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Streaming sites these days have become a reliable alternative for viewers who don’t have access to television channels. While most people refrain from Cable TV because of the price tag, others just have a passion for streaming on free websites. As ludicrous as it may sound, there’s a satisfaction in finding content and streaming it for free while your friends are paying for the same. When it comes to the NFL, the number of people that tune in every week tops every other sport on the planet.

Satellite and Cable TV networks including the likes of Direct TV, Fubo TV, and other networks provide comprehensive coverage for $40-60/mo. Most people who like to watch the NFL in livelier surroundings often spend $8-10 per game at local pubs. Most of the leading stream services also offer students an extra discount which allows them to watch the NFL for just $24.99/mo. But do students really want to spend that amount with the presence of websites such as NFLBite?

What is NFLbite?

NFLbite is a streaming platform dedicated to offering NFL coverage for free. The users of NFLbite can watch any game and follow their favorite team for free. NFLbite is a hotspot for Reddit users and NFL lovers who want to catch the action without spending a dime. With its comprehensive NFL coverage, you get access to not just the live streams but also news and feature stories surrounding each team.

How does NFLbite work?

It’s okay to wonder how these free streaming sites work and who actually puts the content on them? Honestly, all it takes is for one generous person to live stream from his/her premium account and hook others up. For instance, the admin of NFLbite would stream the match and would add the link so other people can join on that server. It’s such a widespread practice that there’s an entire subreddit just dedicated to NFL streaming links. Other than Reddit, sites like NFLbite with their proxies and domains are able to retransmit the live event to their audience.

Is NFLbite legal?

In simple words, No. The only NFL related content that’s free and legal is the one that comes in the app. Any third-party website other than the broadcasting partners involved in illegal content distribution is infringing intellectual property rights of NFL and their respective broadcasting partners. It’s quite similar to BT Sports and Sky Sports’ relationship with the English Premier League.

Why do people share their stream?

I’ve talked to many of my friends regarding this matter. The reason why people like sites like NFLBite is because they don’t deprive you of any event. Since TV networks just focus on state-based games, if you’re in a city other than your hometown, you’ll unlikely to see the match in your current city. Thus, when there are concurrent games, Cable & Satellite TV users get frustrated because they can’t watch their actual team and instead have to settle for the team from the current state which they aren’t even following.

This makes way for people to share their links. Websites such as NFLBite share links of games and users just spread it like wildfire across social media networks so nobody misses any coverage. Now, from a moral policing standpoint, it’s not the right practice but would you really care when your favorite team is in the playoffs and you have no other option but to either stream for free or go to a pub.


NFLBite began its journey as a tiny community on Reddit. From a small group, they went on to develop the most complete high-quality streaming website for NFL content. What makes NFLBite special is that it’s run by fans like you and me. Their primary aim is not to make money but just to provide the users with the best service.

Why should you stream on NFLBite?

NFLBite isn’t run by any media conglomerate. It is operated by users like you and me. It’s purely dedicated to the NFL and it isn’t money-driven. It takes effort to provide fellow users with live streams, news coverage, and feature stories so they don’t miss a beat. Being an NFL-dedicated website allows NFLBite to focus on quality coverage instead of quantity.

Social Media Plug

It’s clever how the developers have embedded social media plugins that provide frequent updates from the NFL teams. Thus, you don’t have to visit Twitter to learn anything about the competition or your favorite team. You’ll get all the updates right on the website. Since NFLBite has an embedded Twitter plugin, anything that the NFL official account tweets will appear on the website.

Great interface

Most of the times a userbase community lacks finance which leads to poor output quality. NFLBite, on the contrary, has one of the best interfaces I’ve seen on any user-run football website. As soon as you step on to the website, you feel as if you’re subscribed to some premium network. And that effort from the developers and the entire community is laudable.

In-depth coverage

Sure, it just offers NFL coverage but like I said it’s filled with quality content. There are diverse leagues, teams, and games. You can access each team on the website and learn about their recent forms. On days when there’s no streaming, you can catch up with the news and featured stories from the past fixtures. I love to read those sections when I’m looking to kill time.

Special emphasis

Since Red Zones of Hanson and Siciliano are some of the most demanded live streams, they have a separate category on the website. Apart from the national league, also focuses on NCAA and thus you’ll find loads of videos, information, and news regarding the latest results.

How to access NFLBite?

Accessing NFLBite is quite easy. You can either type the keyword ‘NFL Bite’ in your search engine or you can use the following link: NFLBite. Before you access the website, make sure you have an active VPN to protect your identity and data from hackers and regulatory authorities.


What’s an NFL website without the classic red and blue color combination? NFLBite grabs the attention as soon as you step on the homepage. With emblems of teams surrounding the website logo above the header section, it gives you a premium vibe. The header and blue color combination flow evenly across the different pages.


In the header section of NFLBite, you’ll find seven options – NFL Live Stream, Live Score, NFL Redzone Hanson, NFL Redzone Siciliano, NCCA and Ads Policy. The red background with white text really stands out.

Hero Section

The hero section has a schedule towards the left, a ‘Live Now’ button and a search bar so you can search for your favorite teams. Under that, you’ll find ongoing games towards the left and social plugs towards the right.


The footer section on NFLBite has a red background supported with white text. It has four main options – NFL Live Stream, Live Score, NFL Redzone Hanson, and NFL Redzone Siciliano.

Inner Pages

The inner pages on the website can be accessed by clicking on any option on the homepage. For instance, if you click on NFL Redzone live stream, you’ll be directed to an inner page. You’ll have social media icons under the titles, ‘Discord Chat Plug’ towards the right and the live streaming details.


NFLBite is your one-stop-shop for in-depth NFL coverage. If you want to watch the NFL for free, this website has it all in terms of coverage. If you have NFL’s official app along with NFLBite, I don’t think you’ll need a Cable or Satellite TV network for NFL anymore. You can access your local team’s games, learn about their form, check recent news and featured stories in one place. If you have a stable internet connection, you will be able to catch most of the live-action for free.

Desktop/Mobile experience

As mentioned in one of the previous reviews, I have a DirecTV membership. Having said that, I still wanted to try NFLBite and so I did. Much to my distraught, I couldn’t believe that a free streaming service was able to offer such quality coverage. There are times when I travel abroad and use NFLBite to access popular fixtures that streamed without any hiccup. However, there is a full-page ad that appears from time to time which might be annoying.

Suggestions I have for NFLBite

I would like to applaud the community behind this streaming platform. They are saviors for the NFL community. They are doing a commendable job providing a comprehensive NFL experience on a single platform. I just wish something positive works out between this platform and the league so that it can get rid of that illegal tag. ‘Maybe using this website to promote their app’ or something of that sort.


It doesn’t matter if you support Kansas City Chiefs and live in Seattle or you support Seattle Seahawks and live in Kansas, you can watch all the action live on NFLbite. While, I currently use a sharing model with my friend, after checking this website, I think I’ll prefer this service while I’m on the go. Sure, it cannot replace the in-depth coverage offered by dedicated NFL broadcasting partners, but it has enough to show for when the matchday arrives.

Likes & Hates:
In-depth NFL coverage
Amazing streaming quality
News and Featured stories
Discord chat & Social media community
The website looks empty on non-matchdays
Full-page ads