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Bloody Disgusting

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Entertainment News is a popular hit on the web. There are a plethora of websites out there that bring us celebrity news, pop culture happenings, and other media entertainment. When it comes to horror, there are not very many news websites that cater to the niche.

Bloody Disgusting is an entertainment media website that focuses on horror-related news and topics. The site was founded in 2001 by Brad Miska and Tom Owen. The website consists of photo galleries, reviews, editorials, videos, podcast episodes, and much more. After successfully running the website, Bloody Disgusting creators also went on to produce movies. The most recognizable ones are the V/H/S series that premiered in 2012.

Website Design

The website design for Bloody Disgusting is a dream. From the layout of the website to the color scheme and actual content, Bloody Disgusting does an awesome job. It represents the horror genre in a tasteful and respectable manner.

For the color scheme, the website uses black and white with the occasional splash of red. The background is a seemingly solid black wallpaper, but when looking at it closely the texture is revealed. The texture is reminiscent of a television screen about to mess up. The background is an homage to the V/H/S trilogy without a doubt.

The branding and logo of Bloody Disgusting are excellent. The logo is a very cool skull with what looks like a saw blade running through the cranium, dripping blood from the bottom. The logo is done in black and white but has an effect on it that makes it look psychedelic. As far as branding goes, everything from the font to the slash through the Bloody Disgusting text at the header is on point. As soon as you land on Bloody Disgusting’s homepage, it is apparent you are at the heart of the horror genre.

One annoyance I noted on the website was its usage of double menus. A few websites use this tactic, but I am not a fan. Unless the content on the second menu is different than the primary one, it’s function is useless and an eyesore.


The content Bloody Disgusting puts out is in a very niche genre. Horror fanatics flock to the website to get their fill on upcoming movie news, photo galleries, podcasts, and more. I will gloss over some of the best types of content Bloody Disgusting has to offer, but you will have to give the web page a visit to truly see for yourself.

The following categories are available from the menu on Bloody Disgusting’s front page: Movies, TV, Reviews, Editorial, Videos, Video Games, Podcasts, and Forums. There are things like photo galleries and upcoming movie trailers buried in those categories. One of the cooler things the website has to offer is the forums section.

In the forums section of the website readers can connect with other horror fans. The setup is very organized and easy to use. Some categories are All Things Horror, The Horror Swap, General Discussion, Video Games, Movies, Television, and Forum Games. Topics like “what’s that horror movie?” can help fans find the obscure titles they remember the plot, but not the name. Fans come together to rank and discuss horror movies.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop browser version of Bloody Disgusting is very easy to use. The navigation is stellar. The graphics are stunning. The Bloody Disgusting team does a wonderful job of making the reader stay engaged with the website. The layout fosters a wish to read more without being pushy. The advertisements are kept to a minimum, which is another positive feature.

The mobile browser of the website is another example of their awesome quality. The website is not only a scaled-down version of the larger desktop one but also functions in a way that is optimized for mobile viewers. The primary menu is missing, but the clickable secondary one is available. There is a large ad to download their app on the app store.

Immediately I recognized how cool the load screen on the application looked. At the top of the app is the newest horror news. The layout of the app reminds me of CNN or a media giant news outlet. The sidebar menu differs from the desktop website menus. The menu reads from top to bottom – Home, Horror News, Podcasts, Horror Trailers and Clips, This Week in Horror, Video Game News, Chat, Users, and Settings.


There are a lot of positives when it comes to Bloody Disgusting. It is one of the best horror news webpages to visit. The website is a reliable and independently owned news outlet.

A prominent part that makes this website so great is its layout. The way the website is set up the flow of articles and other content encourages the reader to keep opening titles. Further, the article formatting itself is very good. The editor does a wonderful job of breaking paragraphs at just the right point to keep things interesting and easy to skim through. The list-based articles are especially fun and engaging to read. The related links are another great part of the articles.

The content that Bloody Disgusting puts out is very interesting. The horror niche is one with many, many adoring fans and it’s great to see Bloody Disgusting cater to that group. Offering up close and personal photo galleries in a centralized location along with podcasts and movie news is a great way to bring in more readers.

The sense of community Bloody Disgusting offers is a great feature too! The website allows users to comment using their Facebook profiles on articles, news, videos, and other content. There is also a special section on the website dedicated to fostering the growing horror fan community. Forums are a wonderful place to find the answers to all of your horror questions and to connect with people who have common interests. The forums are very organized and easy to read.

A minor feature that doesn’t sound like a big deal is the up button. On a website like Bloody Disgusting with tons of topics and engaging articles, it’s easy to get lost in the words and find yourself endlessly scrolling. The small arrow on the right side brings you back to the top of the website in a jiffy without having to use the back, refresh, or scrolling to the top manually.

Possibly the best part of Bloody Disgusting is that they understand what their readers want. Readers want to be able to navigate easily, read and interact with content, and be able to consume media on the go. Bloody Disgusting optimizes all of their viewing experiences. The desktop viewing experience might be my favorite, but the application is great as well!


I cannot say a lot about the negative features that Bloody Disgusting has. There are very few things that cross my mind. Bloody Disgusting is a great source of entertainment for horror enthusiasts.

The double menus on the desktop browser version are a pain to look at. However, the secondary menu is utilized in the mobile browser version. It is not a huge problem, by any means. The complaint is mostly based on being visually pleasing.

Although the advertisements are very few on the website, the placement of them is not ideal. One of my favorite parts about the website is it’s aesthetic. It achieves such branding greatness by its graphics. Unfortunately, the advertisement that moves the header down a few inches is very distracting. It allows you to click and for it to go away, but every so often it pops back up to be a nuisance.

One very small issue is that there are no subcategories. The organization on Bloody Disgusting is impeccable. However, subcategories allow users to sort through sub-genres and specific title related items easier and could be a nice addition.

Improvements Needed

If I were going to make any changes at all I would do two things. First, I would remove the second menu on the desktop browser. It is unnecessary and redundant. Next, I would implement a subcategory system underneath the main menu options. None of the changes I suggested are a must-have. The website is almost perfect just the way it is.


Bloody Disgusting is an independently owned website that specializes in horror content. The website is dedicated to bringing fans news, podcasts, photo galleries, and more. The website hosts a large quantity of horror-related articles. One of the best features is their forums. The sense of community the forums achieve is hard to accomplish, but the website does it well. Another great thing about the website is that it is beautifully designed and easy to use on the desktop, mobile browser, and app.

Likes & Hates:
The layout flows well
The content is very organized
The website offers a sense of community
All viewing experiences are optimized
Unique content is frequently updated
The double menus are unnecessary
The advertisement placement is poor
No subcategories are available under the main menu options