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4/5 User rating
Thank you for voting, we value your feedback!, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated streaming platforms out there. It has plenty of amazing features capable of keeping users glued to the website. And today, I’ll be discussing some of them with you.

What is is a free streaming platform where users get to watch their favorite movies and TV shows for absolutely free. The quality streaming service, coupled with a clean interface and chic content arrangement, really makes you want to bookmark this website. The only thing it lacks is the modern-day spark in terms of design. But again, that doesn’t take anything away from the smooth interface. As users browsing on this website, all of us can appreciate the features and functionalities on this platform.

Why should you stream on

Ymovies has a massive content library featuring thousands of movies and TV shows. These aren’t just thumbnails and proxy banners but rather links to the actual content. The content library is over thousands and if you don’t feel like browsing, you can stream anything from the curated Top 250 category in the header section. Not only is the content library huge, but their personalized approach makes everything so much better.

Clean Interface

Form over function can be a terrible decision when it comes to streaming websites with excellent content depth. Thus, I support Ymovies function over form approach. The graphics aren’t something out of the world, but the interface makes up for the shortfall. The menus, navigation buttons, and login-panel just add depth to the beautiful thumbnails and browsing functions.

Quality streaming

Every streaming service should be capable of helping its users to enjoy a lag-free experience. With Ymovies, you definitely get that experience. The streaming player is super smooth with all the toggle options – allowing you to assert control on the stream. Apart from the initial load time, the entire experience was smooth as butter without any hiccup. The absence of annoying pop-ups and ads just made the entire session sweeter.

Great content arrangement

While the content arrangement is an integral part of the UI/UX, I just like to mention it separately because it deserves its plaudits. Labeling it under UI/UX and not giving it recognition doesn’t seem fair because the entire aesthetics of a streaming website depends upon how well the developer has arranged the content. On this particular website, the content arrangement is everything that keeps the website together. Though the design looks old, the gray backdrop with shadows helps the thumbnails to stand out.

Minimal ad experience

Ymovies isn’t the perfect platform because it does have misclicks and redirection problems. This has to be one of my few problems with this portal. Apart from that, I like how there are no intrusive pop-up ads or banner ads suggesting that ‘a girl’s waiting for you within a 2KM distance.’

How to access

You can access in two simple ways. 1. Search for the term ‘’ and you’ll likely find the website on the first page of your search results. 2. Use the link on the left to access the website directly. Before you access the streaming site in any way, just make sure to use a VPN to protect you from hackers.


It’s cool to see developers revamping their free platform from time to time. I couldn’t find any noteworthy banner ads, and thus I’m assuming that this platform works on redirects. The reason why I’m mentioning that is that the lack of ads creates seamless browsing and streaming experience. The white and blue colors might not be the unique combination; however, with the old school gradient and transparency, this website manages to stand out from its competitors.

Landing Page

Upon entering the URL and pressing enter, you’ll be directed towards a clean landing page. It has a logo at the top. Social-sharing buttons of popular platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, WhatsApp, and Reddit. Under these, you’ll find a search bar accompanied by ‘All Genres’ and ‘Year’ sorting option. If you want to access the main homepage, you can click on the button below. If you directly want to head towards various categories, you can choose from the keywords below button.


The header section on the website appears when you click on the ‘Access the homepage’ option. There are six main elements in the header section. These include categories such as ‘Movies,’ ‘Genres,’ ‘Years,’ ‘Countries,’ and a drop-down menu for the Login Panel along with a search bar. The header section has a dark background with a black and gray gradient.

Hero Section

The hero section starts off with the main title. At the time of writing this review, ‘Murder RX’ was the trending movie title, and thus, there was a streaming clip thumbnail towards the left and title on the right. Under the title, there were genres and a short summary of the title. That’s not all; under the synopsis, you get information about Director(s) and cast as well. Apart from this key part, there are well-defined sections such as ‘Yify TV | New Releases’ and ‘Watch Movies Online: Featured.’ Towards the right, there’s ‘Most Popular this week’ section where you watch the trending titles.


The body section is quite similar to the hero section except with the click-based slider options and a sidebar towards the right. You’ll find several sections such as ‘Watch Movies Online: Most Popular’ and ‘Watch Movies Online: Action Movies.’ Towards the right, you’ll find trending titles such as Bad Boys for Life, Gretel & Hansel, Trolls World Tour, My Spy, Bloodshot, and 365 Days among many others.


The footer section just has three options – Contact, Broken Links, and Terms. At Least something is better than nothing. Sure, you can’t do much with these navigation options, but at least you can reach out to someone using the contact link.

Inner Pages

I love the simplicity of the inner pages. There’s ‘title’ followed by crucial information such as ‘Runtime,’ ‘Release,’ ‘Country,’ ‘Genre,’ and ‘Synopsis.’ Under the information, there are social buttons of various platforms, which finally leads to the stream player. Under the stream, there are third-party ads, but that doesn’t have a negative effect on streaming.


Ymovies has an extensive library filled with thousands of movies and tv shows. You can choose from a wide range of genres such as ‘Action,’ ‘Animation,’ ‘Thriller,’ ‘Fiction,’ ‘Comedy,’ ‘Documentary,’ ‘Horror,’ ‘Family,’ ‘Romance,’ ‘Mystery,’ and ‘Drama.’ Using these genres, you can find any content that you want basing upon its theme.

If you want to stream the latest movies, you’re likely to find many prominent titles on the homepage itself. If you browse around the platform, you’ll find titles such as Trolls World Tour, My Spy, Underwater, Jumanji: The Next Level, Bloodshot, Just Mercy, Frozen II, 1917, Onward, Avengers: Endgame, Invisible Man, Joker, Murder RX, The Windwalker, Doctor Death, The Wishmas Tree, Dead by Dawn, Burden of Dreams, and Ordinary Love.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed Ymovies on my Asus Vivobook 15, and I loved streaming ‘Jumanji: The Next Level.’ While the movie itself is just a one or two-time watch, I’m pretty sure you’ll cling to the streaming service for a long time. There was a small buffer before every streaming session, but that’s quite usual. Overall, the streaming quality was great. The audio quality was pristine, and there were little to no discrepancies throughout the runtime.

Suggestions I have for

I appreciate Ymovies and the developer’s efforts on this platform. Everything just feels great on this website except for the design. I’d suggest the owners of the website rebrand the platform and get rid of the redirected banners as they are solely responsible for viewers bouncing off within a few seconds.


Ymovies is a cool platform if you want to stream any blockbuster movie or tv show. It has a wide range of collections and various features to help you find your desired content in no time. Having said that, the platform is far from perfect, and in time to come, I hope that it gets better and gains all the mainstream recognition that it deserves.

Likes & Hates:
Extensive Content Library
Wide range of genres
Quality Streaming
Amazing Interface
Design can be improved
Frequent redirections
Third-party ad banners