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The best sports streaming sites are capable of replacing cable and satellite TV networks. The best free sports streaming sites eradicate the need for premium ones. Gone are the days where you’d pay to watch live sports events or any event for that matter. With free streaming services such as, you can access primetime games and general sports events for free.

With thousands of sites, providing stats, news, fantasy teams and chat service, the competition to thrive as a leading sports streaming site is quite tough. We’ve to give due credits to the developers who think out of the box to turn social media streams into a content platform where users can banter and share their opinions with fellow streamers.

What is is a free sports streaming website which has links to major sports events happening around the world. Be it football, NFL, NBA, or Motorsports, you’ll find links to every match on this platform. If you’re not familiar with website streaming then you can try the SportStream app available on desktop and iPad. For viewers who like to multitask when watching TV, SportStream is a great website to watch the latest fixtures.

Why should you stream on

Clean design and great user-interface are linked to each other. A simple design can go a long way in improving the overall user experience. With no intrusive ads and simple menus, you can find the content you want to watch without any hassle. The homepage with green background and center-aligned page lists all the crucial fixtures that you might want to watch on a particular day.

Extensive Coverage

Unlike Sportsurge, isn’t just restricted to a handful of sports. As of now, you can access sports such as American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Ice-Hockey, Racing, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Boxing, MMA, NBA, MLB, Gymnastics and Handball along with many other sports. You can find 3-4 links for each fixture that you find in each category.

Ad-free Experience

I really love the developer’s attention to detail. A simple decision to not showcase any ad on the homepage really makes a big difference. Since there are no ads on the homepage, you don’t have to worry about misclicks or malware. Not only does it make streaming safer but it allows you to stay on the page for a longer period while you’re trying to test the links.

Amazing streaming links

Talking about streaming links, SportStream, in my opinion, provides the best links to its users. In my recent reviews, I’ve talked about a lot of streaming sites with great links and I’m glad that SportStream can easily feature in that conversation. You can either use a standard link to watch the stream or you can use the Flash player. There are as many as 3 flash player links if you want to stream the content in a new window.

No Filler Content

Filler Content is the bread and butter of websites with no style or substance. The moment you see misplaced or spun content, you should bounce off right away. There are hundreds and thousands of free streaming sites lurking out there to rip you. Personally, I don’t trust websites where the written text isn’t given any importance.

How to access

If you want to access, you can search for the term ‘SportStream’ in your search engine. You’ll find two major links – and You can click on any of these links as they’ll take you to the same website.

Alternatively, you can use the following link to access the website directly: SportStream. When accessing the website make sure that you’re using an active VPN.

Design’s design is simple and straightforward. There’s nothing that really makes it stand apart but at the same time, the basics are spot on. Few features such as the manual slider to access different sports categories and the manual time adjustment enhance the overall user experience. Having said that, the green background with white menus and black text look substandard.


The header section on SportStream features four main options – Stream Server #1, Stream Server #2, Football Live Score and Tennis Live Score. Under those options, you’ll find different sport betting options such as Expekt, Bwin, Interwetten, Sportingbet, and Pinnacle.

Hero Section

Considering that the betting options fall in the hero section, you will find a search bar towards the left and the manual time tweaker towards the right. Right under those options, you can find ten different options – Football Live Stream, Basketball Live Stream, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Motorsport, Tennis, Volleyball and others. You can click on any of these options to segregate the content based upon your preference. Under these categories, you can find a list of different fixtures that continue all the way to the bottom.


The body section is filled with fixtures from different sports. Not only would you find the ongoing fixtures, but upcoming ones as well. For instance, if you’re browsing the website on Monday, you’ll find a fixture list for Tuesday and Wednesday as well. This addition really helps the user to stay up-to-date with the upcoming events.


There are no navigation options on the website. There’s an ad banner right at the end and above that you’ll find a few options such as ‘Home’, ‘Top’, ‘LiveScore’ and ‘Tipovanie’. However, these options don’t fall in the footer section. Thus, you can’t possibly access the inner page through the footer section.

Inner Pages

There aren’t any inner pages on the website. Since works like a directory, it links you to different websites that are hosting the stream. Almost 90% of the content is hosted on GOTV. Thus, that’s the page you’re most likely to find when you click on any fixture. You can access this page by clicking on the options that you find on the homepage.


There’s no dearth of sports content links on this platform. You’ll find coverage of even the remotest of fixtures from the leagues you know nothing about. Heated discussions or banter, there’s a place for everything on It provides links to all the major sports around the world. Some of the leading sports and competition links that you’d find on this platform include American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Ice-Hockey, Racing, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Boxing, MMA, NBA, MLB, Gymnastics and Handball.

The best part about SportStream is that you get details of ongoing fixtures along with the upcoming ones. For instance, UCL matches will take place tomorrow, however, this streaming site provides information not only about tomorrow’s fixtures but also the ones that are going to be played the day after.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed SportStream from my laptop and my Pixel 3a. I had a great experience streaming on this website because the streams I found on GOFootballTV were really good. Thus, I recommend SportStream to be used as a fixture engine and once you’ve found your fixture, don’t worry when it redirects you to GOFootballTV. I’ve tried streaming 3-4 events on this website and I was able to stream without any discrepancies. I love the fact that the developer hasn’t added any advertisement on the homepage or when you visit a third-party website.

Bear with the stream at first because it’ll take up a few minutes to load. If it doesn’t, you can go back and try the flash player which will open up in a new window without thwarting your current progress. Streaming on free platforms is all about trial and error and it’s pretty hard to find a quality stream in one go. Thus, be patient and keep searching until you find the best quality.

Suggestions I have for

I’d just like to advise the developers to add navigation options in the footer section so users can check out different pages on the website. Also, redirecting the users straight away is not a good idea as there’s no trust factor. I’d urge the developers to add inner pages, provide more details about the sports and streams and then provide the links for better engagement.


SportStream is a simple website that gets the job done. For sports lovers wanting to watch their favorite game, is one website whose links you can trust. I’d recommend you check out this website.

Likes & Hates:
Expansive content coverage
Ad-free experience
Manual Sliders for categories
A bland homepage
Lack of navigation options in the footer section