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There is no shortage whatsoever when it comes to the options that we have available to us for streaming movies and TV shows. It is truly a beautiful time to be alive for us film buffs and sitcom addicts. In fact, the only burden that comes into play lies in how many different options out there we have to choose from when it comes to deciding on which streaming site, app, or service is the right one.

There are, first of all, the usual suspects; the big-name streaming services that we all know and love. I’m talking, of course, about Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO (Go, Now, Max), Disney Plus, etc. And I have a feeling that in the years to come, the list is only going to keep getting longer. How are we to choose just one? Well, the good news is that you do not have to choose just one … you can subscribe to any combination of these monthly memberships as you see fit. The bad news, on the other hand, is that we cannot all afford to subscribe to multiple streaming services … heck, it can be hard to scrounge up the extra dough to subscribe to one of these, let alone several!

If that is the position that you find yourself in, have no fear. Even if you can afford several streaming services, why spend extra money if it is not necessary. I have some more good news for all of you … there are, indeed, many sites out there that provide all of the shows and movies that the popular services offer, plus plenty that they do not. It is totally possible, in other words, to stream any show or movie that comes to mind without ever paying a single dime to do so. God, I love the internet.

A lot of these free movie and TV streaming sites, though, can be extremely hit or miss. Far too many of them do not even follow through with what they promise to do: allow you to stream movies and episodes of TV shows for free. A good deal of them, actually, exist as little more than ad space, bringing you to a new link every time that you click on anything on the site. Or, worse, some of these so-called “free TV and movie streaming site” can be straight up scams, riddled in viruses, trackers, and a range of other malicious digital attacks.

So, before we proceed, although the site that we will be taking a look at today, iSubs Movies, seems to be legit and safe, it is generally a solid idea to protect yourself against potential attacks. Even if you are not searching for the perfect free movie streaming site, you are never truly safe online. At least not without a Virtual Private Network that scrambles your IP and makes you anonymous and undetectable online. You would also probably be wise to download a good ad block add-on for your web browser and, of course, a dependable antivirus software. If you are in need of some new lines of defenses for your computer or mobile device, feel free to browse around the rest of to find exactly what you need to surf the web without worries!

One thing that is all too commonly missing from these free movie and TV streaming sites, however – even though they may be extremely convenient, high-quality, and ripe with content – is reliable closed captioning subtitles. And if you are anything like me, you like being able to have subtitles running along with the audio when you watch anything.

Subtitles just make things so much easier. Sometimes your ear doesn’t quite catch exactly what someone said. In that case, have no worries, the subtitles will immediately clarify what was said. Plus, as an added bonus, read along with the subtitles as you watch your favorite movie or show and suddenly you are also getting your reading done for the day!

If you are hard at hearing, of course, subtitles are a necessity. And there are not nearly enough free movie and TV streaming sources out there that cater to this demographic. Just because you cannot hear well does not mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy free movie streaming as well. If this situation speaks to you, well, I have the perfect free streaming site in-store today. Allow me to introduce you to iSubs Movies.


Somehow the design of iSubs Movies is both modern and sleek looking and dated at the same time. There is a definite split that I notice between the look of the site menu bar and logo part of the site and the actual content that is displayed on the pages below it. I think that the split, for me, exists in how lo-fi and, frankly, cheap the logo of the site looks. And I’m probably just being picky, but, hey, that is my job after all. Firstly, the logo does not make it clear what the name of the site is. I call it iSubs Movies because that is the domain, But the logo at the top of the page reads, instead, simply “Watch Movies Online with Subtitles.” This, of course, is not the biggest problem in the world, but it just strikes me as slightly unprofessional.

The rest of the site, though, looks and feels modern and intuitive. iSubs Movies is one of the easiest and most streamlined free movies and TV streaming sits that I have ever seen. A lot of sites like this bring you all over the place online in order to watch their content. iSubs Movies, however, embeds every video directly on the site. Simply click on a title and press play to enjoy. They couldn’t make it any easier. I also like how hovering your cursor over a given title provides an interactive experience – the title overlays the cover, it becomes highlighted in yellow, and the release year and site user rating (out of 10 stars) pops up in the corner of the thumbnail. This may also seem like a little thing, but it is certainly a very nice touch.


iSubs Movies has a very impressive catalog of subtitled movies and TV shows. You can, if you wish, browse titles alphabetically, by type (movies, TV), recent uploads, features, release date, or genre (action, thriller, horror, comedy, drama, crime). There is no issue with scarcity on iSubs Movies. You would be very hard-pressed to run out of content to watch on iSubs Movies.

One thing that I love about this free streaming site is the fact that it is regularly updated. Keep up with the latest episodes of your favorite shows, as well as the hottest brand-new movies. The quality of the videos, too, is remarkable. Enjoy crystal clear video streams with high buffering speeds and, of course, subtitles.

It is also worth noting that iSubs Movies doesn’t simply throw up generic subtitles on their videos. There are customizable subtitles settings for you to tweak to your liking as well. Change font, font color, background color, size, and location of subtitles to an extent that you cannot even achieve on many of the mainstream streaming services.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

Although it is a bit disappointing that there is no app for iSubs Movies – it is, of course, always disappointing when a site you love does not have an app to go with it – but, that being said, the mobile version of the site is actually pretty great. This is not always the case for free streaming sites like this one. In fact, more often than not, sites like these are not ideally optimized for mobile browsing. Therefore, it is refreshing for me to report that, yes, the mobile experience of iSubs Movies is just as good as the desktop one.

Suggestions that I have for iSubs Movies

As I just touched upon, I would love to see iSubs Movies create an app. That would make thing so much easier for those of us that enjoy watching movies and shows on our phones and tablets. I would also like to see iSubs offer a few more community features. In addition to the rating, for instance, it wouldn’t hurt to open up a comments section on the videos. Really instill a sense of community to the site.

Likes & Hates:
Great selection of subtitled movies and shows
Regularly updated
No video ads
Great subtitles/customization
Not many community features
No app!