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Of all the options available nowadays, what is the best way to stream live TV for free? This is a question that I get asked all the time. More often than not, I usually tell people that the type of free TV streaming site you use depends on a few key factors: what kind of TV content you are looking to stream, as well as where you live (just to name a couple)

Let’s take a look at the first factor, type of content. There are many different types of free TV streaming sites, all of which tend to offer different types of content (generally speaking). There are, of course, live TV streaming sites, which allow users to tune into their favorite programs as they air, with or without a traditional cable subscription. Not all live TV streaming sites are the same, though, there is even further subdivision regarding how live TV streaming is delivered, such as via IPTV, third-party hosting, etc. But we won’t get into the nuances between all the different types of free live TV streaming today.

In addition to live TV streaming sites, you have what are known as TV catchup sites and more traditional free TV streaming sites that let you search a database of series and stream whatever you like whenever you wish. Catchup TV sites are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and many countries’ central TV networks are now offering something of the sort (wherein TV programs are available to stream for free for up to 30 days after they air). So, as you can imagine, what type of content is available to you is likely to vary greatly from one type of streaming site to another, even if they are all technically free TV streaming sites.

This brings us to your location. Almost everything, when it comes to streaming services, is different from one country to the next. Maybe you have gotten a taste of this the first time that you discovered that the country next door to yours may have access to a completely different Netflix or Hulu library than you. This is due to complex international copyright laws and contracts, but where you live can also make all the difference when it comes to what free TV streaming sites you can access as well.

Some sites are only available in a certain country. This is often the case with those aforementioned catchup streaming services. Although they are sometimes available internationally, access to every show and movie is usually reserved for citizens of its country of origin. As a citizen of the United States, for instance, I have no free catchup TV streaming services available to me. If I am to travel a few miles north, however, and relocate to Canada, then my options for free TV streaming increase exponentially.

If you live in India, well, you are in luck. Indian citizens have a decent free TV streaming site which is available just to them. I am talking, of course, about BD IPTV. There is much to love about this site. It lets users watch several TV channels live, free of charge. It also offers a premium membership, if you wish to pay for additional access. Plus, it has dozens of movies to stream at any given time, on-demand.

Now, you might be wondering, ‘what exactly is IPTV,’ and why does that acronym sound so familiar? Well, you may have encountered another IPTV service at some point during your search for the best free TV streaming site. Or it could just sound familiar because it is the combination of 2 very familiar abbreviations – IP (as in IP address) and TV. IP, of course, stands for Internet Protocol. So, all together, IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.

At its most basic, IPTV services deliver TV content by using Internet Protocol networks. This is just a fancy way of saying that content is not made available through a terrestrial, satellite, or cable format. Technically, Netflix is an IPTV service because it uses the internet in order to provide its viewers with content on demand. BD IPTV, however, goes one step further than Netflix by offering both on-demand streaming and access to live TV channels.

Another way in which BD IPTV goes above and beyond Netflix is the fact that it enables its users to enjoy content for free. By employing a freemium model, BD IPTV viewers can still enjoy hours of free live TV, while choosing to take advantage of extra content and features by upgrading at any time. That being said, before we decide whether BD IPTV is worth your money, first we must figure out this … is BD IPTV worth your time to begin with?

Well, there is only one way to figure this out for sure. And that is to take a closer look at BD IPTV and everything that it has to offer. Today, I will take you on a full tour of this free TV and movie streaming site and we will find out, once and for all, whether it deserves to be listed among the best free TV streaming sites on the web. So, without further ado, I bring you BD IPTV.


I was slightly disappointed, to be completely honest, when I first visited BD IPTV’s home page. There is something about this streaming site’s design that feels outdated. It is nowhere near as smooth, dynamic, or immersive as other comparable free TV streaming sites out there.

Now, I would not go as far as to say that BD IPTV is terribly designed or anything. It is fairly easy to navigate and, thus, offers an experience that is user-friendly enough. It gets the job done, that is for sure. That being said, I suppose that I would characterize the site as “clunky.” In lieu of sleek and dynamic category menus that allow the user to scroll and scroll until he finds what he wants, BD IPTV’s home page is essentially split into 3 sections: Featured TV Channels, Movie Suggestions, and Recent Movies.

To the site’s credit, though, once you click into a movie or channel, I do enjoy the fact that additional content is suggested to me. This keeps me from having to rely too heavily on the back button to browse and explore. The live TV viewing section of the site allows for the same quick and streamlined viewing of the whole site. Below the media player, where you will watch whatever live TV channel you have chosen, you also have access to all TV channels, so you can almost channel surf like back in the olden days.

Content and Features

Primarily, I would call BD IPTV a free live TV streaming site. This is where, I think, the bulk of BD IPTV’s efforts have been focused. As I mentioned earlier, though, this site does also offer several free movies. Users can stream free movies on demand. However, the library is sparse. In fact, it looks like there may only be a total of 32 free streaming movies on BD IPTV. This accounts for all of the on-demand content available here.

Other free streaming services offer thousands of series and movies. So, it is a little disappointing to find a list of movies that I could recount in full if asked. That being said, there is a bit of a trade-off here. Not every free TV streaming site allows for live streaming of your favorite TV channels. This is where BD IPTV really shines, offering access to live streams of 100+ channels.

Of these channels, users can live stream favorites like HBO, Nickelodeon, BBC, Sky, DBC News, History, National Geographic, Sony ESPN (premium only) and many, many others. You never have to miss a beat of the best in Indian programming thanks to BD IPTV. On that note, you will also be able to stream content in English, Hindi, and Bengali.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Although the free version of BD IPTV is only available through your web browser, a premium membership scores viewers a breadth of mobile and cross platform availability. With availability on iOS and Android devices, as well as Android TV, Samsung, LG, and Smart TVs, BD IPTV is, indeed, one of the most widely available free live TV streaming services on the market today.

I was unable to find anywhere on the site what the premium version of the service will cost, but the site has its number and email address plastered all over it, so figuring out probably wouldn’t be too difficult.

Likes & Hates:
100+ channels
Freemium model
Free on-demand movies as well as live TV
Small on-demand selection
Apps only available for premium
Site could be better designed
Not a lot of user features