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The past decade has transformed the way we communicate with people. Social media is at the forefront of this revolution and platforms such as Reddit have become a foreground for people’s thoughts. This is a platform where you share your thoughts, get ideas, interact, and be a part of a larger community. The shift in the content consumption pattern has seen people pose queries and find results within a few minutes or even seconds.

Reddit is one of my favorite platforms to gauge people’s opinions. Be it any topic, you’re likely to find a thread regarding an issue on a subreddit. With over 3 billion visits a month, you can understand that there’s something that this platform is getting right. People with like-minded thinking, interest, and passion are a part of the micro-community within Reddit known as the subreddit. There are many subreddits that have a decent size but aren’t quite active.

Today, we’ll be reviewing one of the oldest yet lesser-known subreddit called r/scifi. Just by the name, you can understand that this page is for science fiction and speculative fiction fans. Whether you’re into movies, books, or TV Shows, you’ll find resonating content on this subreddit.

My recent experience on r/scifi

My most recent experience on r/scifi was a post uploaded just 24 hours ago. Though it just had 136 upvotes, it was a fascinating post at least to me. The user pointed out how there was a TV series called ‘Nowhere Man’ in 1995 which was a combination of ‘The Prisoner’, ‘The Fugitive’, and ‘The X-Files’. It was canceled just after one season because it was way ahead of its time. Now when I think about it. There have been various titles that are loved by people today but didn’t seem to catch attention at the time of their release.

About r/scifi – Community & Members

r/scifi is described as the best place to find content related to science and speculative fiction. The community has 1.6 million members out of which only 200-500 members are online at any given time. Though this subreddit was created on Jan 25, 2008, it hasn’t been able to grab a lot of eyeballs and has become an average subreddit at best.

Nonetheless, if you love science fiction, it does have a lot to offer. If you’re into Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Dick, Heinlein and other science fiction books, you’ll have a good time. Even if you’re not into books, and fantasy shows like Game of Thrones, Laser guns, Spaceships, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar and other fantasy stuff, r/scifi will feel like a home to you.

How to access r/scifi?

If you’re already a Reddit member, you can simply type ‘r/scifi’ in your search bar and join the subreddit. However, if you’re new to the platform, you’ll need to create an account and confirm your email address. Once you do so, you’ll be able to follow subreddits, comment on posts, and even post anything on any of the subreddits. I’d also recommend you download the Reddit app because that will provide you a comprehensive browsing experience.

Moderators of r/scifi

I was a little sad to see that this amazing subreddit didn’t have much engagement as compared to the other 1 million ones. Sure, 1 million isn’t a small number and thus a single moderator cannot handle everything. At the time of writing this review, there were seven moderators on this subreddit – illuminatedwax, qgyh2, anutensil, kerrianneta, Warlizard, edify, and davidreiss666.

Why should you follow r/scifi?

More than a hundred posts are updated every day. However, the engagement level is quite bizarre. On average, a single post receives 30-50 upvotes. The top post on any day receives between 300-500 upvotes. And that’s not a good sign as it shows how passive a particular community is. Compare that to other active subreds such as r/videos and r/MovieDetails and you suddenly feel bad about this one. Even the content itself is not something that would grab many eyeballs and so content-wise, it’s average at best.

Community Engagement

r/scifi is definitely not the most active community. Sure, it has 1.6 million members but only 300-500 of them are active at any given time that’s 90% less than what we saw on r/MovieDetails. So, if you post content on this subreddit, chances are that you might not even get a single response to your post. However, if it’s your lucky day, expect to get between 200-300 upvotes and you can mark that as a hall of fame accomplishment in regard to this subreddit.


Browsing and navigation on any subreddit is hassle-free. Sure, the video-based pages take a little time to get going, r/scifi is mostly image-based and thus, there are no issues at all. You can browse across various categories, use sorting function, read rules using the drop-down section towards the right – Everything works well. I guess that’s because only a handful of users are active in real-time so the server isn’t overloaded.

Reddit Gold

If you thought r/MovieDetails was calculative in terms of gold, wait till you experience r/scifi. I browsed through the top content of the month, and within the first 30 posts, I only found 8-10 golds. That’s literally one of the worst Reddit gold tallies I’ve seen on the pages I’ve reviewed so far. Now, given the fact that the top five upvoted posts this past month didn’t have a single gold, that shows that users are not so generous on this subreddit.

Filter by flair

Unlike r/Videos and r/MovieDetails where you have an in-depth ‘Filter by Flair’ option to help sort the content. r/scifi just has ‘See Mod Comment’ so you can stay up-to-date with announcements, changes, and other important posts from the moderators. I can’t really call this a turn-off factor since the content itself is not too specific. But it’d be great if the mods would bifurcate the posts based on books, shows, movies, and pure fantasy.

Important rules you must know before joining r/scifi?

Believe it or not, r/scifi doesn’t have any rules that you must adhere to when you join the community. And that is okay given that not many people post unrelated content that attracts controversy.


This subreddit has a simple design. There’s a Saturn/spaceship vector which is commonly used to describe the scifi genre. Towards the right, you have the ‘Join’ button and under that, you have ‘Create a Post’ section where you can upload anything related to the thread. Under the positing section, you’ll find four options – ‘Hot’, ‘New’, ‘Top’, and ‘Hide/Report’.

Towards the right, you’ll find a small community bio followed by the subreddit’s cake day. As you scroll below, you’ll find advertisements. There are two main adverts, one is a square banner and the other is a skyscraper ad. And that’s about it for the design and interface.


5 Most Upvoted Content on this subreddit:

1. Join the battle for net neutrality! Don’t let the FCC destroy the internet! – 33,600 upvotes

2. Sir Patrick Stewart: I’m applying for US citizenship to ‘fight and oppose’ the Trump administration – 15,700 upvotes

3. Carrie Fisher dies at 60 – 15,700 upvotes

4. Nathan Fillion just posted this pic and said he would break the internet – 14,400 upvotes

5. Karl Urban Confirms ‘Dredd 2’ Is In Development – 13,900 upvotes

5 Most Upvoted Content 2020:

1. Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ dethroned ‘The Mandalorian’ as the biggest TV series in the world – 5,000 upvotes

2. Space Sniper by artist Lars Sowing at Art Station – 2,700 upvotes

3. Tremors turns 30, the most perfect B movie creature feature ever made – 2,600 upvotes

4. ‘The Orville’ Renewed for Season 3 at Fox – 2,600 upvotes

5. ‘Matrix 4’ officially a go with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Lana Wachowski – 2,600 upvotes


If you’re a scifi, scifi fantasy, or pure fantasy lover, you’d certainly find something valuable on the platform every day. However, it’s not good enough to keep you hooked throughout the day. The community isn’t quite as active compared to the other science and fiction based subreddits, however, you can be the voice of change, if you want. Overall, this subreddit is average at best whose growth has stalled in recent years.

Likes & Hates:
Unique content
Stable browsing and navigation
No rules
Passive community
Lacks filter by flair option