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Warner Bros

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There are only a few production companies in the world that come anywhere close to rivaling the legacy, quality, and impact of the movies put out by Warner Bros over the years. For nearly 100 years straight, Warner Bros has been consistently responsible for some of the best movies ever made. From classics like Goodfellas and The Green Mile to the iconic Harry Potter series, Warner Bros has had a hand in shifting the tides of pop culture time and time again.

Warner Bros, it turns out, are nowhere near slowing down either. They are just as relevant as ever. Thanks to striking an inventive and timely deal with overnight streaming giant, HBO Max, Warner Bros is in the process of unleashing an all-star run of films this year, all of which will be released simultaneously in select theaters and exclusively on HBO Max. As we further adjust to our COVID-era indoor lives, this was, I think, an incredibly smart play by both Warner Bros and HBO.

This year alone, we can expect to see a new Tom & Jerry movie, a Space Jam sequel (starring none other than Lebron James as the modern stand-in for Michael Jordon), a new Mortal Kombat film (the first one to achieve an R-rating), The Matrix 4, Dune (for fans, this one speaks for itself), another movie in The Conjuring series, another Suicide Squad, and Lin Manual Miranda’s cinematic follow-up to Hamilton, hist first Broadway musical, In the Heights. Phew. I feel like I need to take a breath after rattling off that list.

And I haven’t even begun on the movies that have already been released by Warner Bros on HBO Max this year. The Little Things and Judas and the Black Messiah were both incredible. The latter is easily Oscar-worthy, in my opinion. Okay, okay, I promise I’m done fanboying. It’s just been quite a while since I have been this fired up for a lineup of new movies. And never before have I been able to rely on being able to watch all of these hotly anticipated films from the comfort of my own home, for free – sort of … I mean, I don’t have to pay anything on top of my HBO Max subscription fee.

Seeing how current and innovative Warner Bros has been able to be over the last few months, it begs the question, does Warner Bros have a streaming site of their own that deserves to be listed among the best movie streaming sites on the web? Little known fact: Warner Bros does, indeed, have a streaming site … Well, sort of … the site does have streaming video on it, but there are no full-length movies to stream on the Warner Bros site directly.

That being said, is a great resource for keeping tabs on all of the excellent content that Warner Bros currently has available on streaming sites elsewhere, as well as keeping up to date with what the studio will be releasing and when/where to watch it. Like I was just saying, Warner Bros has a ton of big movies up its sleeve (not just for 2021, but over the next decade or so as well). They have big, big plans. Never miss a beat thanks to the Warner Bros streaming site.


The Warner Bros corporation is a multibillion-dollar company. And this is evident when you look at their streaming site’s design. They clearly put in the time, money, and energy to hire the best website designers that money can buy. That being said, the site manages to provide a top-notch user experience without being too showy or flashy. It is, in many ways, an extremely understated and unassuming design, especially for one of the best movie streaming sites on the web.

The result is an incredibly smooth and user-friendly interface. The site is concise, providing a huge number of movie titles in a small amount of space. Taking notes from what seems to be the movie streaming site standard, Warner Bros’ layout is broken into a few main sections for easy, intuitive browsing. At the very top of the page, you will find a carousal of featured movies (the studio’s current big hits).

Below this big and glossy banner, the site is broken into 3 categories, each of which comes complete with a horizontal scroll function for easy browsing. Warner Bros keeps things simple – the antithesis of sorts to, say, Netflix, which provides dozens of menus that get more niche as you scroll down. On Warner Bros, the only categories you will have to worry about are Coming Soon, New Releases to Own, and Movie Night Favorites.

And that’s pretty much the whole site. This basic format which is further broken into categories via a slim site menu bar at the top of the page. Browse by content here: Movies, TV Shows, Games & Apps, Brands, Collections, News, and Experiences. Based on everything that Warner Bros has to offer, it becomes clear that this is not your everyday, run of the mill movie streaming site.

Content and Features

This difference that I speak of cuts both ways. It is both a positive and a negative, depending on how you look at it. For instance, Warner Bros is probably the only movie streaming site that sells “experiences” in addition to movie streaming. Clicking on this tab will allow you to browse various ways to enjoy your favorite movies in real life. Whether this comes in the form of a Warner Bros studio tour, tickets to one of Warner Bros several theme parks around the world, or access to the world’s most comprehensive, official Harry Potter shop, Warner Bros offers myriad ways to enjoy the movies long after they have ended.

Another feature that you don’t see too often on even some of the best movie streaming sites is content curation. This is definitely a burgeoning trend in the world of streaming, and seeing as Warner Bros seems to be ahead of the curb these days, it makes a lot of sense that this would

be one of the first movie streaming sites to offer a personalized experience like this.

Browse by mood, genre, best of lists, and more in order to find a hand-picked list of the best Warner Bros movies available. Want to see only the best Stephen King movies? No problem! How about the best movies of each decade? Warner Bros has you covered, almost 10 decades and running. There are tons of movie lists here – a little bit of something for everyone.

Warner Bros isn’t just one of the best movie streaming sites on the web. Seeing as this massive company also produces TV series and video games, you’ll also be able to find plenty of info on your favorite shows and games here. Watch trailers, clips, and link directly to sites that will let you buy, rent, or stream anything that Warner Bros has produced.

This, unfortunately, leads us to the fatal flaw of Warner Bros movie streaming site, though. And that is the fact that, well, put bluntly, it is not a movie streaming site in the strictest sense. In other words, Warner Bros does not actually let you stream movies on its site directly. You can stream trailers and clips galore, however, from every Warner Bros movie in existence. But in order to actually stream movies, you will have to go elsewhere.

One way in which Warner Bros makes up for this, however, is that they do provide direct links to every legitimate streaming site on which you can stream a given movie. This makes Warner Bros a useful movie streaming site in its own right. It can be difficult to parse through the ever-growing list of streaming sites in order to find out where you can actually stream the one you are looking for (it becomes especially difficult when sites like Netflix all have different libraries from one country to the next). Warner Bros makes it easier than ever to track down your favorite movies and start streaming them immediately.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Unfortunately, there is no Warner Bros mobile app for either iOS or Android. This is a shame because it seems as if what the site has to offer would be the most useful as a mobile app. If you are quickly looking for where to stream a certain movie, just pull out your phone and check the Warner Bros app. Instead, you will have to navigate your phone’s web browser to and check that way.

However, the mobile site is every bit as user-friendly and intuitive as the desktop one. So, no app, but at least the mobile site comes through for you in a pinch.

Likes & Hates:
Excellent site design
Immersive and interactive archive of Warner Bros content
HD, full-length trailers
Links to every streaming option for every movie
Cannot stream movies here
No mobile app