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With the cord-cutting fever on an all-time high, users are looking for the best services capable of replacing the cable and satellite TV options. Thus far, we’ve seen a meteoric rise of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for all the right reasons. Those streaming services have set a new standard for content and creativity when it comes to entertainment.

Today I’ll be aiming to shed some light on the good and bad aspects of Filmon. Let us start by understanding the service.

What is Filmon?

Filmon is an IPTV streaming service based in the United Kingdom. The streaming platform has over 600 channels of content and provides access to over 90,000 hours of content. They offer content which is either paid or subscription-based. What I like the most about Filmon is that it allows the users to create their own VOD and live streaming channels. Apart from that, the company has Allied and Cinebx film libraries.


Filmon was launched in 2010 as a mobile-only streaming Internet TV. Since then, the network has come a long way after it launched an additional OTA distribution model which is known as Filmon AIR. You can stream SD and HD channels on the network from your desktop as well as your mobile device. It was one of the earliest networks to launch its own Facebook app in 2012.

How does Filmon work?

After enduring a tough couple of years, Filmon finally found its feet. Today, you can watch over 45,000 videos on demand and stream 600+ channels. From popular networks such as BBC, ITV, and CBS to their own network comprising of Sports, Horror, Movies, Music, and Entertainment, Filmon provides an expansive content library to its audience for a monthly subscription fee. You have to subscribe to the network available in SD and HD quality. That’s changed over the years as earlier SD channels were completely free.

Why should you stream on Filmon?

Though the network has its negative side, there are many positive reasons why should consider streaming on Filmon:

Expansive Content Library

Filmon offers over 45,000 video-on-demand content along with 600 Live High-Quality Channels. This alone makes it one of the biggest streaming networks on the internet. Though the planning and pricing are not the best, you can still access Pay TV channels and other features for an exceptional price (comparing it to the Cable TV).

Clean interface

Unlike other dicey streaming services, Filmon takes pride in being a premium service. And that’s quite evident in the website’s interface. The website though not as sleek and edgy as major networks such as Netflix or FX is still pretty good than most of the major premium networks out there. Browsing across the network is easy and efficient mainly because it’s ad-free.

Live TV & VOD

Filmon doesn’t just offer live TV channels from across the globe, it also offers video-on-demand content to its users. Thus, you can watch TV shows, movies and catch-up content which essentially isn’t available on a pure live TV streaming website.

Genre Classification

Filmon’s content prowess can be understood through genre diversification. You can find live tv experience and stream networks from countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Somalia. Apart from live TV, you can choose from genres such as movies, sports, entertainment, religion, education, documentary, news, automobile, so on and so forth.

Schedule & Easy-to-Understand Guide

It’s hard to lose track of what’s happening on the website. With an easy to understand guide right under the video player, planning your streaming schedule is quite easy. You can even watch the full TV guide, chat and even embed the viewing link if you want to watch the content with someone.


I’m on the fence when it comes to Filmon’s user interface. Yes, it looks better than most streaming networks out there but it has room for improvement. My first impression upon visiting the homepage was that the channels can be listed in a better way than just being placed vertically. The video player in the hero section is great along with the chat and embed option.

There’s a vertical menu instead of a horizontal one. It features four categories which have its own subcategories. Thus, if you click on the icon with three horizontal lines, you’ll see five subcategories – Live TV, VOD, TV Guide, Breaking News, and Subscriptions. Other main categories include its affiliate program and its app compatibility. One of the few things I like about this streaming network is its compatibility. It’s compatible with major mainstream devices available today.


You know the numbers already. 600+ channels and 45,000 hours of VOD content. So, let us discuss some of the titles instead of just numbers. Some of the most popular titles include ‘John Lennon – The Ultimate Collection’, ‘Bob Marley – Freedom Road’, ‘The Director’s Cut’, ‘Abduction’ and ‘Monster’.

Apart from these titles, you can choose content from various genres such as Action, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Animation, Western and Documentary. If you want to watch Live TV, you get access to channels such as BBC, ITV, CBS, Kid Rock’s TV and EDM TV (Network Exclusive) to name a few.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Using the Filmon App has been a decent experience. Even streaming from a mobile phone is not bad. There’s no advertisement to interrupt the experience and the subscription model is quite straight forward. You can watch free channels for as long as you want. But the majority of the channels require you to pay a subscription fee and you can access such channels only for 2 minutes.

Compatibility is great

Filmon is compatible with a wide range of devices. These include iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows, Roku, XBOX, Apple TV and LG TV. Though I’ve been asked about PlayStation, Kodi and Firestick compatibility, I don’t think I have an answer yet. But as for what I know, there are compatibility complications with those devices.

Parental Controls

When using a paid account, you can set parameters for children and prevent them from seeing a certain type of content. However, on the free website, there’s no way to distinguish the adult content.

DVR Functionality

Subscribers who are not able to stream full-length series can purchase cloud service to record them. You can automate the process by paying for the DVR capabilities. The subscriptions for DVR function vary between $5 to $190. $5 for 3 hours, $9.95 for 10 hours, $45 for 50 hours, $85 for 90 hours and $190 for 300 hours.

Plans & Pricing

There are two plans available on Filmon. You can either pay on a monthly basis – $19.95 or a yearly basis – $199 (two additional months).

Suggestions I have for Filmon

I’d love for this network to tie up with the major studios and provide the best content to the users. The subscription fee they are charging against what they are offering will possibly lead towards the death of this service. As of now, I don’t find anything worth it or original on this network which can convince me to shell $20 per month.


I don’t see why you’d choose Filmon over Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime unless you’re impressed with its original content. I don’t find any fascinating content worth enough to keep you hinged on this network. There’s a lack of genuine titles on the network and the majority of the content is random and user-generated. Thus, I would not suggest you commit the same mistake I did for a month – Pay for premium service.

Likes & Hates:
600+ Channels
Social Media Functionality
Embed option
Remote DVR capabilities
Parental Controls
Not the best streaming quality
Average Content