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JustWatch is a streaming search engine. With so many options out there now for choosing a streaming service provider, it is difficult to know which one is the cheapest and most efficient option. JustWatch helps users track down specific titles and where to find them, including their price.

JustWatch is an especially wonderful program for people who are cord-cutters. More people each day are ditching traditional cable and satellite companies in favor of subscribing to multiple streaming services. JustWatch can help viewers find specific shows at the best prices all in one central location. It takes the guesswork and research out of streaming.

The service provides more than just a search engine. It also lets you create a watchlist allowing you to view all of the titles you watch in a singular space. Instead of looking at queues on various streaming sites, you can keep up with everything all at once. The watchlist is particularly interesting for a few reasons.

Website Design

Website design is one of my favorites when it comes to search engines. JustWatch is a night mode themed website. It resembles streaming sites but has enough differences to set itself apart as its own identity. The logo and branding are good, It is simple and easily recognizable as a dark grey background with pixels simulating a play button.

The menus are easy to navigate. The very top menu is the logo, home, new, popular, watchlist, and search. Beside the search bar is a join button. Apart from the yellow create account tab there is an alternate menu for things like FAQ, apps, about us, talent, press, API, imprint, and privacy policy.

The secondary menu is comprised of an intricate filter for movies and television shows. The categories include movies/tv series, release year, genre, price, and rating. The categories are further broken down in the tabs to optimize searches. It’s very cool to be able to search by genre and year to find what is available.


JustWatch’s content is not specifically movies and television shows. Instead, it offers a search engine that allows viewers to find exactly what show or movie they are looking for. The watchlist and the recommended titles are standout features on the website.

The organizational system the site uses is incredible. Their main categories include filtering movies or tv shows. Even further, the system allows you to choose the genre, year released, price, and rating. The website pulls prices from all streaming services and lets viewers know which service offers the best rate for the title.

Before creating a membership I tinkered with JustWatch’s quiz settings. The quiz is fun and simple to take. Viewers choose from an enormous list of titles, including the movie or series poster, and every time you click one you like it loads more related titles. I found a ton of old obscure movies I forgot all about by doing this test. Results are used to create personalized recommendations for viewers. It’s similar to Netflix but better! Some of the categories are based on other users’ watch history that has similar tastes.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop browser version is good. It offers a unique color scheme that mimics night mode. JustWatch uses more of a navy blue monochromatic color instead of black with accents of yellow. The menus are a bit all over the place, but because the program is so great, it is forgivable. The hidden menu is the one that is not needed very often. It contains the FAQ, about, and other categories that do not directly pertain to streaming.

The mobile browser is mostly the same, but the categories are collapsed some. It’s easy to open the other categories to search. The mobile application is great. It’s a streamlined experience. The app translates the web page into an easily accessible search engine experience. The menus are on the bottom in the app and simplified to only include home, new, popular, and watchlist. The search is easily identifiable in the top right corner beside the JustWatch Logo. The best way to use this service is more than likely the web browser, but the app functions almost just as well.


There are many positive features the website JustWatch offers. So many streaming websites have popped up in such a short amount of time. JustWatch simplifies the process of choosing a provider by pulling up titles and giving viewers information on what websites have the best prices.

Although Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are the top providing streaming services on the market, JustWatch looks at all of the available streaming services. The website brings viewers the lowest prices. They also give options based on if you would rather stream the title or buy it.

One of my favorite features about the JustWatch experience is the onboarding process. The quiz asks users to click on titles they like. After clicking on each title, more titles appear that are similar. The quiz itself is straight-forward, but some of the shows and movies that popped up I had forgotten about. It was a nice dose of nostalgia.

The recommendations the website gives are very accurate. In my short time of using the app, I have found a couple of new shows that I plan to add to my watchlist. The watchlist is very helpful for people who consume a lot of media and have a hard time keeping track of series and episodes.

The organization system utilized on the home page of JustWatch is great. It reminds me of the Netflix organization system, but better. There are categories based on what other users with your watch history also like. Top titles on free services is another great category! There is also a button at the bottom of the page to refresh recommendations.

One of the nicest features I have come across on the JustWatch website is that users do not have to sign up to utilize the content offered. It is encouraged to sign up, but not a necessity. You can even use the watchlist feature without signing up for a membership. The website remembers your watch history from the browser that accessed it.


There aren’t very many negative things I can think of about JustWatch. The website design is very good. The service provided is also great, especially for a free website!

If I had to choose something to complain about, I would say having three menus seems a little excessive. I think if the third hidden menu could be moved to be more visible it would be helpful. Otherwise, there is nothing negative about using this streaming search engine.

Improvements Needed

If there were one thing I could change about the website, it would be the menus. I would move the third menu that contains the about, FAQ, privacy policy, etc. to the bottom of the webpage. The streaming guide doesn’t even really need to do that. The website is so good that it doesn’t really need any changes.


One of the best streaming service search engines is JustWatch. The branding, logo, and the website itself is wonderful. The night mode theme feels modern and the search engine allows users to find unbeatable prices. The watchlist is a great feature that allows viewers to track all of their favorite media in one place instead of multiple streaming service queues. The most amazing part about using JustWatch is that it is 100% free. Users are not pressured into making an account. Unless you are using the website across multiple devices, there is no need to sign up. However, if you do, the watchlist is a great centralized place to keep track of titles.

Likes & Hates:
The streaming search engine is very useful
Personalized recommendations are great
The organization feels familiar
Viewers aren’t required to sign-up to use the site
The personalization quiz is fun
It brings up pricing from every streaming website
Excessive menus cause a little confusion