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Movie HD

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The on-demand content streaming services have become hugely popular among streamers from around the world. While there are dozens of traditional OTT and digital on-demand content providers, viewers are just tired of the subscription fee.

With each platform costing between $10 and $50, the eventual price of viewing content is not much less than cable and satellite TV service providers. That’s the reason why most streamers nowadays prefer to opt for free streaming services, so they don’t have to spend a dime to watch the content.

Along with various free streaming platforms, APKs and web apps have gained momentum in recent times. One of the apps which seems to be drawing a lot of viewer’s attention is Movie HD – an advertiser-supported app and streaming platform where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows for absolutely free.

What is Movie HD?

Movie HD is an incredible content streaming app that is establishing its reputation as one of the most reliable apps for movie streaming. A primary reason why it has been able to capture the viewer’s attention is that it’s backed by Sky HD and HD Cinema. Thus, it does have the content prowess that you look for in an app. Apart from that, the overall design and content arrangement make the app appealing. You don’t need to sign-up or subscribe to the service, just watch the movies for free.

There are a plethora of quality links on the website which allow you to stream content. The developers keep updating these links regularly and thus you’d hardly find a link that’s broken or doesn’t work at all. In addition to that, it allows viewers to adjust streaming quality. This provides them the freedom to choose a resolution that fits their internet speed.

What should you expect from the Movie HD App?

Movie HD needs to be lauded for its intuitive design. Since the content library is vast, the developers have made it possible for users to find the content in numerous ways. You can search for content by genres or even through filter options such as release year, rating, and content type. Thanks to these extended features, finding a movie or TV show based upon your mood becomes quite easy.

Free streaming

Apart from the fact that Movie HD is a free streaming platform, there are more than a couple of quality features that you must know about. First, you can add subtitles by yourself or choose the default ones. Second, You can download the movie to view it offline. Third, you don’t have to register on the app and can stream as a guest. Fourth, the entire platform is ad-free. So, even when you’re paying nothing, you can still enjoy the streaming experience without any discrepancies.

Ad-free Experience

Unlike various free streaming apps and websites, Movie HD doesn’t shove pop-up ads and banners down your throat. There are no advertisements in the app which elevates the overall streaming experience. Though I’m hearing that the developers will add adverts in the near future, I’m sure that they’ll place ads keeping the user-experience in mind. I’ve watched a couple of movies on this platform and throughout the stream, there were no annoying advertisements which was a blessing.

Streaming Quality

The streaming quality of Movie HD is amazing. Whether you decide to watch a movie at 720p or 1080p, if you have a stable internet connection, you won’t face any issues. Moreover, you can also decide the resolution of the video which can help you watch the content as per your internet connection. One thing I’d like to point out is that you can’t fast-forward the content. If you do, it’ll result in an error and the stream won’t play and you’ll need to refresh the page.

Great Interface

Sure, Movie HD doesn’t possess an interface as sophisticated as Cyberflix but is more than functional. The well-designed menus coupled with clean content segmentation allows users to browse across the pages in a seamless fashion. There’s nothing flashy on any pages and you can make the most of the features such as ‘Add to Favorites’, ‘Download’, and ‘Share’ options. There’s also a section for 3D content if you want to watch available titles that way.

Movie HD App Information

At just 5.35 MB, Movie HD is perhaps one of the lightest streaming apps on the internet. It is packed with content that is updated regularly. With over 10 million downloads it is amongst the most downloaded content streaming apps on the internet. The only shortcoming is that you can’t stream on this app if you have an Android OS below Lollipop. But again, who even uses an Android phone below Marshmallow these days? Overall, I think you should be fine when it comes to downloading, installing and streaming content on this platform.

How to access Movie HD?

You should access Movie HD directly by visiting the website. Since the developers have taken the efforts to provide you the app by themselves, I guess that’s the safest way to download the app without risking your device. If you’re new to downloading APKs, then follow the points below:

– Download the APK – Go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown Sources and install the app – Download AMPlayer as it’s developed by Movie HD themselves. Without this video player, you won’t be able to stream content – Once done, you can run the HD app and start watching the content you want. As soon as you click on any title, the stream will play in the AMPlayer.


Design-wise Movie HD might not have the cutting edge when you compare it with today’s super interactive apps. However, it’s not extremely poor either. The black background with white text and green text highlight reminds me of Hotstar. The layout itself is quite simple, and it doesn’t have anything fancy on the homepage or the inner pages.

App Homepage

The App homepage starts with a title at the center of the top panel – Movie Update. Towards the left, you’ll find a drop-down menu with two options – Movie and TV Shows. Under Movies, you’ll find subcategories – ‘Update’, ‘Popular’, ‘New’, ‘Rating’, and ‘3D’. Under TV Shows, you’ll find subcategories – ‘Update’, ‘Popular’, ‘New’, and ‘Rating’. Under these options, you can see the user sign-in options.

Towards the right, you have a barcode scanner followed by the search bar. After reading several posts on forums, I found out that there used to be a Chromecast button in that area. However, it has been replaced in recent times.

Inner Pages

Click on any thumbnail on the homepage and you’ll be redirected towards the inner page. The content has enough spacing and the elements aren’t cluttering into one another. Other than the stream player itself, you’ll find various details such as ‘‘Runtime’, ‘Release year’, ‘Genre’, ‘Download’, ‘Add to Watch list’, and ‘Viewer Rating’.


You’ll find plenty of quality titles on this platform. There are the latest blockbusters as well as cult classics that you’d find on this app. Not just that, you can stream the content in HD quality. Some titles I found on the app were ‘Pork Pie’, ‘War Machine’, ‘Black Butterfly’, ‘Aftermath’, ‘Berlin’, ‘John Wick’, ‘Jumanji’, ‘Bonded by Blood’, and ‘John Wick’.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I downloaded the app from its official website and I streamed on this platform for an entire day. Based on my experience I would like to point out that though watching movies on this platform is fun, similar cannot be said about the TV shows. The TV shows lack credible links and there’s no real content depth when you compare it to other major players. Nonetheless, you’re not spending a dime, so it’s not fair to expect too much.

Suggestions I have for Movie HD

In recent times, Movie HD has been receiving a lot of heat and that is because people are facing issues with Chromecast and Local cast. I’d urge the developers to work that out. In addition to that, I feel there’s a serious need for updating the app layout and fixing the TV show streaming.


Things can’t get any better in terms of free video streaming apps. With conglomerates like Sky backing Movie HD, you can rest assured that major improvements are going to arrive soon. Though the app has lost its momentum recently, I’m sure that it’ll continue to rule the hearts of the existing user base and keep on adding more to its overall community. I recommend you try this app if you want to stream recent blockbusters for free.

Likes & Hates:
Decent Content Library
Multiple Genres
Ad-free experience
TV Show streaming is unstable
App design and layout can be improved