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Never before have we had so many options available to us when it comes to watching high-quality TV and movies. It seems like nearly every other week there is a brand-new premium streaming site being launched. Doesn’t feel like just yesterday that all we had to worry about was Netflix and Hulu?

Today, the number of premium streaming services available to us has increased exponentially. It’s not just Netflix and Hulu anymore – now you can add Apple TV, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock into the mix as well. And you are naïve if you think that it’s going to stop there. By the end of the decade, I am willing to bet that just about every major network and film studio try to introduce their own premium streaming service.

Cutting the cord used to be a matter of convenience and affordability. It used to be simply the logical thing to do when your traditional cable bill began to feel a little ridiculous. Why would you pay nearly 100 bucks every month for live cable that you rarely watch when you could pay $10 a month for a Netflix subscription and be able to watch hundreds upon hundreds of quality shows and movies on-demand?

Now, though, with every media company trying to get their greedy little fingers on the potential money that there is to be made in the streaming industry (and believe you me, there is a ton of it to be made), it can all feel like a bit too much. Not only do we have to pay damn near what our cable bill used to be (at least if we want to have access to all of our favorite shows and movies), but there are just so many out there that it can be a daunting task to try and figure out which TV streaming sites are going to be best for us.

This is why I am always very excited when I find a new free streaming site, especially one that is of premium quality. The greater number of free TV and movie streaming sites that you can have bookmarked and at the ready, the more content that you will be able to stream without having to break the bank.

Of course, it is somewhat rare that you come across a free TV streaming site that is really worth your time and energy. So many of them tend to be subpar. 9 out of 10 free TV streaming sites that I come across on the internet are either inundated with popup ads to the point where the site is not even enjoyable to use, or, in some extreme cases, can’t be used at all. Plus, there is always the issue of free TV streaming sites being a little too sketchy for my liking. Maybe you have seen the kind of free streaming site that I am talking about – you know, the kind of site that you feel almost certain will give you a virus of some sort if you spend too much time clicking around on it?

On the other end of the spectrum, though, there are free TV and movie streaming sites like VTM Go. In fact, there is something that feels wrong about merely referring to VTM Go as a “free streaming site.” That somehow undercuts the quality and breadth of content and services offered by VTM Go (probably precisely because of the connotation surrounding free TV streaming sites that I just alluded to). Nevertheless, VTM Go is arguably one of the best free streaming sites in the world, and I would say that it is probably the best free Belgian streaming site, for sure (in my own humble opinion).

If you live in Belgium, I imagine that it would probably be quite impossible for you to have never heard of VTM before. It is, after all, one of the most popular television networks in the country and it is responsible for providing hundreds of high-quality programs, both Flemish and international. Oh, and there are 4 different VTM channels, making it pretty hard to avoid on any cable box.

In this day and age, though, more and more people are cutting the cord from the cable box, opting to stream their favorite TV shows and movies on-demand – which is why VTM has consolidated all of their programmings (from all 4 of their channels) and put it up on the web under the very convenient streaming service, VTM Go.

One thing that I think is great about VTM Go is that, sure, you can stream TV shows and movies whenever and wherever you feel like it. But, even better than that, you can also tune into live broadcasts with VTM Go. It is not everyday that you find a free TV streaming site that lets you do both; VTM Go, however, is clearly not your everyday streaming service. This is why it definitely deserves its spot on my list of the best free TV streaming sites of all time!

But just because I love VTM Go, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will too. The only way to know for sure if this is the best free streaming site and app for you is to take a closer look at the site (and app), as well as everything it has to offer. So, without further ado, I bring you an in-depth and rare behind the curtains look at VTM Go…


VTM Go provides a fairly common (yet very effective) streaming site design. Anyone who has used Netflix, Hulu, or the like before will immediately know how to navigate this free streaming site like a pro. My grandfather always used to say, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ That is exactly how I feel about the standard layout of a streaming site. VTM Go apparently agrees with me and my grandfather because, although their site design is not novel or groundbreaking in any way, it is intuitive, user-friendly, and effective.

There is one way in which VTM Go’s layout differs from that of the big premium streaming sites. The central layout is almost identical, sure, you have a sort of grid of categories and genres, with a side-scrolling menu of titles therein. The difference, however, comes to light when you see how slender each of these sections is on VTM Go versus, say, Netflix. I think that this actually makes VTM Go appear as if it has a ton of content (which it does); it also lends the site a bit of a sleeker, more modern look.

I cannot stress to you enough how rare it is to find a free TV streaming site that looks and functions as well as VTM Go. This site, so far, is a total gem.

Content and Features

VTM Go offers all of the standard features that you would find in a typical streaming subscription. You can add series, episodes, and movies to your own personalized lists, you can receive movie and show recommendations based on what you tend to watch, and so on. There is nothing particularly outside the box or groundbreaking in terms of this site’s features … but it does everything you will need it to.

As far as content is concerned, this may be one of the largest free TV streaming sites that I have ever seen, Belgian or otherwise. There are tons of free TV series and free movies available here. You will find a good mix, too, of Flemish and international productions. In addition to all of your favorite Flemish movies and TV shows, you will also be able to enjoy popular shows and movies from the UK, US, Canada, and elsewhere. I do not think that the content selection will disappoint in the slightest.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

In addition to offering an excellent desktop experience, VTM Go has an equally great mobile app. Available on both iOS and Android devices, never again do you have to be without your favorite series and movies. The interface of the app is smooth, responsive, and every bit as sleek as the site itself. This is, hands down, one of my favorite free TV streaming apps on the market.

Likes & Hates:
Great site and app design
Mobile friendly
Plenty of great content
Good blend of Flemish and international content
Only available in Belgium
Needs cable provider