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The term TV Guide is generally seen in the same light as television listings. It’s basically the companion guide you get on your TV to help browse channels and content. However, TVGuide is also a platform that offers content to its audience apart from those general features.

What is

TVGuide is a digital media brand that serves the fans and provides them a great experience. From TV shows to web series, you get in-depth details about all the content that is available on the platform. TVGuide’s team of editors ensures that you get honest reviews about the programs before watching them. Additionally, they also provide recommendations, in-depth interviews, breaking news, short clips and smart recaps so you can immerse yourself into the massive pool of TV content.


TVGuide started its journey as a bi-weekly American magazine that provided program listing information. The magazine still exists to date and covers television-read news, gossip, celebrity interviews, and film reviews. The same concept has been used to design the website – now owned by CBS interactive. The digital assets are managed by ViacomCBS which is the company behind all the editorial content that you see on the website.

Why should you stream on TVGuide?

I like how TVGuide’s Watchlist allows you to add your favorite shows, sports teams, celebrities and movies to help you stay up-to-date with the coverage. Apart from this selection, you can even choose when you want to watch the content and how you want to watch it. TVGuide makes finding TV shows extremely easy. Using the platform, you can get access to news and other content material anywhere at any time.

Availability of Full Episodes

If you’re using the TVGuide app, you’ll be able to watch full episodes of TV shows along with movies if you’re subscribed to any of the following services – Hulu, ABC, HBO Go, CBS, Max Go, iTunes and Crackle. You will even see content updated in real-time which will allow you to stay abreast of new content on the website.

Great additional features

Using the TVGuide, you can set up alerts so you don’t miss any live airing. You can add shows to the watchlist, share what you’re watching with your friends on social media platforms. You can make use of three handy filters – New Shows, trending, and Watchlist to sort the content you want to watch.

Exclusive Content

Apart from the feature to link your streaming service, you will find additional content on the network which you wouldn’t find anywhere else. This can be a pre or post-event coverage, exclusive interview or some bits specially curated just for the users on the website. Thus, it gives viewers a reason to tune into the network for that extra bit of content. From breaking news, to feature stories – all curated by the editors of TVGuide.

Single Account

This isn’t a groundbreaking feature but is quite a handy one if you don’t want to create tons of ids and want to link all your family members under one umbrella. Similar to Netflix, you can create different accounts for every family member so there’s content discretion to good effect.

TVGuide in different countries

The digital presence of TVGuide is owned by Viacom CBS. Having said that, the TVGuide name is used across the world as a verbatim for magazines and other publishing materials. Let’s check some of them out:

Australia: During the 1970s, TV was published under the license of Southdown Press. In 1980, the initial version merged with a competitor and became TV Week. (has a similar logo to TVGuide)

New Zealand: TVGuide in New Zealand was a digest-sized paper which wasn’t associated with the publications based in the US or Canada. To date, it is the largest circulated magazine in New Zealand published by Fairfax media.

In Canada, Mexico, and Italy, they have their own iteration of the TVGuide known as TV Guia (Mexico) and Guida TV (Italy) which essentially covers the same information.


TVGuide is exactly what I expected to be. I can’t understand why upgrading isn’t being considered by CBS when it owns TVGuide as well. Graphically, TVGuide is a proper modern-day website with a clean interface and a sleek design. A proper homepage banner with supporting texts along with well-defined menus and categories make it one of the best websites in this niche.


The header section blends so well with the homepage banner. There’s a search bar where you can search for any TVGuide you want. Besides that, you’ll find five options – Reviews, Discover, Listings, News, and My Watchlist. Each of these categories has a drop-down menu, you’ll find updated content which directs you to the inner page. Even if you click on ‘My Watchlist’, you’ll get two options in a drop-down format – log in and watch list.

Hero Section

I love how the header flows right into the hero section. The dark layer on the banner really helps the texts to stand out. Though there are no sliders highlighting the best shows, I don’t have any complaints regarding the layout or the look and feel of this particular section.


The body section is information-laden. You’ll find four thumbnails with content from different networks. For instance, at the time of reviewing the website, there was ‘High Maintenance’ from Vimeo, ‘Mythic Guest: Raven’s Banquet’ from Apple+, ‘Locke & Key’ from Netflix and ‘Briarpatch’ from USA Network. Each of these shows has a small synopsis under the thumbnail.

If you scroll further, you’ll find the quick links section and the latest news section with an integrated video player. Under the quick links section, you can access Newsletters, TV Premiere Dates, Bachelor Recap Podcast and Renewed or Canceled options. If you scroll further, you’ll get scoops about different TV shows followed by yet another news section. Finally, you’d find the first Sponsored Content Ad which doesn’t disrupt your experience like the ones on


The footer feels slightly cluttered but is still better than You’ll find social media icons at the top followed by options such as ‘Help’, ‘Media Kit’, ‘Copyright Policy’, ‘About Us’, ‘Sitemap’, ‘RSS’ and ‘Mobile’ right underneath. If you want to download the app, you can use click on the Google Play Store and App Store icon on the right.

Inner Pages

The details on each inner page are quite fantastic. There are different banners and color combinations supported by buttons in a similar color scheme. The effort in designing these pages is quite evident. If you scroll below, you’ll find a list of channels which you can click to access.


TVGuide has a much more expansive library compared to primarily because there are Viacom channels in there too. You’ll find the most buzzing shows on the network with series from companies such as Netflix, USA, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, Hulu, HBO, Viacom, and CBS to name a few. Thus, you can find popular series such as the ‘Big Bang Theory’, ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Frontline’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘Survivor’, ‘Locke & Key’, ‘The Bachelor’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘This is Us’.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed TVGuide on the mobile website and it was a good experience. I felt tempted to download the app, and that was one of the best decisions because navigating on the app feels so much better. You can find everything so easily and there’s absolutely no hassle in linking your streaming service when you’re using an app.

Plans & Pricing

TVGuide is a free platform; however, you cannot stream full episodes and content on the platform unless you link your account. Thus, the full episodes aren’t free.

Suggestions I have for TVGuide

I didn’t use the TVGuide before 2017. But after reading a few reviews, it seems that people don’t really like short trailers and a website filled with ads. Furthermore, many have claimed that the guides are inaccurate. If that’s the case, the team should look into it. Another suggestion I’d like to give is to please add a feedback option or help column which users can make use of.


If you like to watch TV content and love news, gossip, trailers, and other materials, TVGuide is hands down the best website you can follow in the US. It offers great content coverage of the entertainment industry, especially the shows which are available on the platform.

Likes & Hates:
Great interface on website and app
Handy features such as Watchlist
Amazing content library
Information regarding streaming service
The body section is too long
Redirects to the content provider and doesn’t play it on the platform