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With the rise of radio streaming hosting service providers, there has been a significant amount of increase in the number of independent radio networks. Some of them just offer free or premium music to their audiences whereas others help them to not just hear music but even start their own radio station. Radioguide.FM is one such service that has a comprehensive platform built around providing quality radio services to listeners as well as the budding broadcasters.

What is Radioguide.FM?

Radioguide.FM is multi-faceted – it takes care of its general audience by providing them features such as quality streaming and hassle-free browsing. On the other hand, it encourages broadcasters to live their dream of starting their own radio station. Radioguide.FM has some of the most popular radio stations which have been selected by creators like you and me.

Why should listeners stream on Radioguide.FM?

Radioguide.FM offers more than 3000 radio stations from across the world. These stations are independent and created by hobbyists and professional artists. Apart from the original talent on the platform, you’ll also find some of the top radio stations such as Radio One and Classic. So, whether you want to hear quality Brazilian radio or a top station in China – you’ll get it. And not just that, you can also learn what it takes to make a quality station.

Content Diversification

Though there’s nothing out of the box when it comes to diversification, its simplicity is the platform’s biggest strength. Offering the audience to browse radio channels using genres and countries is great for helping them choose an ideal channel. Regardless of where you are from, all of us can relate to some or other genres and if not – we can just listen to something from our respective countries. Thus, I feel that the Genre/Country sort feature is of great help.

Decent streaming quality

Unlike Live365 which offers 128-bit rate quality, Radioguide.FM swings between 64 and 128. As far as streaming quality goes, you can enjoy up to 256kbps and in some cases HQ channels as well. The streaming quality though is not consistent and varies based upon the radio channels and your internet speed.

App support

If you like to stream radio stations from your mobile phone as opposed to a desktop, you can make use of the Radioguide.FM app. This app allows you to listen to everything that’s available on desktop right from your phone. User-intuitive features, amazing audio clarity, and well-designed panels maximize your browsing and listening experience. Radioguide.FM app is available on iOS as well as PlayStore.

Why should broadcasters visit Radioguide.FM?

For the first time, I’ve tried dissecting the review into two parts – listeners and broadcasters. And that’s because this radio streaming service calls for it. I like it so much that I want to emphasize the role that this website can play in helping you kickstart your broadcasting career. If you have a radio station and you are ready to put in a lot of work, Radioguide.FM has the elements and the infrastructure to make you successful.

Answers those buzzing questions

The primary reason why broadcasters need to check Radioguide.FM is because it has answers for all their broadcasting related questions. What does it take to start a radio station? Will I be able to attract 100 concurrent listeners? How will I grow my audience? Can I make money through my radio station? These are just some of the many questions which keep circling around a broadcaster’s head and Radioguide.FM has answers for all of them.

Radio Station growth strategies

In their insightful blogs, Radioguide.FM shares invaluable knowledge concerning a radio station’s growth. It provides different key points and parameters crucial for taking your station from 0 to 1000 within a set period. Some of the key points that I learned were – Understand your target audience, love your work before expecting people to love it and be confident in what you’re offering to the listeners. Apart from the psychological backing, it has a dedicated section that focuses on channel promotion – making use of those points will allow you to turn your channel’s fortune.

Easy guide to starting your own station

Though we’ll be discussing each and every element on the website, right of the bat I want to admit that I loved the blog section on this website. I mean I’ve seen and reviewed a lot of broadcasting focused radio streaming services, however, none as effective as Radioguide.FM in terms of the knowledge base. They make the process of setting up a successful radio station clear and transparent through their helpful guides – if you want to broadcast, you should totally check that section out.


Radioguide.FM’s website is clean and crisp. There’s not too much happening on the website and thus each section breathes easy. With the violet/white color combination and orange accents, Radioguide.FM has a website that looks decent and has a distinctive feel about itself.


What I appreciate the most is the designer’s effort to segregate the login and signup panel. Even if you’re a new user and have never visited a streaming website, the sign-up option won’t confuse you in any way. After the initial header, it’s the transparent white sub-header that attracts your attention. It has six options on the left – Home, Genres, Countries, Blog, Search, Add Station and a search bar on the right.

Hero Section

The hero section on Radioguide.FM has several important elements. First is the immersive banner on the homepage with the title ‘Your Internet Radio Starts Here’ and sure it does as it is followed by a search bar on the left and a suggested radio station on the right. I like how both these options have contrasting colors.


The body section on Radioguide.FM has a couple of important sections. First, you get a section with information regarding ‘Starting your station’, ‘Genres availability’ and ‘Ease of Usage’. As you scroll down, you’ll get the option to browse channels by either country or genre. It’s beautiful how even a basic option such as this has been displayed in a slider format to make it visually appealing and engaging. Lastly, you’ll find the ‘Add Station Now’ section of the body. If you’re a broadcaster, you’d want to check out this section but before this, make sure you check the blogs.


Radioguide.FM has a clean footer design with social media icons on the top and on the right. As for the content in the footer, you get nine options – Home, About Us, FAQ, Privacy and Policy, Return Policy, Broken Link, Online Radio, Sitemap, and Contact.

Inner Pages

Another website with a user-intuitive homepage but a careless inner page. It’s necessarily not bad designing but just the layout which leaves a lot of whitespace on the website.

Nonetheless, on every inner page, you’ll be able to filter channels based on Genre, Country, and Rating. In the middle, you’ll have a search bar under which you have 25 entries per page. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, you can use the scroller to find something.


Radioguide.FM offers 3000+ channels and caters to the audience from around the world. It provides listeners with a diverse range of genres such as Rock, Pop, Hits, Top 40, Dance, Talk, News, Oldies, House and Alternative. Some of the popular radio stations include ‘Fresh FM’, ’97.1 AMP Radio’, ‘New York 92.3 Now’. You can even rate a radio station and learn about the top-rated station by using the filter option.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I’m pleased with what I saw on the mobile website. Though I didn’t like the mobile app as much, browsing around the mobile-friendly website was fun. As for stream, I didn’t face any issues with it on the desktop, the audio played without any hiccup. However, when I tried it in the app, it kept crashing from time to time.

Plans & Pricing

Radioguide.FM is free to use the platform for both listeners and broadcasters. If the broadcasters want to promote their station, then they’ll need to shell some money, or else, it’s free.

Suggestions I have for Radioguide.FM

Radioguide.FM really needs to work on its app. Most of the major players are focusing on building mesmerizing apps that eliminate the need for users to visit the website. I’d urge Radioguide.FM to keep this point in mind and work towards developing a user-friendly app that doesn’t crash and provides a wholesome streaming experience.


As a listener, there are dozens of radio streaming channels that are better than this one. However, as a broadcaster, you should totally learn as much as you can from this platform because it has some valuable insights.

Likes & Hates:
Quality website design
Rich information for broadcasters
Impressive content library
Poor app design with loads of bugs
Fluctuating streaming quality