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Addatimes (IN)

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Whether you have noticed it or not, the Indian TV and movie streaming world has been on fire over the last few years. Although the streaming revolution may have been started in the US, thanks to Netflix (and then Hulu and Amazon Prime Video shortly thereafter), no region is currently undergoing as much rapid growth in the streaming market as India. Over the course of the last 5 years alone, the number of Indian and Bengali streaming services has increased exponentially – and there do not seem to be any signs of slowing down any time soon throughout this region.

But it isn’t just the quantity of new movie streaming sites and apps that have people all around the world excited about India’s recent surge of streaming media. The quality of many of these new sites, too, is remarkable.

As you can see by taking a quick look at the size and scope of, I write a ton of movie streaming site reviews, and I have for years. Never before have I seen such a fervent spike in the number of high-quality streaming sites all originating from one area as I have seen in India over the last few years. Well, at least not since the initial streaming craze took off post-Netflix’s pivot to a subscription-based movie streaming site business model.

Plus, a noteworthy number of these new-era, high-quality movie streaming sites that have been coming out of India as of late bring something to the table that most streamers neglect: a different, unique movie streaming experience. So many of the sites that I evaluate on a daily basis tend to blend in with one another over time – that is because of the fact that so few movie streaming sites are daring to be different, to venture into unchartered territory. It’s always the same old story: stream your favorite popular full-length movies and TV series for a monthly fee, maybe also access some exclusive, original content.

Quite a few Indian movie streaming sites, however, are embracing the next generation of streaming, ready to leave the old hat streaming sites in the dust. This new wave of sites caters to a younger generation, a more mobile viewership. How are they accomplishing this, you ask? The answer is simple … they are specializing in shorter content such as web series, short films, music videos, etc.

Maybe you remember hearing about the epic dud that was Quibi? This company put millions of dollars into creating a short form streaming app that they hoped could compete directly with more traditional movie streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Well, if you are familiar with the Quibi story, this is not quite what happened. Although Quibi’s execution wound up being its fatal flaw, it did prove one thing – that there is an increasing demand for shorter, more easily digestible content.

And this is precisely the philosophy that fuels many of India’s new and most promising movie streaming sites. Addatimes is the perfect example. Having only been around for just under 5 years, Addatimes has quickly risen to prominence. Today, it is one of the most popular and widely used movie streaming sites across India and Bangladesh. It is this streaming service’s goal to reach over 250+ million Bengali people around the world, and they are certainly not in a bad position to actually achieve this goal one day – as of the time of this review, Addatimes is the fastest-growing Bengali OTT streaming service in India.

So, given all of this hype, you are probably asking yourself, ‘is Addatimes really the best movie streaming site for me?’ Well, that depends. If you don’t speak Bengali, then I think it is pretty fair to say that it is not (unless maybe you are in the process of trying to learn the language). If you are Bengali, though, I think that there is a very good chance that Addatimes could be the movie streaming site that you have been waiting for – especially if you like short form content and mobile streaming.


Truth be told, I could probably count on one hand the number of times that I have come across a movie streaming site that offers an equivalently dynamic, intuitive, and enjoyable user experience as that of Addatimes. This streamer literally has everything you hope for, design-wise. It is clean, sleek, user-friendly, immersive, and responsive. Allow me to take you on a quick tour…

When you first land on Addatimes, you may notice that the layout is not all that different from nearly every other premium streaming site on the market. And you would be astute for noticing. The layout is pretty cookie cutter, following the usual format – large banner at the top, followed by a series of side-scrolling menus separated by category below – but it is not the layout of Addatimes that has me so stoked.

Instead, it is the little experiential details of this site that make it stand out from the crowd. As you browse the site’s sprawling library of content, for instance, you will find that hovering your cursor over a specific title’s thumbnail results in a preview of the movie or show, bringing an otherwise static image to life. Of course, this is not the first time anybody has pulled this off on a video streaming site, but it is a surprisingly rare (and entirely welcomed) change of pace for a premium movie streaming site. For me, these little details are often what make all the difference.

Every element of this site is visually stunning, extremely user-friendly, responsive, and fun to use. Even the best movie streaming sites out there could stand to learn a thing or 2 from Addatimes’ nearly flawless site design.

Content and Features

Another factor that sets Addatimes apart as one of the best movie streaming sites on the web today is its wide array of content. Not only is there a lot of it, but there is a fairly unrivaled versatility to what Addatimes has to offer its viewers. There is, honestly, something here for everyone.

Maybe you will fall in love with binging one of Addatimes’ addictive web series. Or maybe you will find yourself gravitating more towards the site’s short film collection. Perhaps you are a music video junkie. No matter what your thing is, Addatimes has got you covered – from love stories and thrillers to suspenseful dramas and comedies.

Oh, and did I mention that, unlike nearly every other movie streaming site on the market, Addatimes also has a whole sports section? You won’t be able to watch live games or anything, but there is an archive of previously recorded football matches for you to peruse and put on when your favorite team has a by-week.

Addatimes truly is one of a kind. There just isn’t another movie streaming site out there like it … in India, Bangladesh, or anywhere else in the world.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

As is to be expected from a movie streaming site that specializes in short form, bingeworthy content, Addatimes does have a sizeable app selection. Whether you prefer to watch on your phone, your computer, your tablet, or your smart TV, there is a good chance that Addatimes will be compatible with your device.

The dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices are every bit as clean, modern, dynamic, and superb as the desktop site itself. Users can expect an intuitive and enjoyable mobile streaming experience thanks to these excellent apps. Plus, if you own an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV, the party doesn’t have to stop at just your computer and your phone – gather everybody in the living room and watch on the big(ger) screen.

Pricings and Plans

It is true that Addatimes is also one of the most affordable movie streaming services on the market today. The only downside is the fact that there are only 2 plans offered, both are annual, and the maximum number of simultaneous streams allotted is 2.

That being said, you can pay either ₹1399 per year (around $19.30 USD) for 1 screen, or ₹1599 (~$22) yearly for 2 screens. Obviously, this winds up being much cheaper than the monthly rate for Netflix (or just about any other big-name premium streamer), but it is a huge letdown that there is no option to pay monthly. Also, the standard number of simultaneous streams for the best movie streaming sites tends to be around 5, so Addatimes comes up short there, too.

Likes & Hates:
Amazing user interface, design
Multi-platform app compatibility
high-quality, unique library of Bengali content
Very affordable subscription
No monthly plans available (only yearly)
Max of 2 simultaneous streams (and it costs extra)