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Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive holds its own against the best titles. It’s been six years since it first debuted and is still one of the best games backed by a strong heritage of multiplayer titles. Such is the popularity of this game that it has dedicated communities across the internet. HLTV is one such website, where you can find the best CS:GO tournaments and stay up-to-date with every CS:GO news covering teams and events across the world.

HTLTV and CS:GO relevancy

Everything that’s good about completely circles around Counter Strikes’ core gameplay, active community, and overall popularity. Though in the last 6 years, other thematically rich games such as Overwatch has risen to prominence, CS:GO is still untouchable when it comes to competitiveness and no-frills experience.

CS:GO – A prominent title on streaming platforms has massive traffic primarily because CS plays a prominent role not just on streaming platforms but also in the entire gaming. A major chunk of Mixer’s and Twitch’s audience consists of CS:GO communities. The game has been able to influence many players’ life and make the entire gaming niche competitive. Thus, it’s no surprise that internet has not one but many dedicated websites that feature pure CS:GO content.

What is HLTV?

HLTV is the world’s most popular CS:GO news coverage website. It keeps you updated about what’s happening in the world of CS by providing you quick access to results and live scores. That’s not it, it also allows you to subscribe to your favorite matches and get notification about the same. In addition, you can watch the latest news, view tournament standings and check out matches and results as per your own convenience.

In this particular review, I’ll be purely focusing on the design and the elements present on the website. I have nothing to say about the content as it’s purely CS:GO-based. Thus, I’ll just share my opinion about the website layout and design along with my streaming experience.


For a first-time visitor, browsing around can be cumbersome. The whole website looks haphazard with a lot of stuff happening all across your screen. However, it’s a passing feeling and you’ll get used to the interface within a few minutes. Aesthetically, it isn’t the best streaming website but with content as its main focus, there are hardly any expectations. There are more than a couple of main sections on the website and we’ll discuss them one after the other.


Right off the bat, the header section has a link to resources that matter. There are nine main options – CS:GO News, Matches, Results, Events, Stats, Galleries, Forums, Bets and Live. Each of these options has a dedicated inner page that highlights the particular category. Apart from the wholesome menu, there are plenty of other links which provide you in-depth detail about what’s there on the website.

CS:GO News

Let’s discuss the main categories starting with CS:GO News. This section is a dedicated news section which is well divided based on time. Thus, you can access pages and browse efficiently with relative ease. On the right side, you can find matches that are ongoing or ought to be played.

If you click on any of the fixtures, you’ll land on a separate page where every detail about the match is captured. This includes – Date of the match, Maps, Teams, Gaming Journals, Statistics, Rosters, Key Player, Historic Data and User Comments. Apart from that, you can even place a bet on a particular team that you like. (We’ll cover the betting part later).


Matches have their own page which is primarily divided into three sections – left, right and middle. On the left block, you can find Special match of the week, events, filters for match search, the status of a match, teams/participants and type. On the right block, you can access the latest matches and the results by clicking on the “latest activity” option. In the middle section, you can find options such as live matches – Being streamed live & upcoming matches – future schedule.


On the results page, you can yet again see three sections – the left block has time filter, the middle block has results of matches in the past five days along with detailed statistics and recommends results, and finally the right block has recent activities.


The events page is one of the busiest pages where you have filter on the left wherein you can filter an event using a prize pool. You can find current events and upcoming events along with other details such as Dates, Venue, Teams, Duration and Price Pool on this page. You can even get details about each participating team.


The stats page on the HLTV website has a dedicated column on the left. Apart from that, it has navigation, maps and other filter options. One of the most important options on this page includes Best Players, Firepower-Teamwork-Utility (FTU), Top Events, Flashes and Pistol Rounds.


Gallery has a dedicated page that is filled with images and video albums of events. When you open the page, you can find data and the ability to browse via tournament, dates, season, prize pool, venue and so on.


This is one of the biggest strengths of the HLTV network. Forums are where the community engages with fellow users and poses all kinds of questions. As part of HLTV, you can also start a discussion by asking a question to the HLTV admin department. In addition, you can even advise management and recommend improvements.


On the Bets page, you can find odds on the nearest matches from 16 leading bookmaker companies including bet365, betway,, and The highlighted bets depict safe bets which are marked blue in color.


The live section for real has to be the liveliest page on this website. You can access a plethora of live streams without any advertisements. You can watch replays and stream without any discrepancies. You can chat with the streamers and viewers and every player’s money, deaths, kills, and score by maps is displayed here.

Streaming Quality & Compatibility

Lack of visual appeal as I described earlier doesn’t make much of a difference. There’s a lot of information throughout the website which doesn’t affect the stream in any way. With the extensive data it has, I certainly expected an average streaming experience. But that wasn’t the case as the quality is simply phenomenal.

Desktop/Mobile experience

The website is super quick. Sure, it’s not the best when it comes to aesthetics but the overall user experience is more than satisfactory.

Even when you access it from mobile, it’s as responsive as your desktop. It fits with all mobile screen resolution and looks great on any device. Sure, there are some advertisements here and there but they don’t take anything away from the overall streaming experience.

My only advice to you when streaming this website is – ‘Be patient’. There’s a lot of data on there and thus you should take your time, browse the pages, check individual pages one after the other or else you’ll get overwhelmed.

Plans & Pricing

HLTV. org is absolutely free to stream. You can sign-up, log in and stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of CS:GO on a professional level. If you’d like to play CS:GO yourself, you can either buy the free edition on Steam for offline play or can spend $14.99 for full access. Though it’s not related to, myself being a CS fan, I’d love for you to try the game if you haven’t yet done it.

Suggestions I have for HLTV

HLTV no doubt is a massive platform, however, the UI looks very basic. I think by adding a couple of amazing developers, you can update the website and app, which can possibly draw more users and keep them glued on to the network. Now if this was the 2010s, I wouldn’t be complaining but in present times, such dull layouts rub the visitors the wrong way.


HLTV is an amazing platform to stay up-to-date with everything related to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you’re as crazy as I am about CS:GO, you’ll find yourself visiting this website every day. I’m not a full-fledged gamer but I do like to watch top players play against each other. And CS being the legendary title that it is, HLTV becomes a great source for entertainment at absolutely no cost.

Likes & Hates:
Responsive website
In-depth information
Allows betting
Breathtaking live streaming experience
Chat and communicate
Can be improved visually