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Dansk Filmskat (DK)

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Is it just me, or do an overwhelming majority of the movie streaming sites out there focus primarily on new and original content? It is as if every streaming service on the web is constantly trying to outdo one another, competing for who can release the highest number of new TV series and movies each year. I mean, even Netflix has publicly stated that they plan to, within the foreseeable future, offer nothing but Netflix original content. Their competitors, like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, have already begun shifting their focus away from syndicated content and towards original content production, too.

This is, of course, like most things, both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, when all of the best movie streaming sites compete with one another to put out the highest-quality new movies, well, we viewers have a much better selection of fresh content to enjoy, often featuring some of the greatest actors to ever grace the silver screen. This is awesome and everything, but new content can also be a bit of a gamble.

For every new Oscar-worthy movie that the best streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu produce, there are like 5 garbage films. In other words, for every Uncut Gems there are several Hubie Halloweens (PS does anyone else find it a bit ironic that both examples of Netflix’s best and worst movies are Adam Sandler vehicles? … Does that count as an actor having range?). At any rate, my point is this: although the focus on new content from the best movie streaming sites can be rewarding on occasion, more often than not, original content from streamers doesn’t come anywhere close to rivaling the classics.

This is why, in my opinion, some of the best movie streaming sites are those that focus not on what’s trending now but providing timeless films that we all know and love. Whenever I am asked to choose between quantity and quality, I am going to choose quality every time. In truth, everybody would rather have one diamond than a hundred thousand paperclips, right?

One of the best movie streaming sites in Denmark is one that, unfortunately, not everybody has heard about. I am talking, of course, about Dansk Filmskat – this might just be the most underrated movie streaming site on the internet today. What is it about Dansk Filmskat that makes it so great? Well, for starters, they don’t get caught up in the content race like Netflix and the other big streamers. Instead, here you will find a movie streaming service that focuses on quality … providing only classic Danish films, with no concern for trends.

Dansk Filmskat, I believe, can be loosely translated to “Danish film treasure,” in English. If I am way off with that translation, please don’t hold it too harshly against me, my Danish isn’t great (and when I say that my Danish isn’t great, I mean that my Danish is nonexistent). I’m almost positive that there are nuances to the word “filmskat” that I am missing with my crude Google

translation. Nevertheless, I don’t have to be fluent in Danish in order to say this: Dansk Filmskat is easily one of the best movie streaming sites that I have reviewed in recent memory.

It’s not just the superior quality of the films that this service lets members stream, there is much to love about Dansk Filmskat. For example, the service is one of the more affordable premium movie streaming sites on the market today (I will never argue with classic films at a fair price). The site, too, offers a rather user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it enjoyable to browse and stream critically acclaimed Danish movies at your leisure.

I can say that Dansk Filmskat is one of the best movie streaming sites all that I want. But that doesn’t mean much unless A.) you enjoy classic Danish cinema, and B.) the site ticks all of your own personal boxes. My opinions aside, then, is Dansk Filmskat, in fact, the best movie streaming site for you? Well, let’s take a closer look at everything the service has to offer in order to figure that out, shall we?


As I just mentioned, Dansk Filmskat offers a very user-friendly site design. I would go as far as to say that anybody, young or old, will have no trouble figuring out how to navigate this streamer. As an added bonus, too, Dansk Filmskat has managed to think outside the box a bit with its site design.

I would say that something like 99% of the movie streaming sites that I review tend to have the same basic interface. Think Netflix, Hulu, and the rest. They all, for the most part, are designed almost identical to one another. You know the gist: banner at the top of the homepage, followed by a descending series of rows of content separated by category or genre. This is an effective enough way to design a movie streaming site, sure, but is it the only way?

Dansk Filmskat proves that there are ways to get creative and innovative with movie streaming site design, even if all the other services wish to neglect this fact. What’s different about this interface? Well, for starters, the site is broken into content hubs, as opposed to throwing all movies onto one page as so many other sites tend to do. In other words, when you land on the homepage, you will be greeted by (in addition to a large banner at the top with featured titles, as is typical) a gallery of thumbnails, each depicting a different category or genre.

Simply click on the one you like to be redirected to a page dedicated to only the genre you are in the mood for – no need to weed through excess if you know what you want to watch, right? For example, say that you are interested in watching some sort of family-oriented drama, but you don’t have a specific title in mind. Well, just click on the “Family Crisis” tile and let the website rematerialize to show you only family dramas. All in all, Dansk Filmskat is exceptionally organized and easy to browse.

There are other ways to navigate the movie collection offered here, too. Just above the gallery of category options, you’ll find a menu of tabs, these dictate the thumbnails that appear below. Quickly and easily alternate browsing styles between, as we just saw, categories, recently added, alphabetically, actors, or extras. No matter how you like to browse, Dansk Filmskat provides a user experience tailored to you.

Content and Features

As I have already mentioned, Dansk Filmskat features only classic Danish movies. So, if new Hollywood blockbusters are your thing, this is probably not going to be the best movie streaming site for you. However, if you like oldies and the best Danish movies ever put to film, there will be much to love about Dansk Filmskat. There are plenty of films from the 1940s through the 1990s. Relive some of the glory days of Danish cinema as a member of Dansk Filmskat.

That being said, once again, this is a movie streaming site that prioritizes quality over quantity. All in all, there are a little more than 200 movies to stream here. Additionally, titles expire after a certain amount of time from being made available. This is both a good and a bad thing, in my opinion. On the one hand, the catalog never gets stale. On the other, if you don’t get around to watching a movie within the allotted time frame, well, you are out of luck once it gets taken down.

Dansk Filmskat also offers a complimentary digital magazine concerning all things Danish film. It’s like a high-end blog that offers behind-the-scenes info, features, and fascinating takes on all of your old favorite movies. Read about a movie as you stream it or discover a movie you never heard of and then watch it. Few movie streaming sites go the extra mile like this, and I greatly appreciate that Dansk Filmskat works to enhance your movie streaming experience.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

There is good news for all of you mobile streamers out there. Dansk Filmskat offers some pretty high-quality mobile apps, for both iOS and Android devices. Never be without your digital library of the best Danish movies ever made, no matter where you happen to be!

Pricings and Plans

For all of this great content, one would assume that Dansk Filmskat would be rather pricey, and one would be incorrect in doing so. Dansk Filmskat offers 3 price points, all of which are incredibly fair for what you get.

Yearly: 39 DKK/month

Half-yearly: 45 DKK/month

Monthly: 49 DKK/month

With Dansk Filmskat, becoming a member of one of the best movie streaming sites on the web doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank.

Likes & Hates:
High-quality, classic Danish films
200+ movies, catalog regularly updated
User-friendly site and mobile apps (Android, iOS)
No smart TV, Roku, or console apps
Titles expire regularly