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As many sports fans know all too well, it is not always easy to find live streams of the big, in-demand games. And finding live streams of the smaller, less anticipated ones can sometimes be next to impossible. Even if the games are regularly scheduled on cable TV, we live in a world where traditional cable television is increasingly difficult to come by. More and more of us have traded in the old cable box for all of the great content that we have at our fingertips online. Personally, I couldn’t even list on one hand all of the people that I know who still have regular cable.

There is, of course, always the option of getting the guys together and going to the bar to watch the game. This is certainly a fun and honorable pastime, up there with the very sports themselves that we gather in pubs to watch. But we don’t always have the time and energy to do this. The last thing that I want to do after a particularly stressful day at work is going to a crowded bar and fight for a spot within eyeshot of the TV that happens to be airing the game that I want to see. Sure, this can be a fun weekend activity, but it is far from an ideal solution to the problem of being without access to live sports all the time.

Maybe you do know a few friends or family members who still have access to live sports broadcasts via cable TV. The same problem exists here, though. It is not every day that I have the energy or the time to go out of my way to socialize in order to see the game. Sometimes you just want to be able to come home, crack a beer, and watch the game by yourself. It is the perfect way to decompress.

But how can one achieve this level of sports viewing freedom without either overpaying for a cable package or spending exorbitant amounts of money for sports streaming services (many of which often underdeliver for what they are asking in terms of price, by the way)? Well, once again, the internet is here to save the day. And, once again, I am here to help guide you in the right direction to ensure that you are able to find the perfect streaming site for your specific needs. Because it is always important to remember: if it is being aired on television, there is almost definitely a live streaming option available – you just have to know where to look in order to find it.

Which brings us to today’s site, the appropriately and plainly titled, Live TV.


Given the somewhat hushed nature of sites like Live TV, there is not a whole lot in the way of historical information available on the site. All I can really say about Live TV and its origins is the fact that, according to the bottom of the home page, the site has been in operation since 2006. Which is an impressive run for a free live TV site.

Another indication of the site’s long history of reliability can be glimpsed in its forum. I always trust a site 10 times more when I see that it has an active forum. A thriving online community suggests a quality site, and Live TV does have a solid community of users, all of whom can discuss games, players, and streaming here. It may be a tightknit community, but that just speaks volumes to Live TV’s longevity and dependability as a free streaming service over the last decade and a half.


This is where the site starts to lose a few points for me. I understand that the site is free and, therefore, probably doesn’t have the largest budget in the world, but the design looks very dated. Even if we assume that it was first built in 2014, the site would have looked out of place then too. Look, I’m not saying that Live TV looks awful or anything, it is certainly usable, it just doesn’t look as professional or sharp as maybe it could.

The site is very basic – which is something that other people might actually prefer, it just isn’t for me, personally. It’s a bit clunky and cluttered … the eye cannot quite decide where it is supposed to go when you look at it. There is what seems like errant information and text everywhere. And the color scheme is just all over the place. In my opinion, it looks like it was designed by the most indecisive web designer of all time. They just couldn’t make up their mind with what direction they wanted to take the site in.

That being said, the site functions well enough. The site menu bar, for instance, makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Here, you can choose between Broadcasts, Live Scores, Results, Video Archive, Betting, or Fan Clubs. And viewing a live stream is as simple as clicking on a matchup and waiting for the stream to appear in a window that becomes superimposed over the site itself. This is smart, in my opinion, because even though the streams themselves are hosted by other sites, Live TV doesn’t force you to visit any third-party websites … instead, they bring the streamed live content to you, making for ultimate convenience.


If it is a live sports broadcast, there is a good chance that you will be able to find it on Live TV – at least if that sports broadcast is European or North American (I do not believe you can find anything like, say, Japanese football here). That being said, there is a good blend of live streams of both extremely popular sports – such as NHL games, NCAA basketball, NBA, NFL, FIFA, etc. – and more obscure sports like handball, professional badminton, volleyball, and winter sports.

In addition to tuning into the actual live broadcasts, Live TV goes one step further in offering live, up to date scores and results. This means that, even if you are at work and can’t exactly watch the game itself, you can still rely on Live TV as a dependable resource for the latest in scores and results. Live TV, in other words, has the potential to become your one-stop-shop for all things related to the games you care about.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Unfortunately, Live TV does not have an app. They do, however, on their FAQ page recommend that users download a browser called Puffin for their Android and iOS phones, implying that it will be the most compatible for live streaming content. So, the fact that you have to download an additional browser for an optimum mobile experience is a bit of a downer, but at least they have a solution to the problem.

Suggestions that I have for Live TV

Optimizing the site for all mobile browsers would be a great step in the right direction. Also, a whole site design makeover would not hurt in the slightest. Plus, if users could follow their favorite teams and receive updates related only to the teams and sports that they care about, that would be ideal. Maybe a premium option is worth considering…

Likes & Hates:
Tons of live sports broadcasts
100% free
Tightknit community of users
Great streaming quality (usually)
Subpar site design
No app
Inconvenient mobile experience
No premium option