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What is uNoGS?

uNoGS is a well-designed website created to help Netflix content across the globe. Using the platform, you can find every content on this network. Be it a film, a documentary or a tv show, you’ll be provided in-depth information about how you can stream a particular piece of content. The global search bar helps you find content based upon rating, title, release year, actor, genre and even IMDb rating.

Why do you need to use uNoGS?

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit uNoGS. Apart from the obvious ones, there are many features that you may not know about. Today, we’d be discussing a few of the features that you can make the most of using uNoGS.

Help you access global content

Netflix is spread across 190 countries and you can access the website from 244 different regions. With the quantity of content that’s updated regularly, it’s hard to keep up with the volume on offer. uNoGS is more than just a Netflix search engine.

Embrace the lesser-known specific genres

uNoGS search prowess helps it to provide a more in-depth search function to its users as compared to Netflix. There are plenty of other genres than just comedy, drama, horror or action. With uNoGS you can search for specific terms such as ‘screwball comedies’ or perhaps ‘wine appreciation’. This feature is good enough not just for finding content on Netflix but for learning about the movie, tv-show and documentary genres about which you have no idea.

Look beyond ratings

I’m not a big fan of Rotten Tomatoes. They’re far from credible and my disregard towards them goes way farther than the ‘Sticks and Stones controversy’. Thus, forget the ratings you see on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes and give a random title a try. uNoGS helps you try new things, watch new content and overcome the rating bubble.

How to access uNoGS?

There are two ways in which you can access uNoGS. 1. Search for the term ‘uNoGS’ and you’re likely to find it on the first page of your search results. 2. You can also use the following link: uNoGS to access the website directly.


uNoGS being a search-based website has quite a simple design. There’s a simple header followed by the actual content. The no-nonsense approach in terms of design really helps the website to stand out. However, there’s only one thing that I didn’t like much and those were the flags. They don’t look optimized and are slightly bigger than usual.


The header section has four options towards the left – Search, What’s New?, Contact and Advanced Search. The first three options have a drop-down menu which you can use to learn more about that particular category. The feature that really gets down to business is ‘Advanced Search’. Stick around because I’ll be discussing my experience with the same.

Hero Section

The hero section is filled with content. Straight-up you can see three titles in each row. First, you’ll see the titles with a thumbnail on the left. Under the title, you have a short summary followed by the upload date and countries in which the content is available. For example, ‘Planet Earth II’, and ‘Planet Earth: Complete Collection’ is only available in the UK and thus you’ll see the flag at the bottom. On the flip side, ‘Breaking Bad’ is available in 33 countries and you’ll find flags of all the countries where this series is available.


What you saw in the hero section continues towards the body section. Three cards a row filled with similar details. There’s just so much data on the homepage itself that scrolling feels annoying after a while. This can be a blessing in disguise as you might actually end up finding a show without having to make an advanced search.


The footer section on uNoGS has two rows. The first row has six options – ‘Site Map’, ‘Home’, ‘What’s New’, ‘Terms of Service’, ‘uNoGS Forum’, and ‘uNoGS Netflix API’. The second row has six options as well – ‘Expressvpn’, ‘SurfShark’ ‘GETFLIX’, ‘NordVPN’, and ‘PureVPN’. Towards the right, you have a contact ID under which you can find an email address you can reach out to incase if you have any queries.

Inner Pages

While the layout of the inner pages is the same. The different categories really make the prospect of finding the content attractive. For instance, when you click on the search bar, you can choose from six different options – ‘IMDb Top 250 Movies’, ‘IMDb Top 250 TV’, 24 Hours, 5 Days, 10 Days, 1 Day (UK). This allows you to keep up with the top content along with the freshly added titles on the platform around the world.

uNoGS Advanced Search feature

uNoGS Advanced Search feature is certainly one of the best features on the website. First, there’s an open field where you can type in your query. Towards the right, you have flags of 34 countries that are all selected. If you wish to drop any country, you can do so by unselecting. Towards the left, you have the gauge meter for IMDb rating and Release Year. Under that, you have categories such as ‘Type’, ‘Audio’, ‘Toggle’, ‘Subtitle’, ‘Filter’, ‘Order’, ‘Person’, and ‘Genre’. Using this tool, you can really deep dive into Netflix’s humongous library.

uNoGS has a powerful engine which is much better than Netflix’s built-in search tool. I had a great time using it. Just to clarify my point, while you’ve to manually type everything that you want to find on Netflix, uNoGS allows you to make a granular search. For instance, you can make specific searches such as ‘Horror movies’ based upon Rotten Tomatoes ratings above 6. Similarly, you can search for romantic comedies before the 1980s. You’ll get all the content on this website using the in-depth granular search.


Netflix releases new content every month which results in content being added and subtracted every day. uNoGS keeps track of all the content that is being added or removed from the streaming site. So if you want to be on top of all the content updates and don’t want to miss out on any content, I recommend you check out uNoGS.

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