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Greetings sports fans! If you have any experience whatsoever with streaming live sports for free on the internet, then you probably know all too well that finding the best free sports streaming site can be a very daunting task. With so many free live sports streaming sites on the web from which to choose, figuring out which is going to be the most dependable with the highest-quality streams, solid site design, and a diverse selection of sports can take up way too much time.

Lucky for you, though, I am here to weed through the hundreds of free sports streaming sites that you’d find on Google (as well as some that you wouldn’t) in order to help you more easily and more conveniently discern which free sports streaming site is the best free sports streaming site for you.

You wouldn’t believe how many awful streaming sites that I see on a daily basis. In fact, finding an awesome sports streaming site is a rare occurrence these days! The overwhelming majority of free streaming sites seem to be littered in sketchy and invasive popup ads and potential malware. This is why it is crucial that you check in with my streaming site reviews first any time you are considering checking a new one out. I will always be honest, straightforward, and forthcoming with you about the safety, security, legitimacy, and quality of any streaming site, whether it provides free live sports streams or full-length movies.

Which brings me to the sports streaming site that we will be evaluating today: Crick Free. This site is essentially a link dump of free live sports streams. Updated daily, Crick Free provides you with a schedule of live sports broadcasts that are to occur (alongside an indication of when). Once game time rolls around, all you have to do is find the match from the list and choose one of the several provided links associated with it.

Crick Free, then, is, by far, one of the simplest and most straightforward free live sports streaming sites on the web. There are no superfluous bells and whistles getting in the way of the action. Just visit Crick Free, find the game, and stream live sports for free without delay.

But is Crick Free, in fact, one of the best free sports streaming sites out there? Is it a safe and legit free live sports streaming site? Well, there is only one way to find out … allow me to give you an in-depth tour of Crick Free, so that you can decide for yourself without the risk of visiting the site first. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Crick Free.


I often say that a site’s design is its way of providing a first impression, much like somebody’s clothing or demeanor upon first meeting them. Having established that, what is the first impression that I get from Crick Free? Well, if I am being completely honest, Crick Free makes a terrible first impression. This site is almost comedically bad, from a design standpoint. Let’s see, how can I best relate the look and feel of this free sports streaming site? …

Do you remember back in the ‘90s, the way that those first nascent websites looked? Remember how they had cheesy fonts, tacky clip-art icons, very basic layouts, and large chunks of plain text? That is precisely what Crick Free looks like. It looks as if it were designed in, say, 1998 and it hasn’t undergone a single renovation, overhaul, upgrade, rebrand, or cosmetic makeover since then. Maybe Crick Free would be cool, retro, and nostalgic if it were made to look like this intentionally. This is, however, definitely not the impression that I get.

At the top of the site is a banner. Okay, pretty standard site design stuff so far, right? The first flaw, though, is the fact that the banner awkwardly ends before it reaches the border of the page. Secondly, the banner is just a random block of blackness. In the very corner, you’ll find a glowing comic sans-y word art logo. In an even smaller font, hardly legible, is the site’s slogan: “Home of Streaming” … brilliant.

Below this weirdly sized banner is an even more oddly sized site menu. Choose from a selection of tiny sports related clip-art. Filter the live stream results by choosing the basketball, hockey puck, (what I think are) boxing gloves, tennis ball, baseball, American football, soccer ball, rugby football, or a couple other icons which I cannot make out. Clicking on any one of these, I should note, brings you to a whole new page (as opposed to simply updating the list of live streams below).

Other than the list of scheduled live sports streams and a chat section, the whole of the site has already been navigated. Unfortunately, this free sports streaming site is far from impressive. But, hey, at least it is simple and easy to use, right?

Content and Features

As I just mentioned, Crick Free doesn’t have a whole lot going for it. It’s nothing but a link dump. A regularly updated and valuable link dump, sure, but you aren’t going to find much in the way of user features here. This is one of those sites that you go to in a pinch to find a free live sports stream and then leave. The fast-food equivalent of free sports streaming.

However, Crick Free does, at least, have something going for it that other sites like it don’t. There has been a meager attempt at providing a social element. To the right of the scheduled free live sports streams, you will find 2 buttons: Show Chat and Hide Chat. Presumably, clicking “Show Chat” would expand a live chat box, allowing you to converse with fellow Crick Free users from around the world, root for your team, or just kill the time between games with small talk.

Sadly, though, when I visited Crick Free, this chat feature was not working. Perhaps this was just a temporary glitch. Given how poorly designed the rest of the site is, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if this feature hasn’t been functional in years (if it ever worked to begin with).

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the entirety of everything that Crick Free has to offer. If you find this a little disappointing, I assure you that you are not alone.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

If I told you that Crick Free does not have a mobile app, would that surprise you? Probably not, right? Well, prepare to be unsurprised … Crick Free (predictably) does not have a mobile app, neither for iOS nor Android devices. To be fair, though, it is incredibly rare for a site like this to offer an app, even the best free sports streaming sites often don’t have them.

The mobile experience of this site is no netter than the desktop one. Although you will be able to access this link index from your phone or tablet, the site does not resize or reformat in any way. What you are left with is an extremely awkward mobile experience that requires a lot of zooming in and out.

Adding to the list of negative remarks, Crick Free does also employ their fair share of invasive popup ads. What’s worse, Crick Free is going to demand that you disable your ad blocker (if you have one) before allowing you to stream live sports. Pair this with the fact that a McAfee warning popped up upon one of Crick Free’s many redirects and that is enough for me to advise against doing this. However, I am not here to tell you what to do. Proceed with this free sports streaming site at your own risk, of course.


As I said earlier, figuring out which is the best free sports streaming site for you can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous process. There are myriad sites out there that promise free live sports streaming but, instead, deliver malware, trackers, and trojans to your computer. This is precisely why I take the time to review free sports streaming sites such as Crick Free … because you never know quite what you’re going to get.

As far as Crick Free is concerned, my assessment is this: proceed with caution.

Likes & Hates:
Decent range of free live sports streams
Terrible site design
No user features
Lots of invasive ads
Potentially malicious popups
Not very mobile friendly