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Studio 100 (BE) (NL)

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If you have ever visited my site before, then you already know that I am obsessed with finding (and reviewing) the best streaming sites that the internet has to offer. All day, every day I scour the web in search of only the greatest free and premium movie and TV streaming sites, bringing back only the best of the best for my readers to learn about. Sometimes I can be pretty hard to impress … but this is especially true when it comes to finding the best cartoon streaming sites for my kids.

If you are also a parent, I trust that you get it. Naturally, we want nothing but the best for our kids. This applies to everything, from food to clothing to entertainment. With so many streaming services to choose from, though, it can be difficult to discern which will be the best cartoon streaming sites for our kids, and which ones should be avoided. As parents, we are busy enough, right? Well, that is why I’m here, to make this task just a little bit easier.

Even more difficult than trying to figure out which streaming services might be best for our kids is trying to find options that won’t break the bank. Chances are, you already have subscriptions to several premium streaming services. No need to add yet another monthly bill to the pile. It may seem too good to be true, but there are quite a few really good free cartoon streaming sites out there to choose from!

In fact, for those of you who live in Belgium and the Netherlands, you have some of the best free cartoon streaming sites in the world at your disposal. As a parent living in the US, I must admit, I am a bit envious of the selections that you have in this department (other departments, too, but we won’t get into that right now). In fact, one of the best free cartoon streaming sites that I have ever seen is Studio 100 Go.

Studio 100 Go is brimming with high-quality cartoons and children’s entertainment, and it is 100% free to use. From classics like Vicky the Viking and Maya the Bee to fun modern kids-friendly vlogs and video games, Studio 100 Go has something for all ages and interests. Plus, Studio 100 Go’s profile system offers one of the most personalized and customizable experiences of any of the free cartoon streaming sites out there today, which means that your children will not only be entertained, but they will be made to feel special in the process.

So, is Studio 100 Go the best free cartoon streaming site for you and your family? Well, there is only one way to know for sure, and that is to take a closer look at the site, Studio 100 itself, and everything that this exceptional free streaming service has to offer. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Studio 100 Go.


Studio 100 was founded in 1996 by a trio of Belgian entrepreneurs: Gert Verhulst, Danny Verbiest, and Hans Bourlon. The 3 began collaborating in 1989, when they created the show Samson & Gert, which also starred Verhulst and Verbiest. In addition to this germinal collaboration, these 3 amigos also went on to create the popular kids’ show Kobouter Plop. Given the success of these 2 initial shows, Studio 100 began expanding into new areas in 1999. Not only did they continue to produce more shows, they also began producing movies, musicals, and even acquired a theme park.

Danny Verbiest announced his retirement from Samson & Gert in 2005. Along with this announcement, though, Verbiest also decided that he would give up his shares in the company. Eventually, Verbiest’s shares were sold to BNP Paribas Fortis Private Equity. This change in leadership led to a change in direction. Studio 100 began venturing into the international non-Dutch market, copyrighting their original series in several languages and created new international content (like the show Bumba, for instance).

Studio 100’s global expansion was steady and successful. First, in 2008, the company launched a Belgium digital TV channel called Studio 100 TV, followed by the opening of an animation studio in Paris, Studio 100 Media and the opening of a German division to handle international sales. Studio 100 only continued to grow in the years that followed, acquiring Em. Sports Media, launching a cooking channel, and introducing BeJunior to North Africa and the Middle East in 2016.

The next big year for Studio 100 was 2017, which saw the acquisition of American animation studio, Little Airplane Productions. The company’s theme park division (plopsa) also grew exponentially over the years. After taking 100% control of Plopsaland in 2005, Studio 100 went on to open new theme parks in Hasselt, Dalen, and Torzym. They also acquired theme parks in Stavelot, Haßloch, and Antwerp. Further expansions are currently in the works, too, for Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands.

What an impressive ascent to success that Studio 100 has seen over the last 25 or so years. The company has built something of a kids’ entertainment empire – an enterprise that is hard not to compare to a smaller Belgian version of Disney. If Studio 100 continues to grow in this fashion over the next 25 years, the sky is truly the limit for this promising entertainment company.

Plus, of course, Studio 100 is responsible for one of the best free cartoon streaming sites and apps on the web: Studio 100 Go.


I am a huge fan of Studio 100 Go’s site design, both as a reviewer of websites and a parent. From an experiential standpoint, Studio 100 Go is perfectly designed for kids, offering up a fun and colorful interface that is so easy to use, it will require minimum assistance from mom or dad. Everything on this site is a breeze to navigate, whether you know what you’re looking for or you are just browsing.

The first design feature that really stands out to me is how the page is framed on 2 sides, the top (horizontally) and the left (vertically). At the top of the page, you will find a side-scrolling menu of shows and content to choose from. Each show is represented by a graphical icon, usually featuring the show’s main character, adding to the usability of this free cartoon streaming site.

On the left-hand side of the page, you’ll find another menu containing more ways to browse, as well as user options. Quickly access movies, shows, games, books, or favorites. Once again, an image-based system makes this site intuitive for all ages and literacy levels.

Meanwhile, in the center of everything is an assortment of content recommended for your little one based on his or her interests. This is something like a feed which can be scrolled and scrolled for what seems like forever. No confusing menus or categories to read through. You would be hard pressed to find a better-designed site for kids than Studio 100 Go.

Content and Features

When it comes to both content and features, I am tempted to say that Studio 100 Go might be the best free cartoon streaming site on the web today. The content, as I have alluded to already, consists of some of the top children’s shows and cartoons out today. More importantly, though, I think that Studio 100 Go does a great job of balancing entertainment with education. Or maybe I should say that their shows and movies are so entertaining to kids that they won’t even realize that they are learning as they watch.

I am crazy about Studio 100 Go’s profile system, too. From the moment you make an account on this free cartoon streaming site, you (and your little one, of course) will be asked a series of questions. Select the age of the child, the gender, choose an avatar, and pick 3 shows and/or interests so that Studio 100 Go can personalize the experience and the content. Studio 100 Go is almost like the Pinterest or Tumblr of kids’ content.

In addition to hundreds of free cartoons, Studio 100 Go offers video games, a favorites list, movies, and books. As I type it out, it’s beginning to look like Studio 100 Go, as one of the best free cartoon streaming sites, offers an even better user experience than some of the top premium streaming sites out there like Netflix and Hulu.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Unfortunately, there is no Studio 100 Go mobile app. And the site is not great on mobile screens. This may be the only real downside to this site. So, if the best free cartoon streaming site, in your opinion, is more mobile friendly, perhaps this won’t be the one for you after all.

Likes & Hates:
Tons of great free kids’ shows, movies, games, books, and more
Incredibly personalized profile system
Simple, easy to use interface
No mobile app
Browser site not very mobile friendly