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The demand for Asian content is on an upsurge. The recent Oscar award for Parasite just showcased the immense talent that lies within these countries. When it comes to the top content markets in Asia, one particular country that stands out is China. Chinese films are gaining critical acclaim and can now be found on international platforms. A particular streaming site looking to make the most of this growing demand is AsianCrush.

A steady stream service has taken the onus of distributing top Chinese content in North America. Each week, Asian Crush premieres a new Chinese film which started from the title ‘Our Time Will Come’. Other than that title, Asian Crush is also known for distributing top-grossing films such as Orchid Tree and China Lion which are renowned Chinese theatricals.

What is AsianCrush?

AsianCrush takes pride in calling itself the #1 platform dedicated to providing Asian content in North America. They offer movies, TV Shows, Anime, Web Videos, and other forms of content through their platforms. Their content is distributed through various mediums such as cable tv, satellite, broadband, telco, and even on video-on-demand services. With a massive catalog of over 1000+ movies and tv shows, AsianCrush does pack powerful content.

AsianCrush’s massive internet presence allows the users in North America to consume their favorite movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere on all major networks. However, not everyone can access all their services. There’s a considerable difference between their general user and their premium subscriber. Their subscribers have access to exclusive streaming content without any pre-roll adverts.

Is anime on AsianCrush worth it?

It’s funny how the anime section is just one of the many genres on this streaming site. However, I consider the anime content on this network to have a major drawing factor. There are various anime series on the network such as Tytania, 07-Ghost, Dears, Deltora Quest, True Tears, Tatsumi, Ceres, Earl & Family, and Kyousougiga. A lot of these titles are making waves in the competitive world of anime.

Why should you stream on AsianCrush?

AsianCrush being a premium streaming service does have a lot of positives. Everything from its UI/UX to its content and compatibility makes it stand apart. We’ll look into each of the key features that make it a special streaming service.

Clean design

Right off the bat, the orange/white color combination grabs my attention. There are black and grey accents here and there which add great depth to the website. I have to say that the website is visually appealing. It’s neither over the top nor boring. The developers have managed to strike the right chord on this one.

Iconic content library

AsianCrush might be a fairly new venture but it has an iconic catalog filled with work of legendary actors such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Park Chan-wook, Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh, Ang Lee, Takashi Miike, Sion Sono, Shinya Tsukamoto, Hideo Nakata, and Fan Bing Bing. Just the popularity of these names is a testament to the content strength that this website has to offer.

Great user interface

Form over function is definitely something I don’t prefer. It’s quite the opposite from my perspective. I’d prefer functionality even if the visual appeal is lacking. With AsianCrush however, you get the mix of both form and functionality. That is possible because a commendable graphic effort is backed by a great interface. It is due to this effort that browsing around the website feels seamless.

Amazing compatibility

When you pay monthly subscription fees, you certainly have expectations from service providers. Luckily AsianCrush manages to stand all on those expectations. It allows you to stream this service on a wide range of devices including your laptops and your mobile. Other than those primary devices, you can stream via gaming consoles, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Sony TV and a host of other devices.

Quality streaming

A website can be totally amazing and still not have consistent traffic and a high bounce rate. That’s because, at the end of the day, everything relies on streaming quality. As a developer, it’s quite essential that you see from a holistic perspective and design a platform which can cater to a wide range of audience. Thus, not everybody can afford the same internet speed and with varying quality, all the viewers can watch the content albeit quality compromise. Which is far better than a stream not playing at all.

How to access AsianCrush?

You can access AsianCrush in two ways – 1. Search for the term ‘AsianCrush’ and you’d probably find the website on the first page of your search results. 2. If you want to access the website directly, you can do so by clicking the following link: AsianCrush. Before accessing the website just make sure that you have an active VPN. Since the network is designed to serve the North American audiences only, using a VPN will help you bypass your local ISP and access the content.


I really like the blend of professionalism and cutting-edge design on this platform. There are several key elements on the websites that really help it stand out. Sorting content using filters, browsing collections, and the simple sign up procedures are some of the design plus functionality features that I love. Let’s check out different sections of this website.


The header section has an orange background with white text. There’s a search bar with a black icon accompanied by a login panel of the same color. In the header section, you have four main options – Movies, Collections, Blog, and Devices. The usage of color is clever and it helps different segments to blend with each other.

Hero Section

The hero section starts with a headline ‘Browse our Titles’. Under the headline, you’ll find a leaderboard banner ad which is slightly disappointing to see. Nonetheless, it doesn’t obstruct the browsing experience on a laptop. Under the ad, you have vertical thumbnails with three episodes occupying every row. Towards the left, you have the sorting option wherein you can filter the content via genre.


The vertical thumbnails continue on the right whereas newer filter options appear in the body section. Apart from the sort by genre feature, you can even use ‘filter by region’ and ‘filter by themes’ feature. The body section continues for a while before you see yet another leaderboard advert just above the footer.


I have to admit that the footer section is beautifully designed. With a black background, white text and orange accents, it complements whatever we have seen on the website thus far. There are six options on the left – About, Available Devices, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Jobs. At the center, you have sign-up options and towards the right, you have social media icons of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Inner Pages

The filter section on the inner page loses its touch slightly. However, vertical banners continue to be the same. You can access any inner page by clicking the options on the homepage. The header section can be accessed from the inner page as well. Other than filtering options on the left, you have sorting options at the top of the content thumbnails.


AsianCrush is filled with popular documentaries and feature films. There are over 500 popular titles and they cater to the mainstream audience. Their acquisition of films largely pertains to popular genres such as action, horror, anime, cult, arthouse, martial arts, documentaries, drama, and commercial blockbusters.

Other than movie content, you’ll find a wide range of curated programs such as ‘K-Pop Triple Threat’, and ‘#Feels’, which does a great job of competing with traditional blockbusters such as ‘New Taiwanese Cinema’, and ‘NYAFF Favorites’. One can argue that it’s not the best of the collection but given that the service just caters to a specific audience, I wouldn’t argue much.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed AsianCrush from my HP15 laptop and my Google Pixel 3a. Overall, I had a great time streaming on this website. I watched a couple of recent titles such as Broken Pieces and White Silence and appreciated the overall streaming quality. Though having banner ads was not a great experience, they didn’t hinder the stream in any way so I don’t have anything to moan about.

Suggestions I have for AsianCrush

Based on the dislike section, you can make out that I have more than a couple of suggestions for the developers. I feel that the content library is great for the Chinese audience and still has room for improvement. And given that the network is premium at $4.99/mo, it’d be better off without ads.


AsianCrush is a decent platform if you’re into Chinese blockbusters. You’ll find popular movie titles, tv shows, and even anime on this network. However, it’s far from an established product and there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Likes & Hates:
Great website design
Intuitive user interface
Quality streams
Affordable service
Requires Sign-up
The content library has room for improvement
Can be better without ads