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Live Online Radio

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The Internet is filled with music streaming sites, and that includes quality internet radio service. Gone are the boombox days with trending streaming apps taking over the music world. Remember the days, where you’d sit back, relax and hear those classic songs on your player? Yes, those are nearly extinct as you now get everything on your mobile phone or desktop. Today, most of the radio services are either integrated into streaming apps or available through digital platforms.

Though against the contemporary belief, radio streaming is still hot. Most people don’t have a specific taste in mind. Thus, they rely on radio stations to provide them with the best tunes. Live Online Radio is one such platform where millions of visitors tune in to hear something that resonates with their tastes.

Not only can they listen to music but they can even curate their own playlist to share it with their families. Interacting with radio stations and becoming part of it through a call is something that will never go out of trend. People want to be heard, they want to feel like they belong, and that’s the reason most listeners tune into Live Online Radio.

What is Live Online Radio?

Live Online Radio is basically a directory of music streaming stations, similar to Streema. On this website, you can find many genres available through music stations from across the web. Looking for music that meets your taste? Look no further than this platform as with its massive radio station catalog, you will find the right channel for your current mood. Just browse through the website, choose the channel based upon the vibe you want and start relaxing.

What’s amazing is that Live Online Radio doesn’t breach any rights of the content owners. It provides links to all the external sites which open up in a new window so your current page doesn’t get closed. Apart from the curation, I also love the fact that this platform provides opportunities to creators wanting to submit new radio stations to their directory.

Why should you stream on Live Online Radio?

Despite the rise of music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, the radio broadcast continues to hold its own. There are a great number of followers who turn to a radio broadcast format because the new-age streaming apps don’t carry the same vibe. Major online radio services such as Live Online Radio helps the listeners to listen to carefully curated singles from producers, and radio DJs. From old school rap to K-Pop, you’ll find anything and everything on Live Online Radio.

Local Stations

If mainstream radio stations aren’t something, you’re a big fan of then local stations might satiate your desires. There are hundreds if not thousands of local radio stations including the likes of Kozi 1230 AM, Hope and Love Radio, Patriot Radio 24/7, Radio Doble G Universal, Local Vybz Radio and Romeos Hot Spot to name a few.

Content Diversification

One of the primary reasons I love this website is because of its simplicity. Not only is it aesthetically on point but it is extremely user-friendly. Content bifurcation has been implemented really well, and it comes as a handy feature allowing a listener to choose stations based upon his/her location.

In-depth Directory

There’s absolutely no dearth of radio channels on this network. You’ll get more than hundreds of top radio channels from each part of the world. For instance, if you sort ‘India’ and want to listen to the radio channels over there, you’ll get over 100 radio stations that are offering live content. And thus, you can imagine the number of stations you’ll get in the US, UK and other parts of the world.

Global trending stations

Hands down, my favorite part on the website. When you enter the trending page, there’s a small menu with global trending stations. This is the menu I used to listen to the top radio stations from across the world. Some well-known stations under this category are Zenith FM 102.5, Sinar FM, Era FM, Suria FM, Q 95 FM, Caraibes FM, Radio Mergimi and Radio Tele Zenith.

Submit your own station

I love how Live Online Radio allows you to submit your own radio station to the network. It has a dedicated page for entry submission. You can visit this page, fill the details–Your Name, Station Name, Email, Stream URL, Banner URL, Website URL, Country, Language, and Message. If you would like to add your own station on Live Online Radio’s directory, you can do so through a dedicated page.

How to access Live Online Radio?

Live Online Radio can be accessed in two ways. You can either type the keyword ‘Live Online Radio’ on google and find it on the first page. If you prefer a direct link, click here. If you’re using the keyword method, make sure you find – because there will be few other options before this actual site.


Though Live Online Radio is not as magnificent as TOPradio, it is still amazing. The design is straight-forward and it truly emphasizes the functionality aspect. I like the white, black and colorful accents throughout the website. Though black and white are the primary combinations, the banners have their own logos which make the website quite colorful.


When you land on the website, you’ll find a black header with white text and a search bar with a green icon on the right. Live Online Radio’s header section has five main menus – Local, Countries, Recent, Trending and Submit. Each of these menus has a dedicated page the content is diversified. For instance, if you choose to browse through countries, you’ll get several options upon visiting the new page. First, there’ll be popular countries which have 12 countries followed by a general list of countries with dedicated radio stations from around the world.

Hero Section

The homepage banner is divided into two sections and it comprises six sliders. On the left, you have the top radio stations in the world, with a short description and a CTA button which says ‘Listen Now’. On the right, you’ll find top radio stations which include WMAL 105.9 FM, LA MEGA 97.9 FM, Radyo Panou, Shekinah Radio, KFI AM 640 and Gumbo 94.3 FM. That’s it for the hero section – simple yet effective.


The body section on this website allows you to choose radio stations based upon the region – Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. As you scroll further, you’ll find popular radio networks on the left and a GDN banner on the right. (It’s placed well and thus; it doesn’t affect the user-experience). As you scroll further you get six popular stations – Sinar FM, Era FM, Suria FM, Thr Gegar, Caraibes FM and Zenith FM 102.5.

If you’re still not sure what you want to listen to, you can scroll further and find the discover section. The discover section helps you choose music for every mood, occasion or genre. Here, you’ll find creative ways in which you can find the music which meets your needs.

Inner pages

If you happen to click on any Radio Station, you’ll probably be taken to a new page. This new page has the name of the radio channel followed by Facebook and Twitter Icon. Under that, you’ll get four main options – Info, Comment, Stations and Report. If you click on info, you’ll get a short synopsis along with other details such as the country and genres of that particular radio channel.


You’ll find content from all around the world on this network. The best radio networks from the US, the UK, India, Haiti, Australia, Jamaica to name a few. You can find almost any genre on this network using the sort section. If you’re not sure about the music, you can even read blogs by scrolling to the footer and clicking on the blog section. That will keep you up-to-date with the trending news surrounding the network.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I loved streaming on Live Online Radio. I used my Dell laptop to stream on the website and except for a few ad discrepancies there were no hassles. I was able to find the channels I was looking for and I even tried the discover section which to my experience was amazing. I can’t believe I was listening to reggae classics on a website that I formerly knew nothing about. Overall, the streaming experience was smooth and there wasn’t anything problematic with the streamlining quality.

Plans & Pricing

Live Online Radio is free to stream.

Suggestions I have for Live Online Radio

Though I don’t have any complaints in general, I don’t like the amount of time I see those skyscrapers ads on every page I visit. On TuneIn Radio, we saw that advertisement can be displayed in creative ways and thus I’d like the developers to take a page from TuneIn Radio’s book regarding the advertisements.


If you want to stream popular radio channels from around the world, Live Online Radio is truly a platform that you shouldn’t miss out on. Sure, there are plenty of options in this niche, but Live Online Radio does a great job of providing a comprehensive directory to its users.

Likes & Hates:
Free streaming services
Vast directory
Great audio quality
Old school website layout
Ads can sometimes ruin the browsing experience