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Streaming services have a hyper niche market within themselves. Services like Hulu, Prime Video, and Netflix are revered around the world for entertainment streaming. On the other end, services like Twitch, Facebook Live, and Mixer are known for e-sports streaming. Finally, YouTube is a Megalodon in the streaming world which attracts over 30 million visitors per day. All these various streaming services do confirm one thing – ‘People are attracted to video content’. If you give them a choice between audio or audio + visual, they are likely to prefer the latter.

So there’s no surprise that a plethora of apps tried to rise to the occasion and ride along with the video content creation and consumption wave. Among such apps, you’d find Vimeo – a video platform where you’d find the best creators, artists, advertisers, and much more. It enables you to become a part of a larger community and once you’re able to resonate with a group, you can enjoy high-quality content without worrying about anything.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a premium video streaming app that allows users to watch top creators and even upload their own creation. Vimeo being a premium platform allows you to watch the top content without worrying about pop-up and pre-roll ads. Though the price point can be a turn off factor for a lot of people, the personalization and the service you’re getting might make it worth it. I love this app because I can upload videos from anywhere and access them on the go.

Is Vimeo for you?

Vimeo is for people who prefer high-quality content that isn’t just related to the trending content. Think of it as the Medium app for readers. You’ll find a wide range of creative content including but not limited to Short films, animation, in-depth journalism, informative pieces, and parodies to name a few. Vimeo feels like a breath of fresh air.

Ad-free alternative

The problem with YouTube is that everyone’s on it. Naturally, it does have the biggest pool of creative talent. However, in recent years, people have started to look for an alternative in Vimeo which though a premium app, is ad-free. That’s what should make the difference when you’re choosing. Anyways, YouTube is free, so it’s not like you’re choosing between this or that. For creators, they can use both the platforms and target their customers.

Private Gallery vs Public Convention

Vimeo is to YouTube what a private gallery is to a public convention. No doubt that similar to YouTube, Vimeo might have hit or miss content as well, but the content you’ll find is not something that’ll go viral. You’ll find quality videos targeted towards a particular set of audience in order to build a community. So if you’re using Vimeo, it’s like being part of a private little bubble as compared to the ocean that YouTube is.

What should you expect from the Vimeo App?

With Vimeo’s other premium features, you also get Chromecast support so you can cast your videos to a bigger screen. This is an amazing feature when you want to share quality family time and show them something or watch a particular title with them. Other than Chromecast, if you have an Android TV, Smart TV, or other compatible devices, you’d be able to browse and watch Vimeo content on that platform as well.

Easy management

Vimeo makes it easier for users to upload, manage, and share videos. You can upload videos from phones or tablets. Moreover, you have the freedom to manage your profile and adjust video settings. If you don’t want the content to go live, you can save it privately. If you have the account, you should be able to access the video collections on any device.

Discover new creators

With Vimeo, you can follow creators, categories, channels, and more to customize your feed. Using the explore icon, you’ll be able to discover new creators. In addition to AI recommendation, there’s a fresh batch of staff picks that handpicks the content for you to fulfill your needs. If you feel like taking your own call, you can even browse through various categories such as Documentary, Animation, Travel, and more.

Vimeo App Information

Vimeo has been downloaded by over 10 million users from Google Play Store alone. The app size differs based upon the Android or iOS version you’re using. The app was last updated just a few weeks ago on 14th April 2020. This shows that the app is updated regularly and thus you can expect fresh tweaks and bug fixing every time you get an update.

How to access Vimeo?

Since Vimeo is a popular app, you don’t have to worry about downloading it from a third-party website. Vimeo is available on Google Play Store as well as the App Store. Download the app from there and install it on your phone. In most countries, the app is free to a certain extent. However, there are countries where you need to start using Vimeo with a base plan of $7.


Vimeo sports a clean design. The color combination reminds you of Skype. I’ve seen various medical professionals and 3D artists share their videos on this platform. The interface is super simple and thanks to a well-padded video card, the overall layout looks spotless.

App Homepage

When you visit the app homepage, you’ll find Chromecast and notification options at the top along with five options at the bottom. These include ‘Home’, ‘Explore’, ‘Library’, ‘Profile’, and ‘Upload’. Just above these menu options, you’ll find a search bar using which you can find content manually.

Inner Pages

The inner page which is a video streaming page is quite similar to YouTube but with fewer options. As for creators wanting to upload content, you can write the title, add a description, and choose the viewer restrictions between Public, Private, and only you. Once the video is uploaded, under the main video that’s playing, you’ll find certain recommended videos that you might like as well.


Similar to YouTube, Vimeo has top video content creators and businesses on its platform. Follow the categories you’re interested in along with channels and get your feed updated based upon your taste and preference. With over 10 million users, Vimeo is spread across 150 countries providing video solutions to everyone in need. It is a powerful tool for creators wanting to host, share, and sell their videos.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Vimeo is not a small app. It’s huge and the 10+ million downloads over the world are a testament to its popularity. The best part about this app is that it provides amazing streaming capabilities. You can stream videos in full HD quality. The app is designed to offer you a smooth and seamless experience. Regardless of the plans and pricing you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy the services primarily because of stable streaming.

Ad-free Playback & Offline Download

Vimeo’s biggest USP is that once you pay a premium price, you no longer have to watch the ads. There are no ads at all on the app and thus you have nothing to worry about. In addition to an ad-free experience, you also get to download the content and watch it offline. Since I’m a big fan of watching content on the go, I prefer content on my internal storage when commuting rather than relying on my internet to get the job done.

Plans & Pricing

As for plans and pricing, you can choose from four different plans – Vimeo Plus, Vimeo Pro, Vimeo Business, and Vimeo Premium. Vimeo Plus costs $7/month, Vimeo Pro costs $20/month, Vimeo Business costs $50/month, and Vimeo Premium costs $75/month. Each of these tiers has certain benefits that you might not get on platforms such as YouTube or Dailymotion.

Suggestions I have for Vimeo

I really like this app, the way it operates, and the unique ad-free approach. I’m sure most creators who have the freedom to sell their content through VOD services will be capable of making a living off their content. However, it’d be great if there’s a free version which is ad-based because that’ll help to attract more audience and help the creators earn more.


Chances are that you’ve already heard about Vimeo. However, if you haven’t, let me tell you that it’s one of the most iconic video streaming apps that has been in the market for nearly a decade. It’s nothing like YouTube, it doesn’t have to be that way. Vimeo is Vimeo, try it and you’ll enjoy it.

Likes & Hates:
Exclusive Content
Creative Channels
Ad-free Streaming
Creators can sell content
Not the best Compatibility
Requires monthly fee