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DLive is a unique streaming platform that I got to know quite recently. One of my friends posted about the streaming service on Facebook. Given my interest in these streaming services, I didn’t think twice before checking it out. My first experience with DLive was unique, to say the least. There was a massive difference from Twitch – DLive was more inviting and fresh. One of the best experiences was when a global mod – Cheech – jumped in and helped with ‘’Lino Points” – the site’s currency.

If you’ve never heard about DLive, I’d urge you to stick around because today we are going to learn a lot about this streaming service.

What is DLive?

DLive is a popular video streaming service based on Lino blockchain. It provides a platform for organizing streaming broadcasts. What separates it from traditional streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube is its currency and its blockchain model, wherein data is stored and the monetization of content takes place. I’ve tried DLive application which provided one of the most refreshing experiences.

The graphics were on point and the whole system functioned amazingly well. The network didn’t freeze and all the content – including videos and comments along with Lino tokens worked fabulously. I have to say that the programming architecture of DLive is top-notch and is designed to help users manage broadcasts in the most convenient manner. The tokenization of content is a great way to earn money through streaming.

What is Lino Currency or Lino Points?

Lino Currency or Lino Points denoted by (¢) is an integral part of monetization on the DLive platform. Points are provided not just to the streamers but even viewers. Can you believe it? You can earn points by interacting with the streamers? It’s like actually getting paid for watching videos online. As a viewer, you don’t have to spend any money and you can watch your favorite streamers for free. Everything that matters on this platform is for you to stay active.

Your Lino points generally translate to a cryptocurrency (not yet public). However, this cryptocurrency on DLive is worth ¢1.22 per point which is .22 more than the ¢1 on Twitch. Once you earn money, you can either cash out your points for more cryptocurrency, get it transferred to PayPal or invest them into the community by donating it to the users. (Quite similar to donating gold on Reddit). What’s astonishing is that you can even invest in DLive’s stock by locking your earnings.

What makes DLive great?

After streaming on it for nearly a month, I learned a lot about this platform. The most unique aspect of this streaming platform is that it doesn’t have a billionaire CEO running the network for profits. It’s autonomous in the sense that people such as devs and streamers run this site. Thus, there’s no huge corporation involved to take a major chunk of your earnings away. And thus, as a creator, you’re able to keep a higher cut.

Why should you stream on DLive?

Fresh Approach

DLive is truly a breath of fresh air in the saturated streaming world. While Facebook, YouTube, and Mixer are following a traditional approach, DLive is certainly taking streaming to the next level. The platform looks fresh and the use of blockchain to store data is something that will set the standards for years to come. More multinational streaming companies will follow the suit and by the time they enter the market, DLive will certainly have a place of its own in the industry.

Exceptional Monetization

As seen above, monetization is amazing, not just for content creators but for viewers are well. Everyone who engages on the network will earn something one way or the other. The Lino tokens are a great way to simplify the monetization process and bring about transparency. For instance, network registration costs One Lino.

User-intuitive app

Though the presence of a responsive website and a user-friendly app is not a big deal, DLive still stands apart from everything that’s out there. You can download the app on your iOS or Android device and as soon as you register yourself, you can watch broadcasts in real-time.

Rewards & creative setup

To earn rewards that come in the form of tokens, you need to register yourself via your email address and password (standard across major streaming networks). You must log in to the DLive network using either of your Lino, YouTube, Facebook or Twitch accounts. Once, you’ve done that, you need to come up with a nickname based on Latin alphanumerical characters and verify using a picture.


I’m awestruck with the unique black and yellow color combination on the network. If you read my reviews, you know that I love black and grey base colors. DLive has a dark grey and black color combination which ticks the right boxes for me.


The Header section of the website has three options on the left – Home, browse, Get the App. A search bar towards the right followed by login and sign up options. If you click on the ellipsis, you get six options in the drop-down menu – About, Community, Help, Contact, Legal and Language.

Hero Section

The Hero Section of the website has a video player at the center with details about the streamer on the right-hand side. Adjacent to that are four horizontal thumbnails that allow you to access other streams.

Recommended Section

I was able to find the top streamers in no time. If you have difficulties you can also use a magnifying glass and enter user data. Apart from that, you click the ‘Following’ button to access the live stream from your favorite creators.

Most streamers, especially the popular ones block their Lino tokens which allows them to become network validators. Such investment ensures their participation in the management of the platform where they can actively assist in the product development stage. Apart from this, major investors can also open their own premium services and make management decisions.


Unlike other major streaming networks, DLive has well-diversified categories. eSports section has numerous games such as Counter-Strike, Dota2, World of Warships and GTA to name a few. Apart from games, users can also watch news, music and other broadcasts. The best part is that you can access broadcasts without registration.

PewDiePie as an integral member

Talk about streaming games, and there aren’t many creators bigger than the PewDiePie brand. Felix Kjellberg, the most popular YouTuber, streams on DLive and supposedly makes thousands if not millions of dollars on the network. He donates it back to the community but earns well as the revenue share is much less at 9.9% as compared to YouTube’s 45%. Felix along with other streamers are paving way for new streamers and viewers to become a part of this platform.

Desktop/Mobile experience

When I first started on DLive, I had a tough time wrapping my head around the network. However, I became familiar with the network within a few days. My initial experience wasn’t the best because of pixelated graphics and the average streaming quality. However, in recent times, it has improved and I’m expecting 720p at 60fps sooner rather than later. The maximum quality is set at 480P which has a lot of room for improvement.

Another problem I had with DLive was the bitrate as I wasn’t able to figure out the best one for streaming. With Twitch, I can easily set it at 4200 and it works perfectly, however, with DLive I was constantly switching it between the 1000-2500 mark. I’m sure that the developers can work towards making this better and more specific.

Plans & Pricing

You can stream via the website or the app. Both are free to use unless you want to become a member. If you want to register, you need to pay ¢1 which translates to less than a dollar. You can use Lino points to invest, donate and buy stakes in the company.

Suggestions I have for DLive

I love the efforts of the devs and all the people involved in this community. This is certainly a step towards a more independent future made by the creators and the viewers themselves. One of the few suggestions I have includes improving the streaming quality to up to 720p. As a content creator, we can afford to tweak our settings but for a viewer, having just 480p quality is certainly not good enough.


Whether you’re a creator or a viewer, you definitely need to check DLive. Sure, it might not seem appealing or capable enough to hook you on your initial experience but it’ll surely grow on you. Watch streams, connect with your favorite streamers and earn money – that has to be the biggest motivation to stream on this network.

Likes & Hates:
Next-Gen streaming platform
Own currency
Ability to earn and donate without spending
Great revenue share
Not the best streaming quality
Bitrate needs to be fixed
Not the most popular network yet