accessed for free except for horse racing in UAE, England or Ireland. If you want to watch horse racing, you’re required to place bets of at least 50p in order to stream the network.

Different streaming conditions

You can’t stream everything that you see on the network. For example, you need to fund your account with at least 50p to stream football. At the same time, you can stream US and South African horse racing for free but you do have to bet at least £2 on the event. It might come off as unnecessary and confusing but the platform needs to comply with the rulings. Having said that, none of us can deny that the criterion to live-stream sports such as football and tennis comes with a minimal requirement.

Quality live-streaming

I’ve tested the live stream on Betfair and I really liked it. There’s no confusion when it comes to selection. Everything is laid out clearly and you can choose any event that you want to watch. If it’s available, you’ll see a small TV symbol which will open up a streaming window. The window will also have a calendar comprising of in-play and details about the upcoming events. The only hole I could find on this network is that the content isn’t too much. So, except greyhound and horse racing, there aren’t many fixtures that you can watch.


Betfair based in Hammersmith, West London, started its journey back in June 2000. Edward Wray and Andrew Back founded the company and sold 23% of its stake to Softbank which set the valuation of the brand at £1.5 billion. In 2006, Betfair acquired Timeform – a horseracing publishing company. Betfair was also the first betting company to sponsor a football club, with Fulham donning the kit with Betfair branding in 2002-03. Apart from Fulham, the betting giant has a sponsorship with renowned football clubs such as FC Barcelona, Juventus and Manchester United.

In 2007, Betfair started its own radio service which can be accessed via the website. You can access live commentaries using your desktop or your mobile phone. Betfair Radio service is now known as Timeform Radio which generally broadcasts horse racing.

Why should you stream on Betfair?

Almost all the major football, horse racing, and cricket events can be watched on Betfair. In-play betting is a major attraction on this network and represents an important part of the user experience on Betfair. You can use the intuitive features and place a bet of at least £2 to stream live. As for the quality, everything’s great except for slight hiccups on some days. The streaming quality largely relies on the connection along with the device and browser. If all these elements are in place, you would enjoy a steady streaming experience.

No annoying ads

Unlike some medium betting portals which rely heavily on banner ads to generate additional income, Betfair doesn’t have a single ad. No annoying pop-ups and intrusive ads allow players to focus on what matters rather than getting redirected to the advertiser’s website. Not having ads also prevents users from clicking onto malware and inviting trouble.

Safety & Security

Betfair is a massive portal and thus the safety and security are well taken care of. It is extensively regulated and licensed. It’s comprehensively secure and you don’t have to worry about your data. Sure, there are a few critical reviews regarding its performance and site stability. But that has little to no impact on your payments. Usually, you’d find websites running slow or crashing but that can happen with a lot of betting websites with extensive data. It has an SSL encryption and thus you can trust the website.

Sign-up offer

If you’re a new customer, you can get a sign-up bonus of £100, allowing you to take advantage of free bets. This offer is available to all the customers. Apart from the sign-up offer you can even make the most of the promotion codes which help you earn free bonuses from time to time.

Placing Bets and Payments

Using Betfair Exchange allows you to go head-to-head with other players. Apart from traditional bets, you can use Betfair Exchange to take the middleman out of the picture. Thus, you can come up with your own terms with other gamblers on the same platform. There’s a limitless room for experimentation and though 5% is charged off every win – you still get the major share of the prize money.

Customer Service

A single feature capable of making or breaking an online betting platform is customer service. With Betfair, I can suggest that they’re not on the same level as Bovada or Bet365. They are yet to integrate 24/7 telephone support. However, you can still use the live chat feature. But again, you don’t want to chat in troubled times and would rather prefer voice support.


Betfair as a platform isn’t as complex as Bet365 but at the same time, it isn’t as simple as Bovada. With Orange and Black color combination, the menus and categories really stand out. I like the tiny thumbnail like snippet sliders which allow you to access almost all the sports-related events available on the platform.


A striking design with orange background and black fonts. In the header section, you’ll find 10 categories – Politics, Football, Horse Racing, Specials, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Rugby, and Menu. If you click on the menu, you’ll find an integrated panel sliding in from the left. This section has a Sports, Features and Special columns. Under each of these menus, you’ll find a host of options that you can choose from. If you wish to go back to the homepage, simply click on the cross icon towards the right.

Hero Section

Betfair’s hero section follows a traditional news template. It begins with small thumbnails sliders highlighting each sport. Under those sliders, you’ll find a banner on the right and top stories on the left. Generally, the main topic of the day finds its place on the homepage banner. You can use the slider buttons to check out different banners. There are five sliders at any given time.


As you scroll down, things get more organized. You’ll find four major sections – Best Bets, Star Columnists, Features and Services. Under Best Bets, you can check out the most favorable fixtures from chosen sports. Under star columnists, you can find news beats from Betfair’s pundits. Under Features, you get exclusive stories from the trending sports. Under Services, you’ll find several helpful options such as Opta Stats, Podcast, Rewards, Betfair Casino, What’s New on Betfair and so on.


One thing you should know is that a gambling portal’s footer is going to be packed with options. And the case with Betfair is similar. You get three categories – More Betfair, About, and Pick Language.


You can bet on as much as 13 sports on the network. Using the bet in-play feature you can go head to head with other bettors. The sports covered on Betfair include football, tennis, cricket, horse racing and golf. You’ll find most of the popular sports on the network. With decent betting market coverage, you get a quality betting experience as compared to an all-encompassing approach provided by Bet365.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Betfair’s mobile app is amazing. You can stream the website from your desktop, use the mobile version or download the app. Among all these three platforms, I love the mobile app the most because browsing and navigating across the app is excellent.

Plans & Pricing

Betfair isn’t a free streaming platform. The pricing varies based upon the sport you want to watch. In some cases, you have to fund your account to stream whereas in other you need to bet in order to access a stream.

Suggestions I have for Betfair

I like the platform and I admire its steady rise over the years. However, I’d recommend the developers to work on the customer support and streaming issues that arise from time to time. Also, the payment requirement is not stable which is kind of frustrating.


Overall, Betfair is a solid platform if you want to bet on sports such as Football, Cricket and Horse Racing. Sure, there are many avenues but the football coverage on the website is quite amazing. There is a good range of betting options along with free streams and adjustable cashouts. In my opinion, you should totally check out Betfair.

Likes & Hates:
Mobile App
No Annoying Ads
Quality streaming
Decent Sports Coverage
Customer support
Varied payment requirements