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Let’s face it; there is no such thing as having too many free movie streaming sites at your disposal. There is no such thing as the perfect free movie streaming site. No one site, in other words, is going to have every movie for which you might be looking available to stream for free. This is because every site tends to excel at providing something slightly different, each with its own menu of specials if you will.

Some free movie streaming sites, for instance, are great at helping you find those brand-new blockbusters; others skew more towards obscure indie projects or foreign films. Some specialize solely in, say, Russian cinema. And others still may only have thousands of documentaries for you to browse.

Therefore, finding the best free movie streaming sites is less a matter of looking for a particular site to rely on for your every movie-watching need, and more a point of becoming familiar with several of the best free movie streaming sites that the internet has to offer and then choosing the right one for each search.

The site that we will be looking at today, though,, is a free movie streaming site that you will definitely want to add to your arsenal. With a substantial selection of free movies to stream, a diverse spread of genres available, and remarkable site design and organizational structure that is rare to find in a free movie streaming site, has quickly risen the ranks to become one of my favorite sites to stream free movies.

Unfortunately, though, it appears as if is not available in the United States. As someone who has spent a lot of time (a lot), though, browsing and testing different free movie streaming sites, I am thrilled to share a clever little workaround for my fellow Americans.

All you have to do to access (in fact, this should also work for almost any site that cannot be accessed based on where you live) is find a Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you are less familiar with VPNs, you can learn all about them and find the right one for you in my list of VPN reviews.

With a VPN, though, you can connect to foreign internet servers, which will trick websites into thinking that you are in another country. All I had to do was connect to a server in Paris, France, and, like magic, instantly became available.

Okay, now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can dive in and take a look at everything that has to offer. Let’s see whether this is the right free movie streaming site for you, shall we?


As soon as I landed on Cine’s home page, I was immediately impressed. The site has a very understated, clean, and organized (but modern and professional) look to it. In short, does not look like a free movie streaming site. As I browsed on my first visit, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop; I kept waiting for the site to tell me that I had to register or upgrade to a premium membership in order to watch movies for free.

I was very pleasantly surprised, though, to see that this was not the case. There is no catch here. is nothing more than a prime example of what a free streaming site should look like. It is proof that free movie streaming sites do not have to be so sloppily put together or annoyingly heavy with ads. I mean, there are ads, sure, but they are nowhere near as invasive or annoying as many other free streaming sites that I have visited.

I like how condensed this site is. On the left-hand side, you’ll find a concise menu that lets you browse by genre. You can also browse by a brief list of tags, rating, and release date. Adjust your filter to your liking and watch the gallery of thumbnails to the right instantly change and rearrange accordingly.

Upon clicking on a movie, does not bother forcing you into a whole new page. The sleek and streamlined design of this site is wonderful. Click on a movie thumbnail, and the information page (with plot, rating, credits, links, etc.) simply pops up over the top of the main page. That, essentially, is the entire user experience: one page. I cannot stress enough how much I love the convenience and simplicity of this site design.

Content and Features

So, it should probably be noted here that does not host movie streams on the site itself. I know that free movie streaming search engines are not really for everyone. It can be a little unsettling to have to click into a new and unknown free streaming site. However, after spending a bit of time here, it doesn’t seem as if links to any sites that are too sketchy or potentially dangerous.

Another positive mark for this site is the fact that every link I clicked into worked and provided an adequately fast and high-quality stream. is not like some other free movie streaming search engines that simply aggregate links from any and every source they can find. There appears to be a good deal of quality control going on here.

As far as the kinds of movies you’ll be able to find here; there definitely seems to be a bit of a preference for dramas and thrillers. Of the total list of free movies available, drama accounts for 1,512 of the total, and there are 878 thrillers. That being said, though, there are also hundreds of action flicks, horror films, comedies, biopics, sci-fi, war movies, and much, much more to stream for free here.

Other than that, though, there are not many user features to speak of here., despite its gorgeously logical site design, is not the kind of site that encourages lingering and prolonged interaction. It’s made to quickly help you find your movie and watch it. That’s about it. It would be nice, sure, if did develop some kind of user features (at least beyond just being able to rate films).

I would like to see add the ability to save films to customizable lists, for example. A watch-later feature, at the very least, would be nice. Perhaps adding the ability to request movies, too, could help broaden the site’s offerings. However, these add-ons would really just be the icing on an already exquisite cake.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The mobile version of this site is decent. The format changes slightly when you access on a smartphone or tablet, so as to accommodate the smaller screen. Instead of a 4-thumbnail-wide gallery of movies in the search results, the mobile site slims this down to singular thumbnails stacked on top of one another, still with the filtering menu to the left.

I wouldn’t say that the mobile experience is perfect. I think that they could have done more to really play up the strengths and address some of the limitations of mobile browsing (I have to do a little more scrolling up and down than I would prefer). However, if you are ever in a pinch, finding and streaming free movies on is an easy enough thing to do.

Suggestions that I have for

I would like to see the index of free movies grow in the years to come (presumably, of course, it will). Although this site has thousands of free movies, more is always merrier. I think that will probably want to focus on expanding its options when it comes to classics and older films.

Other than that, though, the only other real suggestion that I have is what I just mentioned: some minor tweaks to the mobile site will go a long way. An app, actually, would be the ideal move here…

Likes & Hates:
Thousands of popular movies
High-quality streams
Minimal ads
Great site design
No app
Could have a broader range of movies
Not available in US without VPN