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We live in a constantly changing world. Technological advancements occur at the speed of sound. Hardly anything is the same as it used to be, even just 20 years ago.

The way we shop is completely different – Amazon delivers whatever items you could desire to your doorstep overnight, and drones are in the near future to provide us with our items in a matter of mere hours. The way that we drive is changing, thanks to self-driving electric cars compliments of Tesla. Artificial intelligence is improving every single day – don’t worry, by my estimations, we’re still at least 25 years away from a robot uprising. And, of course, the ways in which we watch our favorite movies and TV shows have changed drastically between the 20th century and the 21st.

All of these changes, of course, are for the better (save for the inevitable robot uprising). The alterations to the entertainment industry, for instance, have resulted in a complete paradigm shift regarding who has control over our media. Whereas a few big film studios and television networks used to call all the shots, the advent of streaming has flipped everything upside down, resulting in more agency than ever before being bestowed upon the consumer. We have much more control, many more options, and the ultimate say over when, where, and how we watch content.

It is a beautiful thing. Prior to the launch of Netflix (the original innovators of the mainstream streaming market), we had little to no say on how we could consume content. We were at the whims of big TV and film studios. We had to be ready to watch our favorite shows whenever it was scheduled to air. We had so few options for watching movies.

When a hot, new movie came out, we could do any one of the following three things in order to watch it: A.) pay a pretty penny to take a trip to the cinema and see it shortly after it was released; B.) wait a little longer for the movie to be released on VHS or DVD and then rent or purchase it; or C.) Wait several years for the movie to end up in the syndicated films on the TV circuit, and hope that you can catch it on cable. That was about it.

Today, of course, you can stream just about anything the moment it comes out (especially if you stick around StreamingSites long enough and learn how to become a true streaming whiz). Thanks to all of the great streaming apps that we have at our disposal, we choose when, where, and how we watch.

This fact is possibly most palpable when it comes to the vastly different manner in which we consume TV shows. As I mentioned before, when it came to TV, your only option was to pencil in a show’s date and time onto your calendar, make sure you are free on that day during that time (you were out of luck, of course, if you happened to be scheduled to work), go home or to a friend’s house to sit in front of the TV, and then wait another whole week before being able to see what happens next.

Thanks to streaming apps, however, this process is completely different. I’m sure you are well familiar with the term ‘binging,’ which comes directly from the Netflix model of releasing content. Thanks to streaming services, you can now view entire seasons (sometimes entire series) in one sitting if you like. No more waiting around for seven days for the next episode to be made available. And, this quite possibly the best part, you can watch it wherever you want, on your own time.

There are so many awesome premium streaming apps that exist today, and they enable you to watch your favorite movies and shows, regardless of where you are. Do you have a frustratingly boring and long morning commute to work? Throw on a couple of episodes of a lighthearted sitcom. Have a boring flight and need to kill a few hours? Pop open your favorite streaming app and put on whatever movie catches your eye.

My personal favorite time to stream movies and shows from my phone is while I’m working out. If I can get lost in the drama of a binge-worthy series, I hardly even notice the fact that I am out of breath and drenched in sweat on the treadmill. No matter how you like to stream on the go, one thing is for certain: I cannot imagine ever having to go back to a time before streaming apps were invented. I am not even sure exactly how I survived painstaking errands like going to the DMV before streaming apps … I shudder at the thought.

But there are just so many premium streaming apps out there to choose from. How are you supposed to confidently choose the right one for you? Well, I must say you have definitely come to the right place. Helping people make this decision is precisely why I started StreamingSites, to begin with. I know how time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating it can be to go through all of the streaming apps available in order to figure out, one by one, which is the best. In fact, that is exactly what I did while writing all of these reviews. But I am happy to help, so long as it adds to the growing culture of streaming and cord-cutting.

My first piece of advice, though, that I tend to give people when they ask me how they can quickly know whether a premium streaming service is right for them is that it is all about content in the end. Of course, the other elements of an app also matter, such as design, usability, streaming quality, price, etc., but, in my opinion, ultimately, what should take precedence over all other concerns when it comes to picking out a good streaming platform is this question: does this premium streaming app have the kind of content that I am going to want to watch, month in and month out? If the answer is “yes,” well, from there, it’s just a matter of making sure all of the other factors line up.

So, with that in mind, today, we will be taking a look at the Fandor app – a subscription streaming service with a vast array of movies and TV. But does the app perform well enough to make it a contender for your new favorite go-to streaming app? Let’s dive in and find out, shall we?


This is, unfortunately, the biggest issue that most people seem to have with this app. The design just is not cutting it. The biggest complaint, in fact, in the user reviews of the Fandor app is the fact that it is extremely difficult to navigate. And I concur. There is little that is intuitive or seamless about using this app.

Plus, it is not extremely user-friendly. Your spot in what you’re watching, for instance, does not seem to get saved when you exit the app and come back, leaving you to do a lot of guesswork with the scrubber every time you reopen. Furthermore, the entire browsing function seems to rely far too heavily on a search engine, as opposed to a clean organizational system. This app seriously needs to be renovated, especially since you are expected to pay for it.


This is where Fandor really begins to shine, though, in what they have to offer – both in terms of quality and quantity. This is what people suffer through terrible app design. It really is one of the best selections of award-winning movies out of any premium streaming app on the market. There are thousands of critically acclaimed titles here for you to choose from. And one of the coolest aspects of Fandor’s content is that it has an international skew to it, which means that not just one culture will be privileged over others (as tends to be the case with streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon).


The Fandor app is compatible with the following devices:

-Apple TV


-Android (phone and TV)




-Fire TV

Pricing and Plans

Fandor is pretty on par with its competitors when it comes to pricing. Although they do offer two payment types, choose between paying $9.99 a month, or $89.99 a year. So, it is not the most expensive streaming app out there, but it is also not the cheapest.

Suggestions that I have for the Fandor App

The app really needs an overhaul. I would recommend a whole redesign, from the ground up. I would love to see this app become easier to navigate. Fandor should also provide more user-friendly features – like, for instance, the ability to save your spot in movies when you close the app.

Likes & Hates:
Tons of awesome movies
Compatible with almost all devices
Poor app design
No TV series
Lack of useful features