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Pluto TV

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Large corporations have realized the potential of global streaming platforms. Today, you’ll find streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video catering to audiences from all over the globe. The demand for premium streaming content has risen considerably and media conglomerates are looking to make the most of this opportunity. A particular platform that is right in the mix of the best streaming apps is Pluto TV by ViacomCBS. Pluto has been positioned as a free mobile TV-viewing app which allows users to watch content for free.

What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is an app that allows users to watch free live-stream of more than 100 channels along with an on-demand video. The owners have managed to keep the app free thanks to the pre-roll ads. As a user looking for free-content, you can certainly bear with ads if you want to watch premium channels such as MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central for free. With Pluto’s on-demand service, users can watch movies, TV Shows, and news from 100+ TV Channels.

You don’t have to submit your credit card details nor tie yourself down to contracts or monthly bills. Using the Android app, you can have a television-like experience right on your mobile screen. Not just that, you can actually use the app to cast content on your TV using various TV apps and Chromecast.

What should you expect from Pluto TV?

Pluto TV offers great compatibility and I’m sure you have at least one device that you can use to watch content on this app. While it can be streamed via a web browser, you can download and stream directly from the app on iOS and Android platforms. Not just that, Pluto has a dedicated local and international version of the app to meet the needs of the audience. Other than laptops and mobile phones, you can use Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, and PlayStation 4 to access the app. If you have Smart TVs from Samsung, Vizio, and Sony, you can stream on those devices as well.

On-Demand Content

This point is a blessing in disguise. Though Pluto TV isn’t short of on-demand content, the service isn’t available on every platform. For instance, among all the compatible devices mentioned above, PlayStation 4 lacks the on-demand content feature. So, if you have Fire TV, iOS, Roku, Android or Apple TV, you’re good to go but if it’s Sony’s gaming console, you don’t get access to the on-demand feature.

Refreshing Interface

Pluto TV app sports a clean user-interface. The dark theme follows the one you generally see in top streaming sites. Thanks to the intuitive design, accessing various genres such as news, sports, movies, comedy, and entertainment is seamless. With just one click, you can access any content you want. The video-on-demand has the same UI functions along with the traditional TV guide feature which allows you to stay on top of everything that’s airing on the platform.

Massive Content Library

Since Pluto TV is a collaboration between Viacom and CBS, you can be certain that there’s going to be a plethora of content on this platform. Some popular channels that you’ll find on the app include ‘The Addams Family’, ‘Fear Factor’, ‘Criss Angel Mindfreak’, ‘Hillsong Channel’, ‘MTV Bloc Party’, ‘American Gladiators’. Other than these networks, you’ll find ‘Awesomeness TV’, VH1’s various channels and Pluto TV Sci-Fi. Trust me we haven’t even scratched the surface with these names, there are plenty of other top channels as well.

Pluto TV App Information

The last update was rolled out just a couple of days ago on April 8, 2020. The service is quite a popular one with over 10 million installations. If you’re an Android user, you can stream on the app if you have the latest Android versions – preferably KitKat and above. Also, the size of the app varies based on the device you’re installing the app on.

How to access Pluto TV?

To access Pluto TV, all you need is to download the app on your device. It is available on Android mobile devices, Android TV as well as iOS devices. You can browse the platform and even stream content without signing up on the platform.


Pluto TV works on the feedback it receives from its millions of users. In March 2020, the app brought a complete overhaul which changed the entire interface. Earlier, users were required to hassle through the channels and find them manually. However, with the recent update, the entire process has been streamlined. Thus, playback and content discovery is much more seamless now. With an intuitive design, navigation across various categories such as sports, news, movies, comedy and entertainment is hassle-free. You no longer need to weed through 250+ channels and can save the clips, mark shows, and add content to your watch list.

Expanding to full-screen can be done within a single click. The toggle options allow you to check out other categories even when you’re streaming. The genre-based sorting function is a valuable addition. And finally, the channel guide gives the platform a contemporary look that was much-needed.


I like Pluto TV because it’s home to some of the greatest movies, cult-classics, and blockbusters such as ‘Shutter Island’, ‘Batman Begins’, Purple Rain’, ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’, ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Hellraiser’, ‘Overboard’, ‘Two Night Stand’, ‘Child’s Play’, and ‘Rango’. There are thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows along with 17 exclusive channels that you’d just find on the app.

So whether you’re in a mood to watch explosive action movies or send chills down your spine with horror titles, you can do it all. Excellent documentaries, romantic flicks, bold indie movies, comedy and classics – you name it and you’ll find them on this platform. You’ll find not just English but hundreds of Spanish titles as well.

There are more than 100+ top TV channels available on this app. With Pluto TV, you can stream on-demand movies, watch live channels and other content at no cost.


News: Since CBS is on board, you could’ve predicted the news bucket. Users can access news channels throughout the day. Sure, it doesn’t host the entire programming and you’ll just find key highlights, condensed clips capturing the key segments or commentary on a subject. The list of news channels on the app includes NBC News, CBSN, CNN, Bloomberg, Cheddar News, Court TV, WeatherNation, Newsmax TV, and Best of the Today Show.

Sports: First, I’d like to clarify that you aren’t going to find live sports streaming on this platform. Similar to News, you’ll find highlight and condensed clips from the actual events. Having said that, here are the channels that you’ll find on the app – ‘Fox Sports’, ‘NFL Channel’, ‘Red Bull TV’, and ‘Major League Soccer’.

Entertainment: A comprehensive content library can never be completed without entertainment channels. With Pluto TV, you get access to numerous channels from networks such as ‘Comedy Central’, ‘MTV’, ‘Nickelodeon’, ‘VH1’, ‘Spike TV’, ‘Entertainment Tonight’, ‘CMT’, and ‘BET’. Remember, that you aren’t going to get complete access to these channels, you’ll just get to watch clips and episodes here.

Desktop/Mobile experience

While I don’t have much to complain with respect to content, I’m quite disappointed with the ads. There are too many pre-roll ads that ruin the streaming experience. In fact, watching Pluto TV feels like you’re streaming on some traditional channel. For every 30-minute stream, you’ll need to watch 4 commercial breaks. Each break houses 5-7 ads of 20-30 seconds each. Sure, the commercials aren’t as repetitive as we saw on Crackle but it’s just too much.

Suggestions I have for Pluto TV

While I’m quite comfortable with no live TV access. I’d urge the developers to bring down the number of commercials in each slot. Pluto TV is an amazing platform but it is bombarded with ads which can result in people finding alternative streaming apps.


If you can deal with the ads and just want to watch highlights and stay-to-date with the latest content, you won’t regret streaming on Pluto TV. While the quality of the stream is good it is marred by advertisements. So, if you stream on the platform thinking you’re watching a usual TV channel, you won’t be disappointed.

Likes & Hates:
Respectable Content Library
Major TV Channels from CBS & Viacom
Decent streaming quality
Bombarded with ads
No Live TV channel access