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OKLiveTV with its lucrative content offers one of the most comprehensive content viewing experiences. Most people love watching live tv and are subscribed to their cable network to catch up with breaking news. With OKLiveTV, you don’t have to pay a penny to enjoy a diverse range of content such as 24/7 news, entertainment, and adult content from different parts of the world.

What is OKLiveTV?

OKLiveTV is a free streaming platform that boasts a vast content directory. It has TV channels from across the world which allows users to watch live news and other content for free. This IPTV website majorly features most of the free-to-air channels along with various other premium channels. OKLiveTV helps you get rid of paying $50-80/month to your cable or satellite TV service provider. When you stream on this platform, you can enjoy its content for free.

Why should you stream on OKLiveTV?

I have made this a habit to highlight the crucial points of a streaming service under this section. However, I would like to specify that these points are subjective. What I see as a benefit can also be seen as a negative from your perspective. Having said that, let’s check out some of the key reasons why you should stream on OKLiveTV.

Location-based content

The first point itself can either be viewed as a glass half empty or half full. In my opinion, location-based content sorting allows us to consume content in an efficient way. However, given that there are no other options to sort content based upon the genres or niches, your viewing experience is limited. For instance, if you’re interested in watching a foreign channel, you’ll have to test it yourself without having a prior classification of the genre. Again, it’s all subjective.

Premium Channels

Again, the classification of premium channels differs from services to services. I categorize premium channels as those channels which are not readily available on any free IPTV streaming site. For instance, Bravo TV as an independent network costs $5/month. But you can catch the content from the same channel for free on OKLiveTV. Thus, this streaming platform has channels such as Bravo TV, HBO, CBS Drama, BeIN Sports and many more which could easily cost you hundreds of dollars a month.

Popularity Indicator

A unique aspect of OKLiveTV is the popularity indicator. You can sort the channels based upon the number of times they’ve been viewed. This gives you a fair idea as to which channels are viewed the most by fellow viewers. For example, channels such as Brazzers TV, Playboy TV, Djing Hot Live, Djing Animation live have a cumulative viewership of over 2 million.

Channel Synopsis

Though it might come off as an additional feature, channel synopsis does play a vital role especially when you’re streaming channels from other countries. A small synopsis goes a long way in understanding the premise of a channel as with most of the content on live tv, you don’t necessarily get a synopsis of each program. However, the channel synopsis on its own is of great help when you want to learn about a foreign channel before streaming it.

In-depth Statistics

Thus far I haven’t come across any IPTV streaming site which provides statistics regarding how many times a channel has been watched or like. On OKLiveTV, you can find the number of views and likes on a particular channel right under the name of the channel. For instance, the Djing Hot Live channel has 689.18k views and is liked by 15.76k people. Similarly, you can get details of all the different television channels from the UK and the US.

How to access OKLiveTV?

You can access OKLiveTV in either of the two ways. First, type the word OKLiveTV in the search engine and click on the first result. Second, use the following link – OKLiveTV, in case you want to share it with your friends or family. Yes, I know that you can share the page using social media icons as well but maintaining your own list of streaming sites will help you access content at the time of your need.


OKLiveTV’s design is quite decent in every aspect. The header and the hero section are the key reasons why everything looks to be in place on the homepage. The grey color combination and the constant switch-up between dark and light colors really add dynamism to the website.


The header section on the website has a search bar at the center and ‘My likes’ option towards the right. The primary header has nine options – Home, Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, Genre, North America, Oceania, and South America. It is primarily location-based except the genre tab which in my opinion looks odd in that section.

Hero Section

A cool header section vibe flows through the hero section as well with a video player towards the left and a playlist of top channels on the right. Under the video player, you can find Music TV channels with some of the top channels on the website. If you want to check some other channels, you can click on ‘More.’ Towards the right, you can find the ‘Browse by Categories’ options which has a drop-down menu. However, instead of categories, yet again, you’d find different locations.


The body section is quite similar to the lower half of the hero section. Herein, you have four channels in one row and different categories on the left. Right under the browse by categories menu, you can find thumbnails of most-viewed channels on the network. What I like about this section is that it has segregated Music TV channels, UK TV Channels, USA TV Channels and other TV channels right on the homepage. So, you don’t have to go hunting for those few countries.


The footer section on the website is plain and simple. There are six navigation options such as Home, Browse, My Likes, Contact, Privacy Policy and DMCA Policy towards the left and social media icons on the right. Through those icons, you can follow OKLiveTV online on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and email.

Inner Pages

Inner pages have a slightly darker menu as compared to the homepage. However, the dark shade of grey enables it to maintain consistency. At the top, you’ll find sliding thumbnails from the country you select. Under that, you’ll find thumbnails of different channels along with other crucial information such as Date, Title, Views, Likes and Random. As for the video player, there’s a dedicated page for each channel followed by some sponsored content ads offered by Taboola or Outbrain.


You’ll find all types of content on this website. Not only entertainment and news content but even adult content. In fact, the adult content is one of the most viewed categories on the network thanks to the presence of Brazzers TV, Playboy TV and other networks. Some of the top entertainment channels that I found on this network included TruTV, ESPN Live, NFL Network, BYU TV, beIN Sports, RT America, HBO, Bloomberg, and Bravo to name a few.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed ESPN Live on this website and I really loved the steady streaming. There were no hiccups or buffering once the stream started to play. I was able to watch the majority of the content between the 480p-720p resolution and the streaming was flawless.

Likes & Hates:
Quality website design
Great User interface
Minimal ads
Fantastic streaming quality
Adult content isn’t separated from regular content
No other way to sort content except for countries