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Bundler is a free service designed to search titles of television shows and movies. The search engine does not have a long history. It is difficult to track down information about it. The only about us type of posts available are on social media platforms. The company has a Twitter profile and a Facebook page. There are limited articles on the internet about them, as well. It seems the company was formed in 2018 as a start-up.

The search engine provides a centralized watch list for shows and movies. Users search shows and add them to their lists. Searches contain a synopsis, streaming services that provide the title, and other details. There is an option to personalize the home page to improve suggestions. Other features od Bundler include free streaming and TV guides. It incorporates information from a multitude of providers in one location.

Website Design

The website design is impressive. It gives off a clean and fresh aesthetic with a crisp white and light blue color scheme. The layout is inviting and simple. All of the content is well organized and easy to find. The search bar is in clear view.

The clean design translates well to the search and result pages. Graphics are utilized well on title pages. For example, Parenthood, the 2010 drama television series page is a large header of one of the featured images for the show. The summary is short and to the point. The details are also clearly defined and stated in a manner that is easy for quick viewing. The on-demand section is organized by source or by episode.


The main attraction of Bundler is the search engine and watchlist feature. The search engine is simple and easy to use. The watchlist is also uncomplicated. Although these features are easy to use, the tools are not extraordinarily unique. Other websites do the same thing, but better in comparison.

The results of searching are summaries, synopsis, on-demand options, per episode options, cast, genre, release dates, and cast. The information is easy to digest and a positive feature for creating watchlists. The watchlist is another tool that is not complex on the website. It works perfectly but it is nothing special.

The television guides are unique to the website. I have not seen that feature on competing websites before. Live tv and sports guides are incredibly useful. The guides take data from a multitude of providers to compile a comprehensive list. There is a color key that helps users filter the content they would like to find. At first, the website outputs a generic lineup, but users can tinker with settings. After changing my own setting, the results were much better. Settings allow users to choose television service providers and streaming platforms used.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop browser version is good. It has a clean and fresh design. It is inviting and user-friendly in all aspects. The aesthetic is bright. The text is easily readable. There are few glitches and only one apparent technical issues with the website. I have barely any website design complaints.

The mobile browser looks promising. The home page is different than the desktop version. More information is available on the mobile browsing page. There are promises of a new service coming to Bundler soon. Centralized management for streaming subscriptions that promises 20% savings is supposed to launch in the Spring of 2020. The idea of a tool like that is nifty, but as for now, Bundler does not offer it. There is also no mobile app yet.


Some of the positives about Bundler have not been delivered yet. They promise to deliver a unique service to combine multiple streaming services for a lower fee in the future. A lot of the features they offer currently are offered by other websites but are accomplished better. Some of those features would be the centralized watchlist and the ability to search titles across multiple platforms.

The way the information is presented is nice. I like that the details are summarised and not drawn out too long. It makes adding to watchlists easier and quicker. The information is also compiled in a visually appealing manner.

Another great feature of Bundler is that they are active on social media. The company has a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Unfortunately, their social links on the website did not work so I had to track them down myself. Their Facebook presence is small, but I found some information about them I would not have otherwise known. The Twitter account has more traction than its Facebook. The company posts regularly to Twitter and has a small following. However, I checked on Instagram and could not find Bundler there.


One of the first issues I encountered was that there is no About Us section on the website. I like to research thoroughly and about pages give a company the chance to give users more information about them. There is also not very much to go on when it comes to mission statements or slogans either. The only consistent statement I found was “TV Made Simple.” That line was only consistent on the Facebook page and the website page. Twitter had a different statement.

Bundler mentions across their social media that they plan to bring an all-inclusive subscription plan to viewers. The idea is great, but on some forms of their social media, it looks like they have already released this feature. The mobile browser states it will not be available until Spring 2020. The feature is supposed to save users around 20% by bundling platforms and saving.

The registration portion of the website is a mess. The sign-up seemed straight=forward at first, but the forms began glitching. After entering my email address the form prompted me to choose my tv and streaming providers so it could personalize my feed. Unfortunately, the form glitched and made the logos and text too large and did not allow me to make my selections. It did the same thing on the genre portion of the form. After I completed the registration to the best of my ability the website went blank.

Improvements Needed

There are a few improvements that could be made to Bundler. Firstly, a mobile app would be a good step. Especially if their plan is to grow, more users would interact with an application than the website.

Next, it looks like the mission statement of the company is kind of all over the place. I am unsure if they are currently transitioning to cater more to the future features of Bundler, but a solid About Us would do wonders. The main goal of the website is muddled without having a clear statement about what the website is for and how to use it. A how-to guide could be another simple improvement.

Lastly, the glitch from the registration form needs to be fixed. It will deter possible users from signing up if it is not addressed swiftly. Another small glitch that should be fixed is the social media links. Clicking them results in no change. They need to be properly formatted with their corresponding links.


Streaming search engines are a very useful tool in the world of cord-cutters. Finding every streaming website with the title you are looking for can be difficult. That’s where Bundlr can help. With a very simple search, Bundler pulls up titles by a service provider or per episode. The summaries and details are listed in a highly readable format. Watchlists are easy to complete and navigation on the website is easy.

The website design is refreshing. It’s clean and fresh look is inviting to users. The layout is flawless and the advanced search works phenomenally. However, when compared to competitors, Bundler still comes up short. The website works perfectly well for what it sets out to do but is not incredibly unique. The website promises to deliver a new service soon. If the company does come up with a way to combine streaming service platforms for a lower fee, then it will be a force to be reckoned with. Until then, it remains plain but ultimately a useful tool.

Likes & Hates:
The design is clean and fresh
The layout is inviting
The search engine functions properly
The details are readable
The company is active on social media.
The registration is glitchy
There is no mobile app
The mobile browser version is more useful than the desktop
There is nothing unique about the website