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Entertainment news is in incredibly high-demand these days. One of the household names readers think about when we think entertainment news is E!News. The brand has been a reliable source for news since around 1996.

Originally, E!News was a long-running television show. The episodes often recapped celebrity gossip and released new movie and television trailers. The show is still running. Episodes are available on the NBC Network.

The website is dedicated to pop culture, lifestyle, celebrity coverage, breaking news, and many more topics. The content is seemingly endless. The brand uses social media liberally and covers events constantly. E!News goes live on Facebook and Instagram to give fans real-time coverage.

Website Design

E!News is a reputable website with a big brand name. The brand has been around since the 90s, so expectations for the website were relatively high. Luckily, they delivered! The design is phenomenal.

The layout is clean and organized. The best part about the website is its visual aesthetic. It is a prime example of what a good website should look like. Not only is the page appealing, but it also functions properly. There are no problem links or apparent flaws.

Advertisements are very well concealed. There is a large banner with an ad, but it is not problematic. The rest of the homepage is ad-free. There is only one additional advertisement when reading articles. It is concealed very well in the top right corner.

The organization of the website is great! The main menu changes as a different topic trend, and I think it is an awesome feature. Currently, the menu reads from left to right – Latest News, Watch Full Episodes, Fashion Week, Kobe Bryant, Photos, TV, The Bachelor, Superbowl, and Podcasts. Following the menu is the search bar.


There is a plethora of content available on E!News. The categories are vast. Users can easily binge-read their fill of endless pop culture, entertainment, celebrity drama, and breaking news.

E!News is usually one of the first websites to break entertainment. The staff works around the clock to ensure all breaking news is covered swiftly and accurately. Keeping up with viral trends and news is a difficult task, but E!News makes it look easy breezy.

Some of the most popular trending stories on the website are “Cosmo Pulls Bachelor Cover Due to Victoria F. Scandal,” “See Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey’s, Reaction to Jessica Simpson Mention,” “Watch North West Adorably Crash Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Interview.” These titles are easily found in the sidebar. The homepage features categories like Latest Trending, Watch, Just In, Photos, Featured Videos, Shop, E!Shows, In-Depth Features, and a never-ending scroll feature.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop version of the E!News website is out of this world. I can not complain at all about the user experience. All links work properly. The search functions well. The overall aesthetic of the website is wonderful. It is very branded and pleasant to view.

The mobile browsing version is good. It is optimized for mobile viewing. The layout is formulated differently than the desktop version, which is a great sign. However, the text is still slightly too small. The neverending scroll on mobile is also frustrating. Luckily, the menu floats above the content, so it is not hard to navigate. The top of the mobile website promotes the brand’s app.

The application for E!News has very high ratings in the app store. The opening screen of the app is interesting and looks great. It is formatted similarly to the desktop version. The first articles seen are the trending ones. The menu is set up a little differently. The bottom menu consists of ENews, Explore, and Full Episodes. The explore option offers popular categories, while the Full Episodes button leads viewers to the NBC Network.


There are some really amazing things about E!News. Firstly, the longevity of the brand is something to recognize. E!News has always been a front-runner when it comes to entertainment news.

The content on the website is varied. There is also an incredible amount of it to read. The articles themselves are well-crafted and include related links throughout that are helpful.

The Just-In section is a nice spot on the website. It includes breaking news hot off the press. E!News is always at the front of the pack when it comes to breaking coverage.

The organization of the website is impeccable. Categories help viewers filter through the endless content. The main menu is another good example of how the website breaks down its content into sections. The search function is also well designed.


Every website has ups and downs. There aren’t very many clear negatives about E!News. If I am being picky, there are a few things that are less than exemplary.

Firstly, E!News relies on tabloid-like headlines for clocks and views. Sometimes the titles can be misleading. It is frustrating as a reader to be tricked by click-bait. However, from a blogging standpoint, I understand their position on this.

The content sometimes gets repetitive. Entertainment sites often run similar or even the same headlines as one another, especially when the news is breaking. On the flip side of this, E!News is typically one of the first few websites to have an article out about the news. They frequently update as more information is clarified.

On both the desktop version and mobile version of E!News there is a never-ending scroll feature. I dislike this feature a lot. It feels impossible to reach the footer menu. I scrolled for what felt like ages before being able to access the About Us and FAQ portion of the website.

Improvements Needed

There are not very many things that I can suggest for E!News to improve. I have no cosmetic advice, as their branding is almost perfect. As for functionality, there are only a few things worth mentioning.

The neverending-scroll is a feature I understand. However, I would suggest shortening the feature just a bit. It takes an incredibly long amount of time to be able to scroll to the bottom of the page where some important information is found.

Another suggestion I have would be to eliminate click-bait style headlines. A few times I noticed misleading titles. They looked controversial on the surface, but inside the article were completely different words than what I was expecting.


E!News really has the entertainment news business figured out. They know what they are doing, and it shows immediately! The logo, the branding throughout the website, and everything else they do set the right example for entertainment news hopefuls. They are the perfect example of what a good website should look like.

E!News is currently a multi-platform brand. They are very active on social media, offering Facebook and Instagram Live coverages, as well as Twitter updates. The website also offers full-length episodes on NBC Network. E!News has optimized user experience on desktop and mobile browsing. The mobile application is another additional feature E!News offers. The best viewing experience is the desktop version. The mobile app works well but is a little lackluster in terms of function. The organization system works, but I would like to see more options besides a few filters and a search.

Overall, E!News is the best entertainment news option on the internet, today. Their layout and content are phenomenal. The breaking news coverage is exceptional. All platforms that the brand utilizes is well maintained and updated frequently. There is something for everyone on the E!News website.

Likes & Hates:
The website looks very professional
There is a clear branding
E!News is a name viewers often trust
The website reports breaking news very quickly.
The library of content is large
The neverending scroll feature is annoying
The content can be repetitive
There are a lot of misleading headlines