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Slashfilm is an entertainment website that has been around since the early 2000s. The topics of the website span greatly, but the focus is on geeky movie news. Peter Sciretted is the founder of Slashfilm launching it in 2005. The website grew rapidly thanks to the blogging staff.

Originally, Slashfilm posted a lot of celebrity news. They quickly learned the nerd culture demand was much greater and ultimately went that route instead. The website offered unique personal opinions about new movies and pop culture.

In January 2007, Slashfilm received a makeover. The data provided by Slashfilm’s About Us section suggests that their viewership skyrocketed and they had to make changes to servers. The object of the redesign was to make the website more accessible.

Website Design

Although Slashfilm got a major redesign in 2007, it looks like it is due for another soon. The formatting for the desktop view is not ideal. There are a few issues with design continuity. I am unsure if the theme is meant to look this way, but more often than not sections and boxes look like they are being cut off.

There are so many ads clustered on this page it is difficult to navigate. Advertisements are necessary for websites to profit, however, placement is everything. There are ways to place ads on websites without distracting from the content. Unfortunately, Slashfilm does not deliver the advertisements in a visually appealing manner. They are very in your face and bothersome.

The website is meticulously organized. The primary menu is the main focus. The header draws attention to it. Readers can find it easily. When you hover on the primary menu categories it reveals subcategories to choose from underneath of it. The search bar is easy to find. However, it is a search bar that brings up google search results instead of website archive results. It has to be difficult to keep viewers on the webpage when the search bar is leading them away. I am yet to find a way to access previous archives.


One of the stronger suits of Slashfilms is the variety and quantity of its content. There is so much to read, watch, and listen to on the site. Content ranges from movie reviews, trailers, to interviews.

A great mechanic the website has utilized in subcategories. There are so many articles to sift through subcategories that make it much easier. Further, the articles also have related links to it and make reading similar content simple. Tags are another great resource and the website uses them liberally. Since the search bar does not perform well, the tags provide an alternative search tool. By clicking on a tag the website takes you to a list with all titles related to the specific tag.

The news portion of the website takes up a large chunk. Slashfilm reports on new releases, castings, and buzz-worthy happenings in the movie world. An eye-catching title from this section is “The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix In 2020.” The article gives a rundown on some fun titles that will be appearing this year. Among the shows are works like Horsegirl, Jerry McGuire, Love Is Blind, and many more.

The cool stuff category is another nice feature of the website. In this section, readers are able to find neat products like Funko Pops, exclusive art prints, and other unique items. My favorite find from this corner of Slashfilm is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – Netflix and Chill’d. The sweet treat is sponsored by Netflix. The flavor is peanut butter ice cream with sweet and salty pretzels and fudge brownies.

A subcategory of the News section, early buzz contains interesting content. It is comprised of early reviews for newly-released titles. Frozen 2, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and Doctor Sleep are a few titles that early buzz covered.

Reviews on Slashfilm are unbiased and come from real writers. The reviews are brutally honest. Although I may not agree with some of the reviews, they are very well written and make valid points. The writers pay close attention to detail in their chosen films and their opinions are clear.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop browser for Slashfilm is somewhat problematic. There are a few issues I would love to see fixed. A redesign for this website would be amazing. There is so much amazing quality content on there, but the design is just not welcoming. There are also a few tools that do not work properly. More specifically, the search bar searches google instead of the website archives.

The mobile browser is okay. It is formatted slightly differently than the website. It is more readable than I expected it to be. The text size is pretty good. The header looks better in the mobile form. There is also a side menu that is well-utilized. The primary menu and the sidebar menu share the same contents, but it is more difficult to slide through the main one. Creating the sidebar also allows users to access the menu while in the middle of scrolling. The mobile version uses an endless scroll that I personally dislike, but again most contents are able to be accessed via the side menu. Unfortunately, there is no mobile app for the website.


There are quite a few positive aspects of the Slashfilm website. It is one of the larger geek-centric entertainment websites. The website staff even has access to press passes for large events like the annual Sundance Festival.

One of my absolute favorite features of Slashfilm is the name and logo. At first, when I heard the website name I thought of horror genre entertainment. However, upon doing further research and discovering more about the website I understood the platform more. The logo is the text film with a / in front of it. The / resembles a film strip and is a very clever and unique name.

I have a few complaints about the website design, but sometimes Slashfilm gets it right. The use of sidebars is great. It helps break up walls of text and keep viewers’ eyes from being bored of the same layouts. The menu categories and subcategories are other good examples that work in favor of the website. The organization on Slashfilm is very meticulous.

There is so much content on Slashfilm. Interviews, trailers, movie reviews, photo galleries, and interesting products are among some of the interesting articles available to read. The content is written well and the related posts are wonderful. The writers do an amazing job of posting unbiased and honest reviews. My favorite category is the Cool Stuff section. Their readers can find exclusive Funko Pops, Legos, unique collectibles, and more.


Although there are a lot of amazing things about Slashfilm, there are also some negative features of the website. One of the most pressing issues is the overall website design. It feels messy and dated. The website claims to have performed a large update in 2007 to improve accessibility. I would love to see them perform another design overhaul to the website to improve functionality. The color scheme and overall theme just feel wonky for a website of its caliber.

There are so many advertisements on Slashfilm. Usually, this is not a huge issue for readers and it is a great way for our favorite websites to earn some extra cash. However, in the case of Slashfilm, the placement of the ads are problematic. Most of them are hidden in the sidebars among other featured articles, but the ads at the very top and bottom of the page get in the way of reading content.

My final complaint is about the search bar and external links. I love when websites link things externally – like the items in the cool stuff section. Unfortunately, Slashfilm uses a google search as its search bar function instead of searching through the site’s library. It leads readers away from the website. Aside from the search bar, the cool posts from around the web section caught my attention. I am sure the links are affiliate ones, but I would prefer to be linked to more content on Slashfilm rather than outside sources.

Improvements Needed

A major website redesign would benefit Slashfilm greatly. If the page was more visually appealing and easier to navigate, I would likely visit the page daily. However, sometimes the design makes things confusing. For example, the cool posts from around the web section lead readers to a different website. A new logo and facelift for this website is needed and well deserved. The content is phenomenal.

Advertisement placements could be better for Slashfilm. In some cases, the site does a great job of hiding ads between its own featured content. The most frustrating placement is the one on the footer because it hovers over top of texts. Moving this one would make a tremendous impact.


Entertainment websites are a fun way to read up on your favorite tv shows, movies, and other media. Slashfilm is a good source of information for all things nerd pop-culture. The website design is straight out of the 2000s but the available content is worth reading. The staff writers are a highlight of the website.

Likes & Hates:
The content is unique and fun to read
Movie reviews are unbiased and honest
The Cool Stuff section is fun
The name and logo are clever
The website is organized well
The search bar does not search the website
The website design is dated
There are a lot of advertisements