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The rise of streaming services has transformed the gambling world completely. Especially with top gambling companies trying to compete with each other primarily on the online platform. You’ll see these companies sponsoring major tournaments and teams across the globe. They are able to do so because they are able to generate that kind of revenue. When it comes to well-known bookmakers in Europe, FonBet is one betting company that comes to my mind.

What is FonBet?

FonBet is one of the most respected bookmakers in Europe. It is providing incredible gaming experience to players for the last 25 years. With an intriguing payout rate of 96.5% on football, I sometimes like to try my luck on this website. Apart from football, there are many other sports – 24 to be precise including cricket, horse racing, rugby, hockey, volleyball, and tennis.


FonBet earlier known as F.O.N. was founded in the year 1994. After the Russian Federation changed its legislation, FonBet had to reorganize their activities. It became a member of the first ‘Self-Regulatory Organization of Bookmakers’ in Russia in 2011. In 2014, F.O.N became FonBet and adopted a blue/white color combination. In 2016, it left the organization and formed its own association which attracted a number of gambling organizers in Russia.

As for representation, FonBet sponsors major sports federations and leagues including PFL, KHL, FNL, and AMFR. It sponsored the 2017 World Hockey Championship, Beach Soccer Championship, and the Russian national team at the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Why should you stream on FonBet?

FonBet is a massive platform and it’s fair to say that it is quite trustworthy. There are many reasons why you should stream on FonBet, but I’ll be highlighting a few which I feel should be mentioned. These include:

Legitimate brand

FonBet’s partnership with EWS-FIFA and Federbet’s partner in the battle against match-fixing and other fraudulent activity is testimony towards its legitimacy. FonBet quite recently has also sponsored top football and futsal competitions. It is a permanent Euroleague partner and was the main sponsor at the Final Four 2016.

Expanding Network

FonBet has been actively expanding its network in large cities in order to attract new customers. It is working towards improving the platform and making things increasingly comfortable for the players. The company in recent years has stepped up bonuses and other offers. They were a major sponsor at the World Cup in Russia and have been in the limelight ever since.

Easy to use features

Both the desktop and mobile version of the website is user-friendly. Navigating across the website is pleasing and there are little to no browsing discrepancies. The easy-to-use live betting section allows you to follow a sport and bet as per the circumstances.

Payments & Compatibility

I’m intrigued by the payment versatility FonBet has to offer. It allows 21 different payment methods – debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and local payment systems. You can complete withdrawal within 3 hours if you’re into web-based transactions. It’s not just the payment but also the compatibility that impresses me. FonBet is accessible from all kinds of devices – desktop, mobile, and tablets. You can access the mobile website and if interested you can even download the app.

Massive Sports Coverage

FonBet doesn’t just limit you till sports, you can even try your luck with FonBet’s TV Games which include Cyberhockey, Cyberfootball, lottery, and Toto Coupon. Unlike major gambling companies, FonBet doesn’t offer any welcome bonuses. However, you’ll find periodical promotions that will allow you to gain certain benefits.


FonBet’s design is quite simple and attractive. The blue/white color combination is present throughout the website. I like the sleek header and the static window on the right which keeps you on top of ongoing events. All the elements have enough breathing space and I didn’t find any cluttered section on the homepage or on any of the inner pages.


The header section on the website has twelve options – Sports, Live, Toto, Casino, Live Casino, Games, Lotto, TV-Games, Virtuals, Results, Bonus, and Statistics. On the right-hand corner, you can find a search bar to stream any event. Besides the search bar, there’s ‘ellipsis’ – if you click on it, you can access the drop-down menu with a single option that comprises of the app page.

Hero Section

The Hero Section is divided into two sections. On the left, you can find a trending banner with a CTA to place a bet. On the right, there’s a static window that showcases the live score. As you scroll down, you can find on-going events. You can click on any of these events and visit the inner page to start betting. Another aspect I liked a lot on the homepage were the banners on the right. There are 3-4 banners promoting different sports with the highest prizes. These banners are really attractive and follow the brand image.


There’s no dedicated body element as seen in Betfair. On FonBet it’s just the hero section details which go all the way until the footer section. The right column has a static position on all the pages but it’s dynamic in the sense that content keeps changing based upon what you choose. Thus, if you choose baseball, the right menu will show content – score, and updates related to baseball.


As opposed to major betting portals, FonBet has a simple footer. There are two columns with compatible platforms above them and social media plugs on the right. The first column has options such as Terms and Conditions, Rules, Responsible Gambling, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Sports Results, and Statistics. The second column has options such as Bonus, Customer Support Team, Payments, FAQs, About Us and FonBet Exchange Rates. Thus, if you have any queries, you can use the footer section to find your answers.

Inner Pages

The inner pages on FonBet are quite similar to the homepage in terms of visual appeal. There are two sections with search and sort bar on the left. Using the drop-down menu, you can choose any sport you want. You can even sort on the basis of time. As you scroll further, you’ll get more information on the events. The entire inner pages are dedicated to individual sports. For instance, when I checked the football section there were bets on Champions League. As you scroll further you can see odds on each individual team.


There are more than 20 sports on FonBet for you to choose from. They have thousands of unique visitors each day who place bets on the most important sports events in the world. Many of these bettors are drawn towards FonBet because of its extensive sports coverage which includes football, hockey, basketball, and tennis to name a few. If you’re not into sports, you can try your luck with a wide range of eSports games along with casinos.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I had a great time streaming FonBet via my mobile. Though I had my first glance through the desktop, I personally prefer using mobile websites or an app. Thanks to its intuitive app, I was easily able to sign-up and bet right from the mobile app. There were no discrepancies in terms of updates and the only thing I felt it lacked was live streaming services. Thus, you need to rely on text commentary to stay up-to-date with the events.

Plans & Pricing

FonBet is free to use. However, if you want to bet, you’ll need to register yourself before placing a bet. FonBet doesn’t offer video live streaming capabilities. However, you can bank on its text commentary to stay up-to-date with the scores.

Suggestions I have for FonBet

Having seen the platform and tested it, I’d like the developers to work on their legitimacy. AC- SBR rating doesn’t help the brand in any way. Furthermore, there have been several cases where players were offered no recourse when their amount was stuck. Such behavior can impact the network’s overall image and is harmful in the long run. Lastly, I’d urge the developers to work on providing a live stream for a better betting experience.


I’m sure you’re either actively betting on FonBet or you feel it’s dicey. I agree with both stances as you wouldn’t want to bet on a website where your money and your winnings aren’t deposited on time. Having said that, I know that FonBet is working towards improving the overall experience. In the near future, you’ll surely see the negative aspects of moving down the search results.

Likes & Hates:
Easy to use interface
A plethora of payment methods
Quick withdrawal features
Great mobile application
Appealing promotions
Charged withdrawals
Poor customer service
No live streaming