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Iconic Streams

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Many streamers prefer premium IPTVs over other service providers because of the ad-free experience. As viewers, we’re bombarded with ads all across the web. Be it social media or cable tv, ads take up most of our viewing time. With Iconic Streams, you can enjoy ad-free content. But that’s not it, there are many other reasons why an increasing number of viewers are leaning towards IPTV services. Before we get into that, let us learn more about Iconic Streams.

What is Iconic Streams?

Iconic Streams is known to offer the most comprehensive IPTV service out there. It had a rough patch in between when xStream code was shut down due to which many users labeled it as a scam site. However, the owners clarified the issue and reassured their subscribers about restarting their services. Iconic Streams with over a hundred thousand users is one of the most active IPTV communities helping users get rid of traditional cable TV service and take the cordless route.

Why should you stream on Iconic Streams?

There has to be something for the users given that over 100,000 people have subscribed to this network. While I do not believe everything that I read on the website, there are points which do highlight the reasons as to why a particular streaming service is better than the other. Here are several reasons why you should stream on this platform.

Cost-effective plans

As opposed to traditional broadcasters who charge hundreds of dollars per month, Iconic Streams provides you year-long access for that amount. Furthermore, you don’t have to renew your subscription every month. Just buy the plan and choose to automate the process. Iconic Streams allows you to not only bring down the cable bills it also cuts down the extra charge associated with installation and maintenance.

Excellent Portability

Satellite television was in its prime a decade ago. However, it lacked one thing which helped streaming services to enter the fray – Portability. IPTV services are portable, you can access them from anywhere in the world and don’t have to stay glued to your TV. Since the content consumption pattern is switching towards laptops and mobile phones these days, an increasing number of viewers want the content to be available across various platforms.

In-depth Personalization

All of us can agree that traditional tv restricted us to watch the content in real-time. With the introduction of DVR, satellite TV providers started offering ways in which you can consume content later. Many cable services even provide catch-up content for the same reason. However, none of it matches the personalization offered by streaming services. IPTV services provide users full-flexibility to not only stream as per their preference but even download and watch the content as and when they prefer.

Easy set-up

The most fascinating aspect of IPTV services such as Iconic Streams is that you can set it up within seconds. You don’t need heavy boxes and wires. All you need is an active internet connection and you’re good to go. Just purchase the subscription and access the content right away.

Content Consumption Variation

IPTV provides you the flexibility to watch shows in real-time. Apart from live tv, you can also watch on-demand content along with time-shifted media. For instance, if an important match is going to air at 3 am in your country and you have work the next day. You can choose to schedule the event at 6 pm the next day, so you can return and watch the event as it happens. Many people make efficient use of the time-shifted media, given they protect themselves from spoilers or results.

How to access Iconic Streams?

Accessing Iconic Streams is super easy. You can either search for the term ‘Iconic Streams’ in your search engine, or you can use the following link: Iconic Streams. Before you access the website, just make sure that you’re using an active VPN. A stable VPN connection will help you protect your identity and your data from hackers, adware, and malware.


I’m sold on the space theme. Whatever the designers decided to showcase has really paid off – Iconic Streams does have an iconic website. The entire homepage looks dreamy. From the amazing logo on the left to the black and red text and CTA combination, everything fits perfectly. I’ve seen over hundreds of premium streaming websites but none has struck the cord as this one did.


In the header section, you have a logo on the left and eight key options – Home, Channel List, Features, Products, Blog, FAQ, Contact Us, and Login/Register Button on the right. Each of these options has a dedicated inside page where you can learn more about the platform.

Hero Section

I really love how the header and the hero section blend together. The main banner extends all the way to the header which gives an all-inclusive cutting-edge feel to this section. There’s a main headline ‘Cordless television of a World beyond’, followed by a red CTA button which says ‘Buy Now’. Under that, you’ll find the following supporting texts: ‘HD/1080p quality channels only’, and ‘Credit Card, PayPal, & Bitcoin Payment available now’. Right off the bat, you can see the developers highlighting the three key aspects of the platform.


The body section of the website continues with the space theme as you enter the Statistics section. Under this section, you’ll find three crucial numbers – 10364 Customers, 110 Server, and 2500 Channels. This section looks as if it is inspired by the Elementor template. Under this section, you can find the ‘Channel List’ which you can check by clicking on the button.


Iconic Streams has a simple yet effective footer. Just above the footer section, you can find the newsletter plug. Under that, you can find four main options – Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, DMCA Policy, and AML/ATF.

Inner Pages

You can access the inner pages on this website by clicking on any options on the homepage. For instance, if you want to learn about pricing, click on the products page which has in-depth detail about the products and pricing.


As opposed to MyIPTV Now, Iconic Streams has a massive content library. You can access over 2500 channels. Most of these channels are available in HD quality. Now as I mentioned before, you can’t trust the numbers advertised but expect 60% of that to be true. So at any given time, you can access 1500+ channels. If you’re a sports lover, you’ll find almost all the top sports channels in the world. Other than that, you can access on-demand, PPV content along with Adult channels.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I tested Iconic Streams on my Dell Vostro and iPhone X. The streaming quality was great and I really enjoyed streaming on both the devices. There were little to no discrepancies and streams were lag-free. Apart from the initial load time, I couldn’t find anything discouraging about this service.

In addition to quality streaming, Iconic Streams allows you to interact with fellow viewers. Unlike cable tv and satellite tv, you can actually rate shows and share your viewing experience with the community. This, in my opinion, is a valuable addition as it acts as a guide for fellow users. Most of us rely on ratings and reviews for movies and tv shows since it helps us save a lot of time. As a user, you can benefit from this feature too.

Iconic streams let you access the content from numerous platforms such as mobile phones, PC, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, etc. It’s a great feature for individuals and even families who want to watch different shows at the same time. That’s a feature that you still can’t enjoy in traditional TV viewing.

Plans & Pricing

As for Plans & Pricing, there are four different options. With every plan, you get access to VOD, PPV, 2 Connections, VPN, Full HD Channels, 24/7 Live TV, 2500+ channels, EPG + Catch Up content. The four different plans are as follows: €12.50/mo, €30/Quarterly, €55/half-yearly, and €75/yearly.

Suggestions I have for Iconic Streams

I don’t know what’s wrong but the channel list appears to be broken. When I tried to check the channels out, it redirected me to the landing page. I’d appreciate it if the developers could get that section to work because a lot of users rely on the list as opposed to tempting offers.


Iconic Streams has been able to regather the momentum it had lost. It’s back to being one of the top IPTV service providers. If you’re looking for a reliable premium IPTV service, I’d totally recommend you try this service. Primarily, because it’s quite cost-effective.

Likes & Hates:
Expansive Content Library
Great streaming quality
Excellent compatibility
Many channels are in SD quality
Inner pages aren’t as appealing as the homepage