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People in this day and age love to watch and play video games. You’ll find millions of people in a community vouching for a particular gamer. The niche is ever-expanding and is bifurcating into sub-niches. Such has been the growth in the past decade that there are not just multiple platforms, but specially designed laptops, mobiles, browsers, and set-top boxes for gaming. But one particular brand which has established itself as a leading streaming service is Amazon-owned Twitch.

Twitch’s easy-to-use platform with excellent service and high adoption rate makes it ideal for live streaming. Despite a few issues, nearly 40% of the live stream still takes place on Twitch, and thus it does have the lion’s share as compared to platforms such as Mixer, Facebook Watch, and YouTube Live.

Twitch attracts over two million broadcasters every month. The number grows each year because of the simplified streaming process. As they say, a day would come where everybody would live-stream or push recorded footage, but who will watch? Nobody. Many aspiring streamers face this battle, and in the past few years, a lot of them have found some recognition through r/Twitch.

Today, we’ll be reviewing one of the most underrated subreddits – r/Twitch. You’ll find all types of discussions surrounding the platform. You can ask a question, share some quality content, or provide feedback.

My recent experience on r/Twitch

The recent post I upvoted on r/Twitch was an interesting one. I had the same question, and I was wondering to post my query on this subreddit. Luckily, someone had the sixth sense, and so he/she posted the question – ‘Will my Twitch Prime loot be gone if I cancel my Amazon Prime video subscription?’.

I was so relieved to see the answers. And if you have the same question, then here’s something you should know – If you’re in a Prime Video only country and you just canceled your subscription, it won’t affect your loot in Twitch Prime. Sure, you won’t be able to access and gain more, but the loot will be there.

About r/Twitch – Community & Members

r/Twitch defines itself as ‘an unofficial page for discussions surrounding the streaming website If you want to provide feedback, ask a question, or show some quality content, this is the place for you.’ This subreddit started its journey on August 9, 2010. Since then, it has amassed a following of nearly 700,000 members. At any given time, you’ll find 5-10k members online. That’s quite a good ratio compared to some of the subreds over a million members.

How to access r/Twitch?

If you’re already a Reddit member, you can simply type ‘r/Twitch’ in your search bar and follow the subreddit; however, if you aren’t well-versed with Reddit and have just started your journey. You’ll need to create an account and confirm your email address. Upon doing so, you’ll be able to follow subreddits, comment on posts, and even post anything on any of the subreddits.

Moderators of r/Twitch

80,000 is not a small number by any stretch of the imagination. With a community so huge, it’s hard for an individual to manage everything by himself/herself. Given that there’s a flurry of posts every single day. Moderating them and ensuring they comply with the rules can be a tumultuous job.

At the time of writing this review, I wasn’t surprised to find that r/Twitch had ten moderators – ‘eDIVINEWRAITHo,’ ‘Zcotticus,’ ‘Havryl,’ ‘OSSini,’ ‘boothin,’ ‘twitch_General,’ ‘Picante_Live,’ ‘Jakuu,’ ‘JazzB3ar’, and ‘Twitch Subreddit.’

Why should you follow r/Twitch?

R/Twitch is packed with content. There are more than thousands of posts uploaded each day covering games such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PubG, Overwatch, and Fortnite, among many others. Other than these popular titles, you’ll find coverage regarding top twitch creators along with rant from the members of the community itself. Expect a lot of cool content accompanied by drama and controversy. Just to clarify my point, one user went on to say that this subreddit was ‘nothing but just a lower viewer circle jerk with subtle self-advertising’ and that attracted over 2k upvotes.

Community Engagement

I was surprised to see that this community isn’t as integrated as I thought. Though the number of active members is high, people don’t interact a lot. An average top post on any given day doesn’t surpass the 1k mark. Forget that, the best content of the month, attracted just 2.1k upvotes. The only positive thing about the interaction is the comments. There are more than 50-70 comments on each popular post, and some even exceed the 2000 mark.

Bi-Weekly Contest

I love to see subreddits trying to do something specific for their community. R/Twitch is special because it hosts regular contests, which increases user participation and makes them feel belonged. Each month, there are two contests, and the results are covered under ‘Quick updates’ and ‘Events sections.’ For instance, r/Nutfee is the latest winner of the r/Twitch Clip Contest (23rd April). U/FleshlyDelight is the latest winner of the r/Twitch Clip Contest (10th April).

Reddit Gold

Sure the upvotes aren’t there, but r/Twitch is certainly not short on golds. On an average day, you’ll find at least 2-3 posts with gold. If you dive deeper into the threads, you’ll find 1-2 golds being given to cheeky/helpful/sarcastic users. Gold is given by a user to a user and in a way that shows how much a member in a community respects and adores his/her fellow members.

Filter by flair

I would be mad if r/Twitch didn’t have the Filter by Flair option. There’s so much content floating around the page that it’s hard to imagine browsing without proper content segmentation. Thanks to the mods, we have an in-depth category based ‘Filter by flair,’ wherein, you can choose from the following options – ‘Community Event,’ ‘PSA,’ ‘Question,’ ‘Guide,’ ‘Discussion,’ ‘Tech Support,’ ‘Clip,’ ‘Mod-Approved Ad,’ ‘Site Suggestion,’ ‘Question [resolved]; ‘Discussion [Closed], Suggestion, and Tech Support [Resolved].

Important rules you must know before joining r/Twitch?

As a budding streamer or a new Reddit user, I’m sure; you must be psyched to join r/Twitch. However, before you join this community, there are certain rules that you need to know. Make sure to read all of them before you click on the ‘Join’ button.

1. General Guidelines

2. Advertisement Guidelines

3. Account Support Guidelines

4. Submission Guidelines Clip Guidelines

5. Other Guidelines


Bleed Purple is this community’s slogan. A sign that it’s a passionate Twitch-related group. The design is clean and simple. However, all of us can appreciate it when people try to fuse their subreddit with the Reddit icon. I really love the icon on this subreddit. Other than that, everything is pretty standard except for the purple color cover and similar shades in the ‘Filter by Flair’ category. At the top of the page – right under the name – you’d find options such as ‘Posts,’ ‘Wiki,’ ‘Clip Contest Winners,’ ‘Community Events,’ ‘AMA,’ ‘Subreddit Links,’ and ‘Twitch Links.’

The hero section has the ‘Create Post’ bar followed by sorting features ‘Hot,’ ‘New,’ ‘Top,’ and ‘Rising.’ Towards the right, you have information about the community. And under that, you can find ‘Filter by Flair,’ ‘Events,’ ‘Quick Updates,’ ‘Rules,’ and other important sections.


Most Upvoted Content on this subreddit:

1. TotalBiscuit has passed away – RIP – You will be missed – 16,200 upvotes

2. I’m a small streamer with eight viewers on average, 100 followers, and just blew up with one clip. I’m now the most-watched twitch clip of all time. – 9,500 upvotes

3. Yandere Simulator – Lack of Response – 5,500 upvotes

4. I made a streamer cry – 4,800 upvotes

5. Dear men and boys: Stop donating to female streamers with the hope that you will one day be in a relationship with them. You won’t. – 4,200 upvotes

Most Upvoted Content 2020

1. Twitch donated 1 million dollars to Dr. Lupos St Judes Charity Stream – 3,700 upvotes

2. This is why Twitch is digging their own grave with all those ads – 2,400 upvotes

3. To my one viewer – 1,900 upvotes

4. I have to say it… I’m done viewing Twitch from any platform other than PC browser – 1,900 upvotes

5. My outlook on streaming completely changed due to one follower – 1,800 upvotes


If you’re a streamer, or you’re looking forward to starting a live stream, this is a subreddit that you definitely need to follow. Not only will you learn about new budding streamers, but you will also be able to establish your presence as an active member of this community. Overall, r/Twitch is a cool community, but it isn’t for everyone.

Likes & Hates:
Streaming specific community
Filter by flair
Appreciation for small creators
Bi-weekly contest
Frequent rants & moaning
Watching twitch videos can be painful in some of the browsers