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The internet is filled with news sites aiming to cover daily events with different perspectives. With the increasing number of parody sites with a satirical take and other fake news sites, it’s quite easy for the audience to be dissuaded. The trust in mainstream media is eroding, and then comes with a bag of mixed reviews, praised and criticized for its unbiased reporting. Sure, they have had lapses in the past, however, they keep improving with every passing year.

What is is real-time information and news outlet managed by Aaron Nobel, Editor-in-Chief. He has been instrumental in setting a trustworthy image of the brand. In terms of numbers, it’s right there amongst the most popular news networks. Apart from rapid reporting and in-depth reporting of hard news, you’ll also find sports, features news, consumer trends and entertainment scoops.

Numbers speak volumes

Heavy’s news platform attracts 25 million unique visitors a month. Heavy’s known for its soft consumer-oriented content as well. Its Gift and Shopping Guides alone helps 16 million shoppers a year with information that can help them make the right decision while purchasing a product. Apart from that, their entertainment guides attract over 2 million readers per year.


Heavy was founded in the year 1998 by Simon Assaad and David Carson as a video-focused entertainment site aimed at young audiences. Its first breakthrough came through the critically acclaimed pop culture phenomena – the Kung Faux series. The platform rebooted itself in 2012 and today it attracts millions of readers a month. It has been two decades but Simon Assaad continues to serve as the CEO of the company.

Why should you stream on

Heavy’s liberal views don’t get in the way of covering events and delivering news in a timely manner. They present news in an easy-to-digest format so that every user can understand. They cite the sources and present credible information. There have been a few instances where they’ve been on the wrong end of a few reports, however, we can’t take away two decades of hard work based on a few lapses which are quite common in today’s media.

Now that I have shared my initial views, let’s check out some of the reasons as to why you stream on

High Verification Standards over the years is known to publish accurate information. In recent times, it has been given shade because of a couple of inaccurate reports. Nonetheless, the news publication has always claimed responsibility and does its best to publish accurate information. Assumptions, skepticism, and conventional wisdom are challenged and verified so the viewers can get accurate information.

Hard News and Soft News is not purely focused on breaking news alone. It drives the majority of the traffic through its consumer-oriented feature stories too. While breaking news might be the biggest attractor, their lifestyle guides, entertainment scoops, and sports content generate considerable traction.

Impressive Sports Coverage

Being a massive sports fan, I enjoy reading heavy’s take on sports events. Quite recently, I read the featured story on the controversial Jon Jones vs Dominic Reyes fight at UFC 247. Apart from UFC, it covers a wide range of sports such as Basketball, Baseball, American Football, Golf, Tennis, Ice Hockey to name a few. Thus, if you want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of sports, you can totally rely on

Live Streaming Guides

With cord-cutting on an all-time high, people are looking for ways to switch to streaming services. does a great job of providing in-depth coverage on how users can switch to various streaming services. Not just the streaming platform but it covers each and every major event and shares information on how you can stream it.

Shopping & Gifts Section

What separates from other major media outlets is that it isn’t heavily focused on hard news alone. I absolutely love their shopping and gift categories which provide you information on various deals and offers. Using the shopping section, you can learn about Toys, Beauty, Pets, Garden, Jewelry, Travel, Cameras, Wedding and even Marijuana. As for the gift section, the content is well-diversified based on a broad demographic.

Design’s website is quite bland primarily because there’s nothing significant happening on the homepage. Though I like the black and white color combination, the homepage doesn’t give you that oomph when you land on it. It’s quite basic and the absence of banners and subsequent sections just makes it come off too boring.


Their header section just features a category drop-down menu on the left, logo at the center and a search bar on the right. If you click on the drop-down menu, you’ll get categories such as News, Sports, Entertainment, Tech, Gaming, Streaming, Shopping, and Gifts. Each of these categories has a sub-category within them.

Hero Section

The Hero Section of doesn’t have any banners. It begins with a news section right away. There’s a trending headline under Top Story along with the timeline of when the story was published. Since there are more than dozens of stories published each day, there’s quite a competition for the banner story. The only thing I’m not sure is whether the editor places the story based on the number of views it generates or just by his own preference.


One of the most boring body sections I’ve ever seen. It pretty much carries on the content that you see at the end of the hero section. Story titles in black followed by the categories and publishing time in grey. All the stories are placed horizontally with no graphics to support the texts. Thus, there’s a lot of whitespace in this section which makes it dull. However, as you scroll further, you get a section called ‘More From Heavy’, which thankfully has some variations with horizontal and vertical content placement.


One of the few elements that I liked on the website was the footer. With a black background and white texts, it really stands out. You can find options such as About, Contact Us, Editorial Guidelines, Privacy Policy, Privacy Rights, Terms of Service and Sitemap in this section. Additionally, you even have social media icons right under those options.

Inner Pages

Inner pages have a similar layout to the ‘More from Heavy’ section that we saw on the homepage. By clicking on any of the titles, you’ll be directed to a dedicated page that has complete information about the subject. The headline density has been used creatively and thus it doesn’t feel monotonous.


There are more than dozens of news and featured stories posted every day on the website. Regardless of the time you visit, you’ll always find updated content on the website. Heavy provides comprehensive reporting on subjects such as News, Sports, Entertainment, Tech, Gaming, Streaming, Shopping, and Gifts.

Under each category, you’ll have subcategories. For example, if you click on the sports section, you’ll find subcategories such as NFL, Basketball, UFC, Odds, Betting, College Football, Soccer, Golf, WAGs, and Baseball.

Similarly, if you click on news, you’ll find Breaking News, Fast 5 Facts, Crime, Celebrities, Politics, and Money. Under entertainment, you have Television, Celebs, Music, and Movies. Under Tech, you have Google, Apple, Android, Microsoft, apps, and smartphones.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I browsed using my desktop and my iPhone XR and I didn’t face any problem. Since there is little to no video on the platform, the website loads extremely fast. I like their subtle affiliate links in the streaming section. Overall, I had a decent experience browsing the website on iPhone XR. Navigation was seamless and the website was optimized for mobile usage. So, that was a positive experience with just the layout and dull visual as the negatives.

Plans & Pricing

You can browse for free, there’s no subscription or paid plans.

Suggestions I have for

There are things that we can’t influence, such as the outlook of the news reporting site. However, there are elements that can always be improved. These include more accurate reports, a better-looking website, an intuitive app, a platform for users to communicate.

Conclusion is a good portal if you want to kill time reading news and other soft stories. Their featured stories are commendable and I really like their shopping and gifts section. I’d urge you to visit the website for that section along with the sports coverage.

Likes & Hates:
Quantity and Quality of Content
In-depth pre and post-event coverage
Featured stories
Aligned towards liberal views
Periodical reporting mishaps
Bland website design