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DC Universe

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Comic book nerds around the world rejoiced as DC Universe launched a streaming service this past year. Massive hype surrounded the news of a network specifically for comic book nerds. The website promised exclusive fan content, shows, merchandise, and much more.

I’m pleased to let you know DC Universe lives up to the hype. It’s everything we want in a streaming service. Although the service is still fairly new, it blows competitors out of the water. DC Universe delivers a combination of entertainment, resources, and news.

Website Design

The design of the website is wonderful. The color scheme is black and white with pops of color. Landing on the home-page is a very cool experience for DC fans. The website emulates everything we love about the popular brand.

Navigation is a breeze on DC Universe. The primary menu is clear and easy to find. From left to right your options are Movies & Tv, Comic Books, Community, News, Encyclopedia, and Shop. The search bar is further to the right and easily accessed. Profile settings can be found by clicking on the user name or profile photo.

Another interesting feature on the website is the Do Not Sell My Personal Information function. I have not seen this option on any other streaming website before. Allowing “cookies” is a way for sites to gather information about you and create a more personalized experience on the web. DC Universe gives you the option to opt-out of them collecting any except for the ones necessary to run their site. It’s a refreshing feature I would like more websites to adopt.


The amount of content DC Universe includes is great. Actual television and movies to stream are somewhat limited. However, the site makes up for that with other means. One amazing feature is that you can read DC comic books through the website. Exclusive merchandise is also available to subscribers. Lastly, they have included an encyclopedia, which is arguably the most interesting part of the site.

When it comes to original content, DC is making some fun new shows. Teen Titans is filming its next season and Doom Patrol has also been praised. The show I subscribed for and enjoy the most is the animated Harley Quinn show. It is an equal mix of brilliant and hilarious. Nostalgic series have also been added to the library in the form of Batman: The Animated Series, Young Justice, the original Teen Titans, and more. Some interest-peaking movies that have been added are Constantine and Watchmen.

Comic books were a surprise feature that blew me away. When I signed up for the monthly subscription I didn’t expect access to so many resources. You can search for your favorite characters or order them by genre to find something cool to read. Reading the comic is a flawless process that allows you to pinpoint exactly what page you would like to land on or turn page by page.

One of the only disappointing features on the site was the merchandise. The website claims to have exclusive merchandise only available to subscribers. However, the number of offers like that are limited and not very worth the pricing. Most items are overpriced with poor to average quality.

On the other hand, the encyclopedia is very handy! It is categorized strategically and very easy to use. It makes catching up on your favorite characters so simple. It’s nice not to have to rely on a fan-made wiki to provide information. In DC Universe’s case, all of the material is canon and from the comic giants themselves.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop version of this streaming website is perfect. There are no negatives I can think of in terms of design. There is a nice large slideshow banner at the top of the page right beneath the menu. It shows featured shows, news, and comics. Scrolling down the page is unproblematic.

The mobile browser version is a scaled-down version of the desktop. However, the animations look much nicer on the phone for some reason. Gliding down the website to view everything it has to offer is a neat experience. The mobile browser version may be the best way to view the site. The top menu is slightly different, but otherwise, it is exactly the same as everything in the original place.

The mobile application is also a pleasure to use. Instead of a menu on the top, it utilizes a menu at the bottom. The slideshow dimensions are slightly different, but the same features are used. No issues are easily recognizable from any version of using this streaming service. Any version of DC Universe is not a problem to interact with, but the favorite for me was the mobile browser version.


There are so many great positives about using DC Universe. One great plus is the pricing. Usually, it is the average $7.99 per month. However, if you catch a good sale on it, the cost is only $5.99 per month. A huge saving like that for the available content is a steal. A lot of other premium websites charge the same amount but do not offer the same amazing extra features that DC Universe provides.

The additional comic book material available to read is a wonderful option. The comic books range from the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age all the way up to the current Rebirth volumes. After reading your favorite new comic book, check out the awesome resources the site has to offer. The encyclopedia is a very interesting feature. Learn more than ever about your favorite characters. The two features make the subscription fee more than worth it.

The exclusive content makes viewers feel like part of a special club. The best part of the streaming service is video content. The video and audio qualities are superb, as well. Seeing Harley Quinn and other exclusive shows are definitely what keeps users coming back for more. The quality of their exclusive series is unbelievable. It is a bit of a downer that the content has been somewhat slow being produced, but since the shows are so great, I’m not complaining.


I don’t really have much to say in regards to negatives about DC Universe. If I had to be very picky about it, I would mention the size of the video library. Although there are quite a few shows and movies to watch, there is much from the DC Universe still missing.

Another not so great feature is the merchandise. The “exclusive” merchandise isn’t as exclusive as they allude it to be. Even if it were, the material choices do not make for a great product. They look very cheap and overpriced.

Improvements Needed

The biggest improvement that could be made would be to add more content to the digital library. In terms of video content, the number of shows is low. It is clear that DC Universe values quality over quantity, which is not a bad thing. However, quantity is somewhat lacking and needs attention.

The other improvement would be to offer better exclusive merchandise to members. Hiring an artist to make an exclusive print would be one cool option. Possibly partnering with big brands like Funko Pop or Loungefly to create exclusive pops and bags would be another interesting way to bring unique merch to life.


Overall, DC Universe is a wonderful streaming service. This review is mostly positive! Finding something to complain about with this streaming service will be very difficult.

The website design is phenomenal. DC uses the perfect combination of modern clean lines and creativity to give viewers the perfect site for streaming. Video play is very smooth and toggling back and forth is also easy. I look forward to watching this streaming service grow. Undoubtedly, it will do amazing things!

Likes & Hates:
Website design is phenomenal on desktop and mobile versions
The variety of content is awesome
Comic books are available to read
Subscription prices are low
The encyclopedia is very handy
The original series is the best reason to subscribe
Exclusive merchandise is lacking
Video content is limited