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It is not every day that I come across a free movie streaming site that is actually of a decent quality. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of these sorts of sites tend to be, at best, sloppy or sketchy looking and, at worst, actual scams or cesspools of malware. It can be very exciting, to stumble upon a new option for streaming free movies and television shows. However, discerning whether a given site is actually safe to use (or even worth your time, for that matter) can be a time-consuming and sometimes daunting task.

Maybe you are familiar with the struggle yourself … you hear about a new free movie streaming site, maybe from a friend or somebody mentions it on Reddit, so you decide to check it out, thrilled by the promise of thousands of free streaming movies and TV series in HD. But once you actually arrive on the site in question, you are bombarded by a million invasive popup ads, terrible site design, and sketchy links. At this point, most of us shrug and sigh and come to terms with the fact that the site is a dud. In my line of work, you come across a lot of free movie streaming sites like this (and I mean a lot).

Among the hundreds of sham streaming sites, though, there is the occasional site that makes it all worth it. Every once in a while, you come across a free streaming site that is so good – so elegantly designed, so full of incredibly high-quality movies and TV series, so features rich and convenient – that it makes you realize all of your hard work and all of the disappointment were worth it. This is the hope that keeps me going, that keeps me critiquing and evaluating all of the best streaming sites on the web. When I find a site like this, the very first thing that I want to do is share it with my readers.

Which brings us to Go Movies. Is this free movie and TV series streaming site one of these rare and exceptional sites that justifies all of the effort and time that it takes to find the best streaming sites? Well, on the surface, it sure seems to have promise, that much I can say just at the outset. The site offers an extremely dynamic and professional design. Plus, it appears as if it has an enormous library of stellar content.

Go Movies is a free movie streaming site. But it is also a free TV streaming site. But that is not all. There is yet another dimension to this one. Go Movies appears to be a premium movie and TV streaming site as well, allowing users to unlock the full Go Movies experience by upgrading to a premium account. What does the premium membership status afford you? Well, we will get to that later on in the review, when we begin to cover pricings and plans.

I will say, however, that sometimes a free movie streaming site that strongly encourages its users to upgrade to a premium membership (read: to provide their credit card information) can be a red flag. I am not saying that this is the case with Go Movies. Of course, there are also plenty of free movie streaming sites that are 100% legit and merely offer a freemium model to lure in viewers with free content before roping them into the perks of a premium membership. Is Go Movies a legit and safe free movie streaming site? Well, we will have to take a closer look and see for ourselves. It is still a bit too early to say at this stage of the review, I am afraid.


Go Movies definitely knows how to make a great first impression. This site really draws you in with the wow factor of its design. As I mentioned earlier, free streaming sites are not always known for offering professional or high-quality site design. This is far from the case with Go Movies.

First of all, the site is incredibly dynamic and responsive … in a way that you don’t often see, even if we are talking about the richest, most widely used premium streaming services in the world. Not even Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video offers as experiential and immersive of a site design as Go movies.

You will be greeted by a relatively basic splash page. There will not be much more than a search bar and a cool, somewhat abstracted drawing of Black Panther spanning the background of the page. Either search for the movie you wish to stream instantly or click on “visit home page” to browse. This is where the site really starts to impress.

At the top of the page, there will be an extra-large banner, on which several featured films and TV series will alternate. If you are at a loss for what to watch, this is meant to give you some ideas (all the while showcasing some of the newer and more popular titles that Go Movies is particularly proud to offer). Scroll down a bit, though, and be amazed by the massive, jampacked gallery of movies and shows that you can stream on Go Movies.

My personal favorite design quirk here is the fact that when you hover your cursor over a thumbnail, a window will materialize beside your selection in which you can read a summary of the film, some cast info, as well as quickly access the title’s user rating, release date, and IMDb score.

If you prefer, you can always browse by content type via the site menu bar all the way up at the top of the page. From here, quickly jump to Genres, Release, Country, Last Added, Movies, TV Series, Top IMDb, and Top Watched.

Even though the site is exceptional to look at and fun to use, my one criticism would be the fact that it is a little too cluttered for my taste. Take this this user experience and apply it to a sparser layout, though, and the site design could be perfect.

Content and Features

Go Movies certainly has no shortage of free movies and TV shows. There are easily thousands – hundreds of thousands of hours of free movie streams here. I think that my favorite feature, though, has to be the site’s extensive browsing filters.

At the top of the page, you will find (to the right of the rest of the site menu bar) a tab labeled “filters.” Click this and a sprawling checklist expands instantly. Select as many options as you like from the following categories: Type, Quality, Release Year, Subtitle Language, Genres, and Countries. Click “Accept” and watch as the entire site transforms to reflect your preferences. Free movie streaming sites like this almost never have such extensive browsing features; more streaming sites should take after Go Movies in this regard.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Unfortunately, Go Movies does not have a mobile app. This, of course, comes as no surprise, really … most free movie streaming sites are app-less. That being said, the site more than makes up for this by being very well optimized for mobile devices. Considering how cluttered the desktop site is, I am amazed to see that the mobile site is clean, concise, and easy to browse. Once again, this site offers an excellent user experience, if nothing else.

Pricings and Plans

 Okay, here is where things get hairy. As I said earlier, Go Movies pitches itself as something of a freemium site. It is a free movie streaming site, but it is also pitching its premium membership. I cannot speak to the legitimacy of the premium membership, however, because I have not signed up for it. Therefore, as is the case with any free streaming site of this kind, I would advise you to proceed with caution (my advice any time a site asks you for money.

To get the most out of Go Movies, so the site claims, a premium account is the answer. With premium, Go Movies promises no ads, HD streaming, downloading, fast and reliable streaming, additional subtitles, and more.

The pricings are as follows:

-1 month: $5

-3 months: $13

-6 months: $25

-1 year: $45

Once more, I cannot stress this enough: please proceed at your own risk…

Likes & Hates:
Dynamic and immersive site design
Thousands of movies and TV series
Mobile friendly site
Great browsing features
Way too many ads
Streaming quality and buffering in free version are throttled
Premium account required for full streaming experience