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Nowadays viewers have a lot of options. Most of them like to compare and choose a product that offers the best value. Thus they are constantly weighing options between traditional television service providers and IPTV services. Why? Because IPTV comes off as a reliable cord-cutting alternative owing to its comprehensive approach.

With premium streaming services such as Prime Video and Netflix, you couldn’t necessarily replace your cable tv network. However, with services such as TellyFrog, you have every reason to evaluate the different services and make that decision for yourself. IPTV empowers you with the option to choose the most competitive and compelling entertainment option.

What is TellyFrog?

TellyFrog is an IPTV service provider that allows users to watch over 3000+ TV channels and video-on-demand content. Though it started its journey quite recently it has made quite a name for itself over the past few years. The massive content library, followed by stable streams, increased compatibility and global outreach helped the service to become one of the fastest-growing IPTV services in the world.

Why should you stream on TellyFrog?

There are so many reasons why I love streaming on this IPTV website. Today, I’m going to share a few of them.

Amazing Quality

With TellyFrog, it’s not just about quantity but quality as well. Most IPTV services try to entice users by providing numbers. You see the 5000,7000, 8000 channels and you’re convinced about buying the membership. However, not every service with a massive content library is worth it. With TellyFrog it’s more about quality than quantity. Most of the content that you find on this website is of HD and FHD quality.

Great compatibility

I consider compatibility to be a considerable factor when judging an IPTV service. No two users use the same mediums and thus developers must design platforms that are compatible with all the popular devices. Having said that, TellyFrog provides amazing compatibility and allows you to stream on various devices such as Android, iOS, KODI, Enigma, PC, Smart TV, FireStrick, MAC, and many more.

High speed and stability

For an IPTV service to gain traction, it has to be stable. If it’s lackluster, users won’t go ahead and recommend it to their friends and families. TellyFrog, in my opinion, has the most stable servers and offers a great bandwidth to its users. That’s the reason why they are able to provide pristine streaming quality without any buffering.

Customizing Options

Most premium streaming services such as ‘Netflix’, ‘Hotstar’, and ‘Prime Video’ customize your feed as per your preference. However, this is a feature that many IPTV services lack. With TellyFrog, you can edit your channels list. Though they are already sorted based upon the location, you can choose and make a custom playlist of your favorite channels.

Money-Back Guarantee

Last but not the least, a money-back guarantee builds trust among the audience. Especially, users who are spending money on such services for the first time. Finding a suitable IPTV service that is reliable and trustworthy is not an easy task. With dozens of sharks lurking in the streaming waters, you need to weigh up your options carefully to prevent them from sinking their teeth in your wallet. With a money-back guarantee, you’re assured that if things don’t go well, you’ll get your money back.

How to access TellyFrog?

You can access TellyFrog in two ways. First is by searching for the term ‘TellyFrog IPTV’ in your search engine and second is by using the following link: TellyFrog. Before accessing this IPTV website, just make sure that you’re using a VPN so to protect your identity from hackers as well as your device from adware and malware.


TellyFrog’s design is quite eye-catching. It’s distinctive in more than one way. The dark color scheme followed by the mellow red buttons makes the website stand out. From its logo to its well-designed sections and menus, everything gels well and nothing looks out of place. The developers have done a great job on this website from a designing perspective.


The header section has a logo on the left and sign-in button towards the right. At the center, you have four main options – ‘Home’, ‘Channel List’, ‘Pricing List’, and ‘Free Test’. I really like the dark background and the text placement on the header as it sets up the tone for the rest of the homepage.

Hero Section

The hero section starts off with a well-designed banner. Though the template color feels off, the layout looks good. Instead of going for the orange background, I would’ve preferred if the developers would have tried a tone similar to the CTA buttons or the logo. Nonetheless, the design looks good, there’s an image on the right and a headline on the left.


The body section on this website is quite compact. There are just three sections before the footer. First, you’ll find six different USPs – ‘High Quality’, ‘Compatibility’, ‘Money Back Guarantee’, ‘Global Provider’, ‘High-Speed & Stability’, and ‘Custom Playlist’. I really appreciate these points as they define everything I experienced on this website. Below the USP, you have the plans and pricing, which is followed by the compatibility section.


In the footer section, you have available payments on the left with different payment method icons such as ‘PayPal’, ‘MasterCard’, ‘Visa’, ‘Discover’, ‘AMEX’, and ‘Bitcoin’. Towards the right, you can find two columns – ‘About US’ and ‘Contact’. Under ‘About Us’, you have ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ whereas under ‘Contact’ you just have an email address.

Inner Pages

There aren’t many pages on this website. But the ones that are there are filled with content. I checked the channel list before subscribing and I was quite convinced with what I saw. The channel list had different channels from every country listed in alphabetical order. For instance, you have 70 channels from Afghanistan, 222 channels from Canada, 362 channels from the US, and 583 channels from the UK.


There’s no shortage of content on this website. As mentioned above, there are 500+ channels from the UK which includes the likes of BBC Network, Blaze, Bloomberg, BT Sport, Channel 4, Comedy Central UK, Investigation HD, Discovery, Disney, Eurosport, Fox Network, History, ITV, and Movies24.

Similar to the UK, there are channels from the US such as ABC, Boomerang, Bravo, CBS, Cartoon Network, CNBC, CNN, Discovery, Disney, ESPN, Fox, FX, Grit, HBO, History, MLB, MTV, MSNBC, NBC, NFL, Showtime, Starz, SyFy, Sundance, TNT, TLC, TruTV, USA, VH1, WWE Network, and Zee Cinema US.

I haven’t even scratched the surface yet with these names. There’s a barrage of channels from around the world. For instance, there are 30 different channels from the Starz Network itself. Similar goes for BBC and BT Sport. Thus, it’s fair to say that content is not something that TellyFrog lacks.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I love streaming on this IPTV website. Last time I tried watching UFC coverage on ESPN. The stream played without any hassle. I was able to watch Chael Sonnen ‘The Bad Guy’ in the best quality. That in itself made the service worth it. Add to the fact that TellyFrog supports thirteen different devices and that makes the deal much sweeter. These devices include ‘Android’, MAG’, ‘Windows’, ‘VLC’, ‘Android TV’, ‘Smart TV’, ‘Roku’, ‘Xbox One’, and ‘PlayStation’ among many others.

Plans & Pricing

As for Plans & Pricing, there are three different options. With every plan, you get access to Full HD Channels, 24/7 Live TV, and 3000+ channels. The three different plans are as follows: €5.99/mo, €16.99/3mo, and €29.99/6mo. It’s slightly surprising that as of now, there are no yearly plans available on the website.

Suggestions I have for TellyFrog

The only thing TellyFrog lacked, in my opinion, is the support for iOS devices. There’s no mention of Apple devices or iPhones. And I couldn’t check it because, at the time of reviewing this website, I was using an Android phone. So, I’d request the developers to look into it and clarify their stance.


TellyFrog has to be one of my favorite IPTV services out there. It offers such a comprehensive TV viewing experience at such an affordable price. Though I like most of the things about this streaming website, you must know that TellyFrog as of now doesn’t support xtream-codes API. Thus, if you prefer IPTV service with that particular API, TellyFrog isn’t meant for you.

Likes & Hates:
Expansive Content Library
Amazing user interface
Great streaming capabilities
Lacks a yearly plan which could make the service more appealing
Compatibility on iOS devices in question