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An integral part of the billion-dollar gaming industry is its sheer size which encompasses streaming communities across the world. Some are dedicated communities, focused on a particular game whereas others cover many disciplines. Each of these communities which includes web portals, apps, and individual streaming networks contribute to the overall growth of the industry. One particular name synonymous with comprehensive gaming news coverage is GosuGamers.

It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, online portal which provides you competitive gaming information. On this platform, you can find eSports content of the highest order which includes live streaming as well. GosuGamers has GosuCrews – members who work as moderators, editors on the network. They are the heartbeat of this service as they are the ones responsible for making this streaming site an amazing platform.

What is GosuGamers?

GosuGamers is a community that has over 3 million visitors per month. It’s been present since the last two decades and it primarily focuses on creating high-quality content. It covers news and user-created materials for some of the top-grossing games created by Blizzard Entertainment, primarily Warcraft and StarCraft.

Based in Sweden, GosuGamers is a team of 60 members concerned with the day-to-day functioning of this massive portal. GosuCrew moderates publish and polish content to ensure it’s up to date throughout the year. What started as a hobby project quickly turned into an in-demand niche where the brand covers all major international gaming tournaments and even organizes their own events on a national and international level.


Gosu as a name refers to a highly skilled person in the Korean language. In tech terminology or gaming to be specific, this word is used to describe the players who dominate games such as Tekken, Counter-Striker, StarCraft, Diablo II, Warcraft III, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Overwatch to name a few. This term has been adopted and accepted by gaming communities across the globe – especially ones which have strong South Korean influence.

GosuGamers have had to overcome one hurdle after the other. Over the years they’ve faced many challenges with 2011 being their worst year. The brand was on the verge of collapsing with major players opting out and the portal deciding to disband their professional teams. However, they were able to pull it all together and hang on to see the light of the day.

How does GosuGamers work?

It’s free to stream network, where the developers usually earn by the banner ads and affiliates. Most of the streaming sites including GosuGamers which draw massive traffic have tie-ups with leading betting companies. Since betting is an integral part of the gaming niche, collaboration is quite normal in this space.

Why should you stream on GosuGamers?

Authoritative Presence

GosuGamers is an authoritative gaming portal. It’s not just a random website with loads of information. It is a needle mover when it comes to advising the original developers. Moreover, it also informative and educational and is the most trustworthy platform to get eSports related news. You can find valuable information, not just about present tournaments but also the tournaments that happened in the past and the ones that are coming up in the near future.

News Coverage

GosuGamers hands down offer the best news coverage of major eSports tournaments happening across the globe. News about eSports tournaments come thick and fast and thus the portal has to be updated regularly. You can find news about a particular team, tournament and even results. There’s a pre-match and post-match coverage about a tournament with in-depth details about every participant.

Dedicated Community

GosuGamers community has formed over a long period of time. It’s not that it worked out overnight. They have been in this niche for nearly two decades and as a result, have a cult following that places this brand above any other gaming news sources out there. Users do have a lot of say and the entire ecosystem works in synergy. That’s the reason why you have such a modern user-intuitive website.

Wide Coverage

It’s not just news, diverse content or dedicated community but its coverage which sets it apart. You get details about not just famous eSports tournaments but also about prize pools, the format of tournaments and crucial information about players.


It feels premium with its dark colors and really stands out to me because of the overall layout. We’ll discuss the design of this website in detail and focus on each and every aspect. When you visit the homepage, you get all the different games listed in the header section. Under that, you have five different menus – Tournaments, Matches, Rankings, Streams, and VODs.


When you click on the tournament option, you’ll be taken to a dedicated page with key information about all the present, past and future tournaments. You can find a schedule of upcoming tournaments and can even access valuable data such as prize pool, tournament format, and player information. In this category, you’ll even find a special filter which allows you to filter as per user. Using this search bar, you can navigate in an easier, faster and more comfortable manner.

When you click on this page, you might find advertisements. If those ads bother you, feel free to use an extension in your browsers to prevent those ads. However, the ads are quite minimal and thus I didn’t have any discrepancies when streaming on the site.


The second option on the main menu is titled “Matches”, where each user can learn about the odds. This section allows you to check the odds which then helps you to place a bet on a particular team. This section by far is one of the most visited pages and is quite popular among professional e-sportsmen and gamers.


In the ranking section, you can gain insights about certain teams in various games. If you want to learn about the strongest teams and all stats related stuff, this is the section that you must not miss. Each team’s rating is reflected in this section and primarily reflects the recent performance.


Under the streams section, you’ll find crucial information about matches and tournaments on the network. There are loads of tournaments and thus this tab helps you get started with streaming, right away. You can choose streams based upon the language and thus even if you come across content that isn’t in your preferred language you can skip it.

Honestly, I don’t think the art of gaming is ever judged by language. I love watching Spanish streams of Pro Evolution Soccer on Twitch and users who play the game can truly connect with the streamer regardless of the language barrier.


There used to be an event section on the website but in recent updates, that has been updated. Thus, you can find most of the details under the tournament or the matches section. This page used to work as the centerpiece and attracted the bookmaker companies’ attention as most of the betting would be done based on data on this page.

Match Ticker

The only reason why I’m writing about this is that I love this feature on the right side on the inside page of every game. Match Ticker has Schedule and Results. This has to be the handiest feature on the website. Results having ‘Show’ option so you can access it instantaneously.


Unlike HLTV which is purely focused on CS:GO, GosuGamers actually covers a wide range of games including CS GO, Dota 2, LoL, Hots, Hearthstone, and PUBG. Thus, you don’t just have to stick on to a particular game and can try different streams from each of these games.

Suggestions I have for Gosu Gamers

I think it can touch more heights in terms of website design. I like how the developers have taken steps to minimize the menus on the top. I like the dark color combination but would like to see more colors added to the palate. Overall, I love streaming on this network and would advise you to check it out.


If you’re not too much into streaming, might seem like an old-fashioned website. However, that takes nothing away from its position as one of my favorite esports portals on the internet. It might take a couple of minutes to get used to it but once you wrap your head around it, you certainly wouldn’t look for alternatives. It’s a great website to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of e-gaming.

Likes & Hates:
Great website interface
Amazing streaming quality
In-depth statistics
Reliable information
No dedicated replay sections