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Few music streaming services are as well known, widely used, and effective as Spotify. And for good reason. Because few music streaming services are as user-friendly, intuitive, expansive, and social as Spotify either. Spotify offers a music listening experience that is unlike any other to come before it. The fact that, for instance, you can see what friends are currently listening to, create collaborative playlists, and share songs with the click of a button are all features that set Spotify apart from the rest. Who said listening to music needs to be such a solitary hobby?

But Spotify isn’t so beloved merely for the ways that it combines elements of a traditional music streaming service with those of a social network. It is also popular due to the fact that it has a huge library of music available. With over 30 million songs to choose from, fans seldom have to worry about not being able to find their favorite artists and songs – even the less mainstream, more underground ones.

And then, of course, there are the extremely complex and highly personalized algorithms that Spotify uses to provide a totally customized listening experience. Every week, for instance, you will be gifted a playlist called Discover Weekly composed entirely of songs that you probably haven’t heard but are likely to enjoy. They base these playlists on your listening habits, and I find that it is an incredible way to find new music, especially if you are at a loss when it comes to what to listen to. In addition to Discover Weekly, you will also be able to choose from several daily mixes that are made for you, split into genres for the most part.

One of the most popular elements of Spotify, though, for millions of people, is the fact that users can create as many playlists as they want. And that those playlists do not have limits to how long they can be. Personally, I have been working on one for a few years now that is approaching 10,000 songs. Spotify is unique in this way. Most music streaming services put caps on how long playlists can be, so it is freeing to find that Spotify provides a boundless music listening experience.

In fact, there is something of a subculture surrounding the art of crafting a solid Spotify playlist. The fact that people can follow and subscribe to your playlists probably contributed to this. People love to share playlists with one another, whatever the reason may be, to the point where Reddit is brimming with playlists. Every musical genre’s subreddit gets constant posts from Redditors sharing their playlists. And it even goes beyond that … r/Spotify, for instance, is comprised mostly of user-created playlists. In fact, under the “About this Community” section of the subreddit, it very plainly reads, “This subreddit is mainly for sharing Spotify playlists.”

Further down the page, though, it becomes apparent that Spotify playlists are not all that can be found here. This subreddit is also a home for Spotify users that want to share news about the streaming service, discuss features, help resolve issues, and post personal testimonies. So, although r/Spotify is self-declared as primarily a source of playlists, it is much more than that as well – a place for Spotify lovers to gather together and discuss what is likely they’re most frequently used app.


Well, there is seldom a whole lot of historical information available surrounding subreddits. But I can tell you that r/Spotify was created on November 11th, 2008, and it appears to be a thriving subreddit. At the time of this writing, r/Spotify has 183,000 members, with between 500 and 1,000 online at any given time (if I had to estimate).

Spotify itself, though, was developed in September of 2006. It was created by a team of programmers in Stockholm, Sweden and founded by Daniel Ek, former Stardoll CEO and Martin Lorentzon, who also co-founded the digital marketing company, Trade Doubler. The name Spotify, funnily enough, was the result of Ek mishearing a suggestion that Lorentzon shouted from across the room. The etymology, then, was justified after the fact, given that the name sounds like a combination of “spot” and “identify.”

The company officially launched in October of 2008. Initially, free accounts were available by invitation to help jumpstart growth, paid accounts were accessible from the very beginning. The fact that Spotify launched in October of 2008 and it already had an accompanying subreddit by November of the same year, I think, is a testament to just how rapidly this music streaming service caught on.


As I have already touched upon earlier, r/Spotify is mostly dedicated to Spotify playlists. Users can post their own playlists or cool playlists that they have stumbled upon. The main goal of the subreddit seems to be to create a community of music lovers that aim to help one another find new music. But there is also much in the way of news surrounding the company, announcements of changes to the service and features, and just a chill place to chat about one of the best music streaming services on the market.

That being said, there are a few rules that are strictly adhered to. For one thing, r/Spotify makes it very clear that it is not to be used as a means of promoting your own music. Posts that include links to your own songs or albums are almost instantly deleted – self-promotion seems to be generally frowned upon here. Which makes sense … there is no shortage of subreddits dedicated to letting people share their own original music.

Other rules of r/Spotify are that you cannot post images, ask or beg for followers, or post links to playlists on other non-Spotify music streaming sites. It is a simple community, in other words, one that exists solely to discuss Spotify and share Spotify playlists.

Suggestions that I have for r/Spotify

For the most part, I think that the idea behind r/Spotify is sound. I love that there is a thriving and active community that I can turn to when I am looking to check out new playlists or share any of my the ones that I have made or found during one of my many deep dives into the Spotify universe. I am also happy to report that the moderators do make an effort to stoke community engagement by pinning interactive posts, such as the current Playlist Competition thread where users can vote on their favorite playlists to crown a Spotify playlist champion for the last decade.

r/Spotify also is well-organized, with a comprehensive list of flairs that you can easily filter by. Some examples of tags that you can either add to your own post or filter the subreddit by including News, Favors, Question, Technical Issue, Self Promo, or Complaint. This really makes it as easy as it should be to navigate this sprawling subreddit, as well as to let others know right off the bat what your post will pertain to.

One thing that could make this subreddit better, though, in my opinion, is if you could also tag your post by genre. If I want to only find hip hop playlists, for instance, it would be helpful if there was a Hip Hop tag – or rock, indie, electronica, etc. Since the nature of the subreddit is by necessity entwined with music, it seems to follow that the subreddit should also be organized in musical terms.


All in all, if you are looking for a constantly growing source of Spotify playlists to enhance your personal music library, r/Spotify is the place to go. If you just love Spotify in general and want to discuss it with other Spotify diehards, this is the subreddit for you. Or if you have a question about a feature or a technical issue, consult r/Spotify to see if someone else has the answer to your problem.

r/Spotify is truly an invaluable companion to the most popular music streaming app on the planet. If you are a regular Spotify user, definitely join this thriving community and expand your musical library or share a playlist of your own with the world. This subreddit will turn you into a Spotify expert overnight.

Likes & Hates:
Huge community of active users
Great resource for Spotify news
Tons of playlists to browse
Discover new music easily
Share your own playlists
Community engagement
No genre tags
Mods are somewhat strict