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Discussing films at length is no longer a hobby but a career for many. Each film is a piece of art and the perspective towards it differs from person to person. Cinema forces individuals to enhance their critical thinking skills. It forces them to look at creative art from all angles. When you’re discussing films with peers, your whole intention is to provide an honest, fair reflection of the piece and change someone’s perspective of it. A good film is capable of changing your imagination, setting sparks to the piece of art you thought was no longer alive.

Today, we’ll be reviewing one such community where people are constantly changing and challenging the way you think about a film. And that community is none other than r/TrueFilm.

My recent experience on r/TrueFilm

One of my most recent experiences on r/TrueFilm was an engaging post that talked about a movie called ‘Happiness’ that was released in 1998. For me, it was a below-average movie and one that wasn’t quite memorable. But a post by u/xoxoxoeleanor made me rethink about this film and give it another go. Upon doing so, I couldn’t understand why I was finding this movie so fascinating which prior to that viewing was a forgettable title. All of a sudden, ‘Happiness’, started to feel like an intelligent work of art, where people are responsible for the anguish of others. And it’s a perfect chain. And I have nothing but deep admiration for the OP for changing my perception.

About r/TrueFilm – Community & Members

r/TrueFilm is described as the place where you can discuss movies in-depth. The community has 236,000 members out of which 500-800 members are online at any given time. This subreddit was created on October 16, 2011, and has grown at a steady pace. Sure, it’s nowhere near the clout r/MovieDetails has gathered in recent years, but it’s still an informative community where you can learn about movies and appreciate Cinema at large.

If you love movie-related in-depth discussion and want to share your opinion and impact other people’s thinking about a title, this is the perfect platform to do so. This subreddit is filled with personal experience, deep observation, and a creative take of an individual user which may or may not resonate with you. However, it will affect you in some way.

How to access r/TrueFilm?

If you’re already a Reddit member, you can simply type ‘r/TrueFilms’ in your search bar and join the subreddit. However, if you aren’t well-versed with Reddit and are not present on the platform. You’ll need to create an account and confirm your email address. Once you do so, you’ll be able to follow subreddits, comment on posts, and even post anything on any of the subreddits.

Moderators of r/TrueFilm

At 236,000 members, r/TrueFilm is not the biggest platform out there. However, the number is not small. I love to see groups like these managed by numerous moderators to ensure smooth functioning. At the time of writing this review, I found 10 moderators on this subreddit – ‘Nixon74’, ‘IFeelOstrichSized’, ‘hydra815’, ‘bulcmlifeurt’, ‘BPsandman84’, ‘AstonMartin_007’, ‘TheGreatZiegfeld’, ‘PantheraMontana’, ‘AutoModerator’, and ‘Pulpfiction1232’.

Why should you follow r/TrueFilm?

One thing you can definitely expect on r/TrueFilm is thought-provoking content. Hundreds of posts are updated each day. The ‘Happiness’ post-experience that I shared with you had 360 upvotes. On average, the top post of the day manages to surpass 1000 upvotes. As for the content variety, you’ll find reviews, hot-takes, queries, featured stories, direction, character appreciation, and much more. Even if you’re slightly interested in movies, this thread will help you develop a sense of appreciation for the film fraternity.

Community Engagement

r/TrueFilm is definitely not the most active movie-based community. It just has 200,000+ members and only 500 of them are active at any given time. So, while you don’t have a lot of people to interact with, you can still share your views and get 5-10 people to reciprocate. The discussion in the comment section amazes me and helps me perceive content through various lenses.

Browsing & Navigation

Since only a few hundred users are active on r/TrueFilm, browsing and navigating is seamless. Moreover, there’s no video-content and thus you can even browse the subreddit with a substandard internet connection. No Tumblr or twitch hosted images/videos mean that you no longer need to visit the third-party website to watch the content. The page loads instantly and, so far, I haven’t encountered any problems with this subreddit.

Reddit Gold

It’s funny how memes and other forms of content are able to attract a lot of attention. However, insightful posts with sensible content aren’t for anyone, especially when it’s movie related. This page caters to a specific niche where the users don’t weigh post or comment appreciation in gold. Throughout the subreddit, I could only find 1-2 gold being awarded every day. Sure, that’s not much but I don’t feel r/TrueFilm needs it anyways.

Filter by flair

The only thing that I find disappointing on this subreddit is the Filter by Flair option. There’s just a single option ‘FFF’ – Fun, and Fancy-Free, when there could’ve been many. The content posted on this subreddit is diverse and thus I’d be happy if the moderators tried sorting the content to make it easier for people to find content based upon their taste. They can definitely take a page from r/MovieDetails notebook and add the following flairs – ‘Review’, ‘Personal Preference’, ‘Trivia’, ‘Unsung Content’, and ‘Mass Appeal’, among other options.

Important rules you must know before joining r/TrueFilm?

If you’re a movie lover, you sure want to join r/TrueFilm. However, it’s always advisable to post keeping the community rules and guidelines in mind. So, if you don’t have time to read that on the page, just read the pointers below.

1. All discussion must be related to the film

2. No racism. Sexism, or other forms of bigotry

3. Moderators have final discretion over a post or comment.

4. Threads need to promote in-depth intellectual discussion. If you want to discuss something fun – ranking, recommendations, listicles, etc, use ‘FFF’ flair.

5. Threads must guide the discussion. You can pose a question, point discourse in a specific direction and thoroughly clarify your stance so the commenters can engage.

6. You can add outbound links to this subreddit. However, you do need to summarize and content and then add an outbound link. Self-promotion posts aren’t allowed.

7. Be civil and don’t downvote opinions. Nothing is less conducive to the discussion than a discouraging tone.

8. There is a 180-character minimum for top-level comments. Though you do have the freedom to comment, you need to strike the intellectual chord. All of it while being clear, polite, and concise keeping the guidelines in mind.


r/TrueFilm has a generic design with a ‘Saturn’ logo as we saw with r/scifi and r/entertainment. Even the cover is a single light blue color background. I’m sure the mods can look into this and improve it in a bid to help it stand out.

Most Upvoted Content on this subreddit

1. YouTube channel “Every Frame A Painting’’, announces its ending – 3,400 upvotes

2. CMV: Joker is being considered an out-of-nowhere masterpiece because the general audience is culturally dumbed down by mainstream movies – 1,900 upvotes

3. Dwayne Johnson is the poster child for our soulless generic blockbusters – 1,400 upvotes

4. Possibly the greatest film podcast has ended this week. If you’ve never heard it, it’s not too late. – 1,300 upvotes

5. I am Tony Zhou, creator of the ‘’Every Frame a Painting” filmmaking channel. AMA! – 1,400 upvotes

Most Upvoted Content 2020

1. “The Lighthouse” is the first true Lovecraftian horror movie I’ve ever seen. – 1,300 upvotes

2. Disney Star Wars – A Lesson in Dialogue – 1,100 upvotes

3. Parasite’s Climax (HUGE spoilers, don’t enter if you haven’t seen the movie) – 1,000 upvotes

4. How can so many people misinterpret a film so completely as Starship Troopers – 1,000 upvotes

5. 1917: The Impact of Casting Famous Actors into very small roles – 987 upvotes


Throughout the internet, you’ll find different types of movie reviewers. Some are obsessed with being objective whereas others seek the creative route. Nonetheless, people all over the world influence your perception and view towards content by helping you see it from another angle. What you thought was dead and dull, now seems fascinating because you were able to experience it keeping your initial bias aside. And with r/TrueFilm, you’ll come across hundreds of them, which makes this community so special.

Likes & Hates:
Small but active community
Interactive comment section
Perception-changing posts
Bland cover and subreddit icon
Filter by Flair can improve