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Bet365 has come a long way since those Ray Winstone commercials days which made this betting platform a household name. Within two decades, this betting powerhouse has become the gambling industry’s trailblazer and is known across the globe as the leading online-only bookmaker. Due to its massive hold on sports, Bet365 is the ultimate hub for punters looking to make some money while enjoying sports through ‘bet in-play now’ streams.

What is Bet365?

Bet365 is one of the top bookmakers in the United Kingdom and around the world. In two decades, it has moved forward from strength to strength, attracting more customers along the way. Apart from the usual bookies, normal users, with little to no interest in betting are also attracted to this network to watch live streaming.


Bet365 was found by Denise Coates in 2000. Denise developed a betting platform and trading team to launch an online business in 2001. She started her business by borrowing £15 million from RBS wherein she kept her family’s betting shop estate as collateral. Denise before starting her own venture was part of her father’s betting firm. She worked as an MD from 1995. In 2005, Bet365 sold its shops for £40 million and repaid the debt it had incurred. Since then, the betting brand has gone on to become the world’s largest online betting community valued at £52.56 billion.

Why should you stream on Bet365?

Whether you like betting or not, Bet365 helps you watch sports in HD quality with its in-play feature. So be it Football, Cricket, Cycling, Dart, Futsal, Rugby, Snooker or Tennis, you can enjoy it on the Bet365 live stream. Live commentary can be accessed for free, however, if you want to watch the live stream, you need to sign-up and place a bet.

Amazing browser compatibility

Bet365 can be accessed by almost all browsers. For Microsoft users, it works with Windows XP and Internet Explorer 10. Even if you use additional browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome or Firefox, you’ll still be able to access the website. For Apple users, anything above Mac OS X 10.6 will allow you access the website on any of the aforementioned browsers including Safari. When streaming on the platform, you should have a broadband speed of 1MBPS or higher.

Mobile Support

You can access the website not only with your desktop but on your mobile phone as well. Thus, you can stream on this platform in a hassle-free manner if you have a broadband speed higher than 1MBPS. I’ve accessed the platform on my desktop as well as my Google Pixel 3, and the entire experience was seamless.

Tailor-made features

Bet365 has its website and features tailored based upon the location. I’d like to share that not every country can access all the streams. For instance, users from Australia, the Caribbean, Sri Lanka, and Guyana cannot stream horse racing events.

Massive Event Catalogue

Bet365 streamed over 140,000 events in 2018 and the number is expected to grow even further. Apart from football and other mainstream sports, Bet365 extended its reach by introducing some popular games on the platform. Streaming live allows you to gauge the dynamics by analyzing the progress in front of your eyes.

No additional fee

You only win/lose the amount you bet. There are no extra charges for the live stream. You can enjoy high-quality streams from your PC or your mobile phone/application and not worry about paying a penny towards streaming.

Promo Code

One of the most lucrative aspects that lures a large amount of audience towards Bet365 is the promo code. You can use it and claim your welcome bonus from the operator. This will provide you with a head start as you begin your betting journey. If you click on any affiliate ad or link, you’ll be directed towards the sign-up page.


I love websites that are designed keeping the user journey in mind. Bet365 has a simple, informative and easy to navigate website. Sign-up takes a couple of minutes and within five minutes you’ll become familiar with the website. The list of sports you want to bet on is easy to find and the special offers are well-placed and do not interrupt your experience. The mobile version of the website is equally impressive. Even if you’re using the platform via an app, you’ll have the best experience.


The trademark green, white and yellow combination can be seen throughout the website. The green background with a grey backdrop and white text gives it a similar feel as a simulator game. If you’re in management games, you’ll understand the interface fairly quickly. In the header section, there are two parts – First you’ll see the primary options at the center – Sports, In-Play and Casino with login panel on the right. Under that, you’ll find the sub-menu with options such as Responsible Gambling, Live Streaming, Help, Language, Odds, and Services.

Hero Section

The Hero Section on Bet365 has all the sports listed in the left section. Apart from the categories, there are three other sections – Live Games and Live In-Play, Top Coupons and Results, Live Stream and News. There’s a lot of information in this section, however, it doesn’t feel cluttered because the page has been designed well.


The body section is a continuation of what you saw in the hero section. You’ll see the ongoing games and the odds.


As expected, the footer is packed with multiple sections. First, there’s a help menu with basic information followed by Form & Stats to give you a clear idea and finally, there are three other options – Scores & Results, Promotions and Audio. Each of which has at least two sub-points. Finally, you can find the final footer with six options – Mobile & Tablet, Betting News, Affiliates, Careers, Extra and Casino.

Inner Pages

Each sport has a dedicated inner page which follows the same format. It has ongoing sports at the center, news section on the right, followed by three options – Live Streaming, Listen to Live and Live-In Play.


There’s absolutely no dearth of streaming content on Bet365. You can stream and bet on 35+ sports. From American football and Boxing/MMA to Darts, Golf, Football, and Motor Sports, you can stream almost anything.

Quality streaming under the hood

Bet365 is not just known for its betting but also the quality streaming service that it offers to its members. No doubt, satellite TV still offers a wide range of sports programs but when you stack that up against Bet365’s sports range and compare pricing, you’ll definitely opt for Bet365. Similar to the world of sports, betting too has transformed. You no longer count the days but minutes and even seconds with live score updates and text commentaries. You can bet on thousands of sporting events whilst enjoying the game live.

Amazing sports coverage

I love watching the English Premier League and Bet365’s streaming quality doesn’t make me miss Sky sports. Apart from EPL, I often watch Tennis, F1, Cycling, and Rugby. As compared to all these sports, Bet365 lays special emphasis on football. Additionally, I was surprised that the platform allowed me to live stream most of the major tennis tournaments.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I accessed Bet365 using my desktop. For the stream to work, you need to fund your betting account. Once you fund it, you can then access the live streams. If you have placed a bet within 24 hours, you can still access the streams. Bet365, as promoted by many affiliate channels, might be advertised as free but that’s not the case. I’d advise you to read the terms and conditions before moving forward.

Accessing Bet365 from mobile is fairly easy too. If you love streaming and betting via phone, you can do so using the Bet365 app. You can download the app on iOS as well as Android.

Plans & Pricing

Bet365 is not a free streaming platform. You need to fund your account in order to access the live streaming. However, you don’t have to pay any amount for streaming, you just need to place a bet.

Suggestions I have for Bet365

I don’t have any complaints with the platform as it does more than what you’d generally expect from the service. It’s offering live quality streaming service which is as great as the top sports broadcasting network. Betting, though an integral part is often sidelined due to its streaming prowess.


Thanks to Bet365 you can enjoy quality streaming while placing bets and having fun without relying on your TV.

Likes & Hates:
Massive sports coverage
High-quality streaming
In-play feature for simultaneous bets
Requires account funding
Can lead to gambling addiction