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Some websites have become popular just by sharing links and information about sports events. They don’t have credible links and only feature affiliate links. When you think about such websites, LShunters is one name that you should be familiar with.

What is is a sports directory that primarily focuses on providing information to its audience. It offers users a chance to choose from a wide range of sports such as Football, Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Moto, NFL, Tennis and Volleyball. Thus, if you want to watch sports online and want to refer to a catalog with details about the ongoing sports events across the world, this website is capable of providing you a wholesome experience.

Why should you stream on

I like it when a free streaming website puts in the work to make the user interface seamless for the end-users. Using the search function, you can choose the sport you want to watch and even select a particular competition. This precise input allows the website to scan results faster and provide you the stream you’re looking for within seconds.

Sports Schedule

I like how the fixtures are listed on the homepage in a simple manner. All you need to do is to choose the sport so the list can get sorted based upon your interest. You can find the fixture details including timings and other details. On a particular day, if there are no prominent events, you wouldn’t find anything. (which kind of shows that the platform is no buff).

Having shared a positive outlook. I do want to point out that this website is no longer as efficient as it was. It’s merely a shadow of its past self. Regardless of my love for this website, I want to share some honest information with you. And that’s the reason why I’ve decided to add the following section.

Reasons why you shouldn’t stream on LShunters

LShunters used to be my go-to-option for reliable links which over the years helped me watch some of the crucial fixtures. However, here are some of the reasons why it isn’t my first choice anymore.

Unreliable links

Quite recently, I wanted to watch a UEFA Champions League match between Tottenham & Atletico Madrid. I clicked on the event and tried all the 8 links that I got on the website, however, not one of those links seemed to work. I do get that there’s a luck factor involved, but not one link working from 8 available links is incredibly disappointing.

No streaming

Yes, you might be shocked but so was I. I tried and tested this website for nearly two hours, but I couldn’t access a single stream. In the end, I just gave up and drew the conclusion that it’s not as legit as it’s publicized. You might say that it may be an issue for a day, but no, I tried to stream on this website on three separate occasions in a week but it didn’t work once.

Rise of competing services

LShunters is no longer the biggest name in the free streaming games. For football lovers, websites such as do a great job of providing quality links to the games. Other than that, YouTube’s Live section sometimes helps you find a stream without any hassle. Thus, I’m more likely to prefer these services than to bang my hands and head on this website.

Frequent redirects & misclicks

Let me explain this point using the same Tottenham vs Atletico fixture. I clicked on the match shown on the homepage. It asked me to choose from different available links. As soon as I clicked on a link, it directed me to Bovada or FuboTV.

It’s not a streaming service

Yes, LShunters is not a platform where you can stream, instead it’s just a website with a vast directory of sports events. When you click on any sport, you get redirected to a premium service. So, I guess it generates revenue using affiliate marketing and other banner ads.

How to access

You can access in either of two ways. First, search for the term ‘ or hunters tv streaming’ in your search engine. Before you access the website, make sure you’re using a VPN to protect you from hackers.


Not a big fan of the design approach. Yet again, its substance over style. The website is filled with content and some eye-catching features; however, it lacks that designing edge. The blue and color combination looks weird and I just can’t seem to convince myself to like it.


The header section on features a digital clock along with a search bar. Under that, you’ll find thirteen categories – Start, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Moto, Rugby, NFL, Tennis, Volleyball, Box, and others. Under these categories, you’ll see two options – ‘For Webmasters’ and ‘For Streamers’.

Hero Section

The hero section of LShunters is quite straight forward. You have the Live Matches section which covers 80% of the space. You’ll find a list of all the daily events in this section. Above the fixture, you can access the most impressive part and that’s the sort by sports section. Towards the right, you can find two widgets – ‘For Webmasters’ and ‘For Streamers.’


The body section is a continuation of the fixture list. Each fixture is placed horizontally one after the other. And if you decide to skip the sort by sports feature, you can stay updated about a match by looking at the icons on the left.


This website doesn’t have a designated footer with helpful links. Having said that, it still has two options – Terms of Service and DMCA.

Inner Pages

The inner pages are a replica of the hero section. When you choose a sport and click on a particular fixture, you’re directed towards the inner page. And that’s all, everything that’s good about this platform ends here.


There’s no actual content but just the list of fixtures that directs you towards premium streaming services. Though there are several flash links for each fixture, none of them seem to work and all you can do is jump from one streaming link to the other. Nonetheless, it is a go-to-platform for viewers searching for details about comprehensive sports coverage.

Apart from the live streams, it also provides crucial information such as updates and live telecast details.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I can describe my experience of LShunters in one word – Disappointment. It’s not what it appears to be. And after streaming the website from my laptop, I didn’t even feel the need to check it on my mobile phone. There are just ads popping up everywhere. When you click on any links, you get directed to services such as FuboTV and Bovada. I don’t know why, but I got frustrated even though I have a premium FuboTV membership.

Suggestions I have for

For the first time, I’m actually lost for words. I can appreciate the developer’s efforts to keep the streaming services legal but it’s lacking the oomph factor which can keep a user hooked to this website. Everything from the design and content needs massive improvement.


Sports fans can’t miss out on their favorite games. Be it watching a fixture or cable tv, premium streaming network or a free streaming site, they just want access to the content. Most of the time, when people are away from their televisions and don’t have access to premium sports sites, they resort to streaming on free websites. However, LShunters is not a streaming site that you can count on. Thus, I won’t recommend you try this website.

Likes & Hates:
Sports Directory
Wide range of sports fixture details
Sorting features
No on-platform streaming
Unreliable links
Frequent redirects
Poor layout