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Many people suggest that the days of watching your favorite sports on TV are numbered. However, I believe that it’s going to get better as technology improves. No doubt, an increasing number of people rely on smartphones these days as compared to Smart TVs. However, I’d still prefer watching a fixture on television as opposed to my laptop or mobile phone. That’s mainly because most of these TVs nowadays allow you to stream content from various websites.

What is CricHD?

Don’t go by the name, CricHD may make you feel as if it’s a cricket-oriented website but it is not. This site helps you stream most live cricket matches, and also you can stream a variety of sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Rugby, NFL, Cycling, Volleyball, and Darts. This is not even the entire list, there are many more sports that we’ll discuss later. In addition to these sports, you can access a wide range of channels such as BT Sport, Sky Sport, Star Sport, Fox Sport, Ten Cricket, Ten Sport, and Ten Action to name a few. These are IPTV channels that you can access 24/7 and watch them in real-time.

Why should you stream on CricHD?

CricHD is one of the most popular sports streaming platforms out there. It attracts millions of users a month. Other than cricket, viewers tune in to watch various sports from around the world. CricHD allows you to stream your favorite event in HD quality for free. There are many reasons as to why you should stream on CricHD and let me share a few of them with you.

IPTV Channels

A sports streaming site that provides access to live IPTV channels is everything you need in this day and age. IPTV channels allow you to catch the action in real-time. So, whether it’s punditry on ESPN or post-match banter on Sky Sports, you can get in all that’s happening in the world of sports. IPTV channels such as BT Sports, ESPN, Sky Sports, Ten Sports, help you stream in real-time. This provides you the same feeling as streaming on your TV, and that’s the reason why people love IPTV channels.

Massive Sports Coverage

There are dozens of websites out there that cater to a specific sport, however, that’s not the case with CricHD. On this platform, you can watch a plethora of sporting events each day including Cricket, Football, Baseball, Basketball and many more. What improves the overall streaming experience is that you get to check schedules, stats, fixtures, and rankings in addition to the stream.

Unique User-Interface

CricHD is quite different than most of the sports streaming services out there. It houses a vertical header category section as opposed to a horizontal one. This helps the website to maintain its visual appeal whilst being filled with tons of content. There are two vertical menus – the first is for different sport categories and the other is for sports channels. I really like the design-approach and it makes me stream conveniently for extended periods.

Streaming quality

For each event on CricHD, you can choose from at least 2-3 links. This allows you to try different links and choose what’s best for you. Streaming quality is largely dependent upon your internet speed. If you have a decent internet speed, you’ll be able to watch the stream in HD quality without any discrepancies. Most of the content on this website is available in HD quality and thus, you can watch your favorite team play without any lag or buffer.

Chatbox & Schedule

Apart from the chatbox where you can interact with fellow streamers, you also get access to a schedule. It’s like a well-designed guide providing you detailed information about each sport that’s going to stream on that particular day. Even if you’re casual or haven’t yet watched a particular sport, you can learn about the different events and can choose to watch them as they stream.

How to access CricHD?

You can access CricHD easily by searching for the term ‘CricHD stream’ in your search engine. Other than that, you can click the following link to access the website directly – CricHD.


I have never seen a website filled with so much content yet being so well organized. Everything from the red/white color combination to the navigation options and user-menus feels perfect on this website. Instead of taking the traditional horizontal road, the developers have placed the menus vertically which makes most of the content fit into the hero section. Having reviewed hundreds of websites, I can say that this is a work of art as you can find all the key navigation options in the hero section itself.


Apart from the poor logo design, everything is great. The header section on this website features a logo on the left followed by a search bar. You can use this to access any match directly. Additionally, you can sort content based upon popularity and date. Towards the right, you can also access the TV guide and download the Android app.

Hero Section

I’m truly fascinated with the hero section on this website. It’s filled with content from left to right. It starts with different sports icons so you can choose the sport you want to watch. Right beside that, you can find a list of top sports channels. The center section has a list of all the matches placed horizontally with crucial information such as League, Title, Start time, Link, and Status. Towards the right, you can find a live chatbox.


Most of the content is a part of the hero section, thus you won’t find much in the body section of this website. Each sport has been described in under 100 words, and that comes off a content blurb for SEO purposes. Other than that, you have nothing much in the body section.


Unlike the free streaming sites that I’ve reviewed recently, CricHD does have a well-designed footer. There are three main options – DMCA, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us. Something that was lacking in sites such as MamaHD, Sportrar, and many others.

Inner Pages

The inner pages of CricHD follow the same layout and have the same options on either side. However, it’s the center section that is completely different. Instead of a list of matches, you now have access to a specific match since you made a selection on the homepage. In the inner page, you’ll find details about the game along with streaming links. You still have access to chatbox on the right and IPTV channels on the left.


CricHD is filled with quality content. Other than live streaming events, you can access sports channels 24/7. Some of the top channels that you can find on this website include BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3HD, ESPN, Sky Sport 1, Sky Sport 2, Sky Sport 3, Sky Sport 4, Sky Sport 5, Willow HD, Start Sport 1, Start Sport 4, Ten Cricket, Ten Sport, Ten Action and Fox Sports HD.

Quite recently, I’ve started watching cricket and I’ve found resources on this website helpful. Sports schedules, stats, fixtures, and rankings really helped me understand the different teams. I love watching T20 matches and I really enjoyed watching New Zealand vs India match on this streaming service. But that’s not all, apart from cricket there’s MotoGP, Boxing, Golf, Hockey, Volleyball, Darts, and Snooker as well.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I had a great time streaming CricHD on my HP 15 laptop and my Google Pixel 3a. Each event had 2-3 reliable links and I could try each one out before choosing a particular link. Throughout the streams, there were no discrepancies. Though there would be a few misclicks and abrupt ads initially, you can easily get rid of those if you’re on your laptop.

The CricHD app for Android works great as well. Not only is the app amazing to stream on but even the mobile website is optimized in case you don’t want to download the app and still want to stream on your phone.

Suggestions I have for CricHD

The developers have done a great job on CricHD. However, I’d urge them to lower down the pre-stream misclicks as it might rub viewers the wrong way. I mean providing amazing experience until the end-moment and watching the viewer bounce off might surely feel disheartening. So why not fix that?


Overall, I don’t have any negatives about CricHD. Other than a few misclicks, it’s a great website for sports lovers wanting to stream their favorite fixtures. The provision of IPTV channels provides the much-needed diversity and flexibility for viewers who simply want to watch a specific channel.

Likes & Hates:
Massive Sports Coverage
Android App
Quality Links
Great user-interface
Misclicks before streaming begins