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With so many streaming services out there to choose from, it can be a difficult, timely, and costly process to try and figure out which one or ones will be right for you. There are just so many streaming platforms out there nowadays to choose from. And many of these various steaming sites all come with their own individual monthly price tags. For someone just breaking into the world of digital content streaming, it would probably be extremely daunting, navigating this ever-growing world.

Each streaming service, of course, comes with its own inherent strengths; each with its own weaknesses. Netflix, for instance, is wonderful for comedy specials and original films. We’ve all heard the jokes about how Netflix is on a mission to give every standup comic in the industry their own hour-long special. And, of course, the 2019 Netflix original film directed by Martin Scorsese, The Irishman was adored by critics and fans alike – many of whom called it an instant classic.

Then there is Hulu. Fans of this streaming service tend to gravitate towards it for the ways that it enables them to keep in touch with some of the comforts of traditional cable. Sure, Hulu also has original programming, but where they really shine, I think, is in their agreements with cable networks. 24 hours after a show airs, Hulu users can stream it without a cable provider. Hulu, too, excels in their live TV option (which, of course, costs extra).

And, lastly, Amazon Prime Video is a great source of critically acclaimed films and original TV dramas such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Plus, with Amazon, you can easily and conveniently add channels (through additional monthly fees) that enable you to access networks like HBO and Showtime right through your Amazon Prime Video library.

So, as you can see, each one excels at something … plus, there are countless others to choose from that I do not mention here. But each one also comes with its own monthly prices. And if you want to access content from more than just one, those monthly fees can add up rather quickly. We cannot all afford to pay $40 to $60 a month for streaming subscriptions.

Which is why it is a blessing that there are also plenty of free streaming sites out there as well. Not only are they perfect for the more indecisive of us who cannot come to a conclusion on which streaming services to subscribe to, they are also, by far, the most affordable option on the web. Which, of course, they are … they are free, after all. Some people may not feel 100% comfortable with this aspect of it, but if you don’t mind not paying for content (or you simply cannot afford to), they can be the best choice you can make.

Of course, though, not all free movies and streaming sites are created equal. It is true that far too many sites that claim to be free movie and TV streaming sites are little more than ad space. And free movies and TV streaming sites over the years have also developed a reputation for not being the safest sites on the internet (especially when they first came out), from a virus and privacy standpoint. Of course, I would never advocate for a free movie and TV streaming site that put you in any kind of danger … it still is generally a good idea, no matter where you plan to go on the web, to find yourself some good lines of defense.

A solid VPN, for instance, can protect your privacy. Pair that with a reputable antivirus program and an ad block addon and you will be good to go. Feel free to find reviews for these types of programs as well elsewhere on!

That being said, today we will be taking a look at a free movie and TV streaming site that is unlike any I have ever seen before it. is more than just the most fun domain name to type into a browser … it is also a novel way to stream movies and TV shows for free. Whereas the majority of free movie and TV streaming sites tend to offer an archive or library format that lets you browse featured titles, Ololo offers up a powerful free movie and TV streaming search engine.

Instead of hosting videos directly through Ololo servers, this site is something of a video aggregator, drawing from several free movie and TV streaming sites and bringing them all into one convenient and well-designed interface. For a worry-free and user-friendly movie streaming experience, few sites do it better than Ololo. But enough preamble, let’s dive right in and take a look, shall we?


According to Ololo itself, the first beta version of the site was launched on April Fool’s Day of 2018. So, Ololo is a relatively new site – and that shows, I think, in how modern it looks and feels. However, outside of that, the site seems much more well-established than most sites do after just under 2 years of being in operation.

And from then on, Ololo has been constantly improving on itself, adding new features and perfecting existing ones almost every month since its launch. This is one of those sites that refuse to accept mediocrity. And when it comes to site maintenance, perfectionism the best trait you could ask for.


I absolutely love the way that Ololo is designed. It is sparse, minimalist, and super easy to use without being boring to look at. In fact, it doesn’t look entirely unlike Google in the way that it presents itself. You’ll be greeted by a white background, lots of white space, with a colorful logo in the top left-hand corner of the page. Front-and-center is where you will find the search bar, allowing you to find just about any movie or TV show through keywords. Below the search bar, too, conveniently, you will be able to select from today’s search trends (in case you have run out of ideas and need some inspiration).

Once you do type something in – say, Breaking Bad S04E09, for instance – you will receive your search results, all of which appear as bubbles with thumbnail images for you to choose from, all of which come from different sources. Arguably the best part of the design, though, is the fact that when you click into one, you aren’t redirected to a new site … the videos from the sources are all embedded right there on Ololo, which helps ensure online safety – you never have to leave the site you already trust.

Once you type your keyword in and conduct your search, there are also a few filtering options that Ololo provides you with. Filter results by either clicking All or any number of the 10 hosts that Ololo provides content from. Also, tell the site whether you want it to contain strictly the words in your search or if it should contain the whole search query in its entirety. Also order results either by relevance, date, quality, or video size. Ololo puts you in control of your search to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for.


Because Ololo draws from numerous different free movie and streaming sources, the number of movies and shows that you can watch on this site is staggering. Searching for just about any movie or show will yield results. Even some more obscure stuff. Honestly, there may not be any more comprehensive free movie and TV streaming site on the web.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

Unfortunately, there is no app for Ololo at the moment. That is probably my biggest complaint. That being said, the site is perfectly optimized for mobile phone browsers. You will, whether on your phone or laptop, want to be using a decent ad blocker extension … because this site, as is the case with the most free movie and TV streaming sites, ad ridden. With an adblocker, though, you won’t be bothered by a single one (which is notable because some of these sites have ads that can forego ad blockers … luckily Ololo is not quite so obnoxious).

Suggestions that I have for Ololo

Well, in addition to the development of an app and the removal of ads, I would like to see Ololo do a little bit more for users that create an account. Doing so will not allow you to do too much besides tracking how many searches you have conducted – which, I don’t know why that would ever be useful information. It would be helpful, however, if Ololo lets you track your search history, view history, add shows or movies to a favorites list, etc. Some more user features would be more than welcome.

Likes & Hates:
Tons of movies and shows
Easy to use
Great design
No app
Lots of ads
Not enough user features