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Watching anime has become an increasingly popular hobby in today’s age and time. Gone are the days of ridiculing the single nerd reading manga in the class! And boy, are we glad! With the popularity of anime surging, the demand for easily accessible and low-cost streams is rising. has you covered – they offer an impressive selection of quality videos on their streaming website.

Our favorite froggy waifu, Froppy greets us on the home page of Kissanime. Their decision in using the very popular My Hero Academia UA student is a smart choice. Choosing a recognizable character draws people in with the promise of familiarity in video archives.

Initial impressions about the site are relatively neutral. The history of the website is not easy to track down; information about the creators is next to nonexistent. There are a few communities created for tech support but not affiliated with the web designers. There are no wow-inducing factors that jump out, besides the cutesy Froppy. The logo is a plain mirrored text image of the brand’s name, bland but straight to the point.

Website Design

Aesthetics are an essential part of a website. The chosen colors put us in the mind of the prevalent night time theme taking over social media. The positives of using a dark scheme are plentiful. Some examples include – reduction of eyestrain, improved readability, less blue lights. Binge-watching anime consumes hours quickly, so saving eye strain from your video sites is a net positive in the long run.

The navigation is simple. At the top of the page, there is a menu categorizing the main content. The bar offers sister sites that lead to manga, novels, and more. There you can find the community-supported discord channel. An option to report messed up links is found by pressing the reports/ request form.

Another feature worth noting about the design is its organization system and search functions. Kissanime has an impressive 194 pages full of anime. That number sounds quite daunting, but luckily their search system is fantastic.

Firstly, their search bar is easily recognizable and at the very top of their page. If you know what specific show you are searching for, it is very straight forward. However, if you are unsure of what you want to watch, you can search keywords, and the results will pull up anything with your keyword in the title.

The organization system of the site is even better than the search functions. The sidebar features a few popular styles that you can click on to sift through. If you go to advanced search, you will find many more options for genres. Not only do they have a category for everything, but it also allows you to check multiple genres that may cross over and finds you any titles that use the combination of the ones you choose. Even strange combinations are simpler to find. I checked off vampire, fantasy, and romance, and quite a few different titles popped up! You can also select an ongoing or completed series to categorize further. This feature is incredibly useful for finding easily binge-able shows! A couple of shows with short series worth looking into on the site are Devil is a Part-Timer! and Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon.


The amount of anime this site host is insane! One hundred ninety-four pages with approximately 50 titles per page. That’s a total of more than 9,500 shows! They offer both subtitled and dubbed versions. Some popular titles I ran into on the website were Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Sword Art Online, and even Dragonball. There is truly something for every anime fan in their vast library.

The quality of the streams is excellent. There are no ad breaks in between shows. The links are updated regularly, as well. The community helps monitor which links crash, so it is helpful for the site managers to fix bugs faster.

Kissanime prominently features anime; however, their sister sites linked in the top menu have other popular related content. Kissmanga has mangas galore, Novaplanet offers an impressive novel selection, and Kissasian provides quality dramas. The associated sites have a similar feel and style, so they are useful resources if you have any interest in those subjects.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

This website, best utilized on a desktop web-browser, is pretty good. The google chrome experience isn’t a poor one. It is not phenomenal and could use improvements, but overall, the website accomplishes its goal. Again, navigation is simple. Excessive ads are an issue, but it is mostly forgivable.

The placement of the ads themselves isn’t a dealbreaker. Both sides have some massive advertisements that ultimately do not interfere with the flow of the site. However, there is a large block of them in between the top menu and the content of the lists that throw off the flow of the design.

The mobile experience is quite underwhelming. The site is not well prepared for mobile access. The text on a cellphone browser is incredibly small and causes a lot of eye strain. You can zoom in, but then it cuts some of the words off. It isn’t ideal, by any means.

I would stick to the desktop version if at all possible. One of the only positive notes about the mobile experience is that when you flip your phone to make it fullscreen, it isn’t as bad. The sorting and searching is as miserable as pulling teeth with pliers, but the actual viewing isn’t.


There are quite a few positives about using Kissanime as your primary streaming site. The site seems to have amassed quite a following, and groups exist on Discord and Reddit for support and general community discussion. The visuals and sound quality are better than expected for a free streaming website.

The biggest perk of using this streaming site is its hefty library. The variety of content on the site is sure to satisfy any viewer.

The color scheme of the website is very useful. Limiting eye strain is vital when it comes to watching hours on end of videos. Night theme websites can be implemented poorly by not utilizing multiple shades of grey, but Kissanime succeeds in their execution of it. They skillfully use the shades to improve readability.


The ads are very frustrating, but almost every streaming site has them now. The only problematic ad placement is the one between the top menu and the searchable lists. Some of the ads are sneaky little buggers and pop up to surprise you.

When you click the search bar, it will open a new window entirely. There may be an app of some sort to block the ads. The Reddit or Discord communities would be a useful resource for more information on that subject.

Another weak point in the website is the mobile version. Accessing the content is much more difficult than the desktop version. The navigation on it is lackluster at best, leaving much to be desired.

Improvements Needed

There are a few areas the website could improve. The biggest problem is the ads. Moving the placement of the central ads to the bottom or even the top of the page instead of chopping up the flow of the page design would be much more aesthetically appealing.

Another improvement that could help engage viewers and drive more organic foot traffic would be a recommendation system. Most large streaming sites have a system that recommends shows and series based on your previous watch history. It is not essential for this site, but it would be a fun bonus and keep users active longer.

A mobile application could give Kissanime a significant facelift. A large percentage of viewers watch from mobile devices. Neglecting to optimize the website could lead to a lack of interest in users. Even if creating an application isn’t in the cards for them, they should consider a re-design for mobile browsing.


Overall, if you are looking for free anime and a considerable selection, this is a solid starting point. There are no fees attached, so why not give it a try? The surprising amount of content creates endless watching possibilities. The desktop structure of accessing the system library makes the site a contender for one of the best free anime streaming sites.

On the other hand, the pop-up ads are unbelievable. The mobile browser version is a headache to access. It’s 2019, so developing a mobile app or even improving on the mobile browser is a necessity.

In general, the website isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. It’s definitely a good starting point for someone who wants a large quantity of shows to choose from. In the grand scale of streaming sites, it sits square in the middle.

Likes & Hates:
Desktop navigation
Large library
Community support
Night theme web design
Ads everywhere
No app support
Mobile version